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Whether you’re looking for an age-defying eye cream or a nourishing nighttime moisturizer, there are plenty of dermatologists and skincare enthusiasts on social who are willing to share their advice. Here are some of the best skincare YouTube channels to watch.

25 skincare YouTube channels offering visual tips, demos and reviews  


Jody, known on YouTube as muaythaijody, is a skincare enthusiast focused on helping women over 40 meet their skincare goals. Jody helps her subscribers solve skin conundrums with products to battle baggy eyes and how to do an at-home spa treatment.  

Heidi Guttenberg 

Heidi is a beauty and skincare influencer who tries out all the latest products so you don’t have to. For her YouTube subscribers, Heidi helps determine if your skincare habits are giving you wrinkles and shares her top moisturizer pick for transforming dry skin.

Michelle Phan 

Michelle was one of the first skincare influencers on YouTube, where she has amassed 8.7M subscribers. Michelle demonstrates her minimal makeup routine (no foundation necessary) and shares how she gets her gorgeous, glowy skin with her viewers.

Renee Chow

Renee, better known as gothamista, is a professional beauty product treasure hunter. As one of the best skincare influencers on YouTube, Renee shares everything from her fall nighttime skincare routine to her favorite extreme sunscreens with her 687K subscribers. 

Eti Frank 

Eti is a YouTube mega-influencer based in Nigeria who dishes out skincare, lifestyle and DIY advice. From her shower routine for silky smooth skin to touting the benefits of Vitamin C serum, Eti always shares her top tips and tricks. 

Rabia Khan

Rabia is one of the top skincare influencers in the game. Known to her 4.25M YouTube subscribers as rabiaskincare, she shares all-natural and home remedies to correct any skin snafus. Whether you want to keep your skin smooth and hydrated in winter or transform your skin with a brightening facial, Rabia’s channel is one to watch. 


Based in the United Kingdom, Kaushal is one of the best skincare influencers in the game. For her 2.38 million subscribers, Kaushal shares how she scores glassy skin and preps her skin for a glamorous holiday party. 


Melissa is a Tennessee-based skincare influencer who’s all about anti-aging and style for women over 65. Melissa takes her YouTube subscribers through her daily skincare routine and reveals her skincare secrets for maintaining a youthful look.

Manny Mua 

When it comes to male skincare YouTubers, Manny tops the list. As a celebrity influencer, Manny posts plenty of tutorials for his subscribers to score flawless skin, including drugstore dupes for high-end items and 10 game-changers to add to your beauty routine. 

Felicia and Rowena 

This dynamic duo, known on YouTube as BeautyWithin, explores the world of beauty, skincare and wellness with their 2.54 million subscribers. Felicia and Rowena share tips like three small skincare changes with big results and a daily regimen to perfect your pores

Safiya Nygaard 

When it comes to stellar skincare and trying new things, celebrity YouTube influencer Safiya knows her stuff. She’s one of the best skincare influencers skilled at sharing her results from an expensive celebrity contouring facial and what happened when she tried a facial controlled by her phone.

Tati Westbrook

Tati is admittedly obsessed with makeup and skincare products. Luckily, she posts all her fabulous finds and reviews with her 8.45 million YouTube subscribers, whether she’s sharing her ultimate holiday gift guide or revealing her nighttime skincare obsessions.

Morgan Alison Stewart

Morgan is a beauty and skincare influencer who helps her 550K YouTube subscribers find their groove in the massive skincare world. Whether she’s taking it back to the basics with her ultimate skincare tips for lazy girls or her top 10 must-have Korean beauty products, Morgan, better known as thebeautybreakdown, always has a solution. 

Wayne Goss 

Wayne has tons of experience in the beauty industry, and as a result, has become one of the top male skincare YouTubers. He is a celebrity influencer who gives insight into the why your skincare fails and spills the details on the strongest OTC serum he’s ever used for his subscribers. 

Nicola Chapman 

Nicola is a celebrity YouTube influencer based in the United Kingdom. For her subscribers, who know her as pixiwoo, Nicola shares which products she can’t live without and details how to achieve naturally healthy skin with a glassy glow.

Hyram Yarbro

Hyram is a celebrity YouTube skincare influencer who’s passionate about teaching others the right way to take care of their skin. His subscribers tune in to learn about the best facial cleansers and how to maintain glowing skin while traveling.

Dr. Alexis Stephens 

Dr. Alexis is a board-certified dermatologist and one of the top Black skincare influencers on YouTube. For her 311K subscribers, Dr. Alexis demonstrates how to exfoliate like a dermatologist and explains whether or not chemical peels really make a difference in your skin. 

Gabrielle Meloff

On Gabrielle’s YouTube channel, subscribers can find everything from skincare demos and reviews to clean beauty tutorials and tips. Check out Gabrielle’s content to learn French girl beauty tips and how to look good without makeup.  

Dr. Sam Bunting 

Dr. Sam is a dermatologist who wants to demystify and simplify skincare for optimal results. On YouTube, Dr. Sam is a mid-tier influencer who shares the best budget-friendly products and the most effective treatment for acne and large pores.

Cassandra Bankson 

Cassandra is a model, author, medical esthetician and skincare expert. She’s also a celebrity influencer on YouTube, where she reveals the best skincare products she’s ever used as an esthetician and a skin transition guide for cold weather

Joanna Vargas 

Joanna is a celebrity facialist and skincare guru. Joanna takes her YouTube subscribers behind the scenes to demonstrate the skin-boosting benefits of an oxygen facial and micro-needling.

Susan Yara 

Susan is passionate about sharing her extensive makeup and skincare knowledge with her 1.49M YouTube subscribers, who know her as mixedmakeup. Skincare devotees tune in to Susan’s channel to explore the best body skincare products for winter and three effective ways to double-cleanse your face.

Dr. Maren Locke 

Dr. Maren, known on YouTube as thebudgetdermatologist, is one of the best skincare influencers in the industry. She teaches viewers how to achieve premium skin without a hefty price tag, whether she’s reviewing the top three anti-aging eye creams or sharing how to fix sleep lines on your face.  

Alessya Farrugia 

Alessya is a skincare, lifestyle and fitness influencer on YouTube who wants to help her subscribers be the best version of themselves. On her channel, Alessya shares 15 skincare tips to improve your skin and how she achieves a glass skin and glazed hair look.


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