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With more than 132 billion views on #skincare on TikTok, skincare is a topic that people on TikTok are loving. All kinds of influencers create content around skincare on other platforms, like these beauty bloggers on Instagram, but for informative beauty content on TikTok, these 11 skin-loving influencers can help. From their favorite products to peels to dermatologists giving away free advice, plenty of skincare content can be added to your For You Page now.

Top skincare influencers on TikTok

Iona Francis

With 57.5K followers, Iona Francis, the creator of Sparkles and Skin, focuses on living with acne-prone skin and shares her tips and tricks for those in the same skincare boat. If you’re a brand or another creator looking to find someone with advice about acne skincare, this TikTok account is for you. Iona also has 116K followers on Instagram.


Vitamin C or Copper Peptides? 🤔 you can’t use both in the same routine and one does not replace the other but if you have to use one in your morning routine Vitamin C is best if tolerated #vitaminc #copperpeptides #peptides #skincare #skintok #skincaretips #skincareroutine

♬ original sound - sparklesandskin

Dr. Scott Walker

Dr. Walker is a dermatologist and skin expert who uses his knowledge for all things skin health on TikTok. He’s reached a following of 866K by offering his expertise for free for any followers interested in learning what you should and shouldn’t do for their skincare needs. He also answers questions from his audience about their specific needs, whether it’s inexpensive skincare or something for acne-prone skin.


Replying to @jfjejejejjwjwjwh As requested, an entire acne routine at Sephora! These are general steps and ingredients I recommend to treat all types of acne. (not sponsored) #dermatologist #sephora #sephorahaul #skincareroutine #acneroutine #shopwithme #acnetips

♬ original sound - Dr. Scott Walter | Skin Doctor

Leanne Page

Leanne is a skincare TikTok influencer in the U.K. that loves sharing her favorite products and routines. She has almost 724K followers on the platform, where you can find cleaning hacks, makeup tips and even morning routines.

Dr. Adel

With over 1 million followers, dermatologist Dr. Adel is a popular TikTok skincare influencer that you should be following. Sometimes dermatologists can come off as cold or just pushing medical-grade skincare, but Dr. Adel takes the time to share with her followers where to find skincare anywhere for any skin type. She also talks about what you should and shouldn’t avoid in your products that may be harming your skin.

Narjisse — The Skincare Lab

Narjisse has grown her TikTok platform of skincare lovers to almost 130K sharing skincare gems. She will feature her favorite skincare brands that you can find in easy places like Amazon and Sephora. 

Dr. Lindsey

The Derm Guru, otherwise known as Dr. Lindsey, is a dermatologist providing so much knowledge to her 748K followers on TikTok. One of her followers’ favorite segments on her page is “This or That” where she explains the difference between two products or what you should be doing with certain skin conditions. Dr. Lindsey is a trusted source for anyone out there looking to amp up their skincare routine without adding anything that could be harmful to their skin.

Kendra the Mom

With almost 366K followers, Kendra is a medical aesthetician who has taken to TikTok to share her knowledge and expertise with those interested in creating a healthy skincare routine. From products that will help with wrinkles to sunscreen to stretch marks, Kendra has your skin covered with plenty of tips and hacks that will keep your skin glowing and fresh without having to go in for weekly facials.

Amy Chang

Amy is a popular skincare and hair influencer on TikTok with over 1.4 million followers. Her skincare tips are trusted by many, and she works with plenty of brands to share the products that she believes in. Her skincare hacks range from things she wished she knew in her 20s to do for her skin to what to do for flaky skin in the winter.


If I could freeze my skin in time, it would be my wedding day. What about you? @SK-II #SKIIPartner #FacialTreatmentEssence #SKII

♬ original sound - Amy Chang

Melissa Tovar

With almost 280K followers, Melissa’s skincare addiction has helped thousands of people change their skincare routines. You can expect to find vlogs of her life along with organizing her skincare products and favorites she’ll keep buying.


organize my October skincare favorites <3 obsessed with acrylic shelves right now! #skincarefavs #skincareroutine #organization

♬ cant hold us many - guymusic


Nadja is a skincare junkie who helps others find new skincare products while helping them learn to love the skin they have. Her take on skincare has helped her grow to over 26K followers.


#NeutrogenaPartner these are my two favorite @Neutrogena products to use in my AM routine to help clear my skin! 😍✨ have you tried the Neutrogena Stubborn Acne Line? Head to the link in my bio to shop now at @CVS Pharmacy and use the $3 digital coupon! #NeutrogenaAcne #CVSbeauty

♬ original sound - nadja l skincare and beauty

Deborah Pinson

Deborah, or chatterbox.mama on TikTok, is a skincare influencer and a Southern mom. Deborah also loves talking about makeup and other beauty-related hacks that will keep you feeling your best. You can work with Deborah on your next skincare campaign by finding her profile in The Creator Marketplace®.


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