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Beauty bloggers come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are makeup artists, estheticians, or product developers who have studied the art of makeup. Others are self-taught content creators who simply love experimenting with makeup or have developed a curiosity about which skin-care and hair-care products work best for their wants and needs. 

Get the inside scoop from these top beauty bloggers

These 10 beauty bloggers have drawn followers for their innovative beauty tips, product reviews, and willingness to share deals and promo codes.

Maryam Remias

Maryam’s 106K Instagram followers tune in for makeup videos that cover everything from eye-shadow application and choosing a cream blush to makeup removal and nighttime skin routines. This Shake influencer also shares hair tutorials listing the products she uses. For makeup beginners, she offers a virtual live hands-on training workshop.

Lexi Jackson

With a gorgeous head of hair, Lexi became a beauty influencer organically: by trying different products on herself. Growing up mixed race, she hated her curls, but as she grew older, she learned to embrace them. This Shake influencer eventually started her own small business to carry her favorite hair essentials, including microfiber hair towels, detangling brushes, and no-tie headbands to prevent breakage and frizz.  

Jody Leigh

For those wondering if certain beauty products work as well as advertised, Jody’s reviews can shed some light. She reviews a spectrum of products, including light therapy masks, exfoliating serums, DIY nail extension kits, and hair-care treatments. The Shake influencer also offers recommendations for self-care and wellness products, such as weighted blankets, CBD gummies, and scented candles made with essential oils instead of synthetic chemicals.


Like many beauty influencers, Sayble ended up creating her own line of products to fit her needs. But beyond cruelty-free lash products, she still reviews many other beauty essentials — like lip colors and face washes — for her 44K Instagram followers. The Shake influencer’s makeup tutorials include Halloween makeup and daytime fall makeup.   

Vicky Alvarez

Describing herself as a “beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel” blogger, Vicky — and her adorable dog model — are the epitome of glamour. For her 113K Instagram followers who want to recreate her looks, she names her favorite skin-care products and fashion brands. Fans loved her mummy makeover for Halloween.


Amanda says she’s on a mission to “prove that an organic lifestyle can still be glamorous” and her Instagram posts seem to demonstrate that. In addition to starting her own organic beauty, food and wellness company, she also shares some of her other favorite products, such as hair masks and body washes. There are even cameos of her husband, Kyle, for her posts about men’s products.


Offering a mix of product recommendations, skin-care tips, and how-to videos, Abiola’s Instagram is jam-packed with useful information. They don’t assume that their followers know everything about skin care, so they break down their knowledge into bite-size tidbits like “What is Retinol?” and neck care for people of color. Because Abiola and some of their clients have hyperpigmentation, they frequently post about topical treatments that have worked for them.


Kat has used her experience as a professional makeup artist and esthetician to become a makeup and beauty guru on Instagram and YouTube. Her before-and-after shots include a list of the products she used to create the look and she sometimes undergoes skin-care treatments on video so her followers can get a true feel for the experience. There are tutorials on how to apply makeup and Kat shares promo codes to help her followers get the best deals on products she recommends.


Included among Andrea’s 138K followers of her organic beauty-focused Instagram are Hailey Bieber and Alyssa Milano. A good portion of her posts focus on Gua sha, a traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves scraping your skin to promote lymphatic drainage. But she also shares her favorite organic hair-care products, mineral sunscreen launches, and skin-care products.  

Jo Freeman

In addition to being a makeup artist and expert panelist for Cult Beauty, Jo spends her time reviewing beauty treatments and skin-care products for her 34.5K Instagram followers. She gives glimpses into the products she keeps in her purse and shares videos about a vitamin shower filter that improves the quality of your shower water for improved scalp, body, and skin care. She often also encourages everyone to wear sunscreen


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