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An astounding 8.7 million people skateboard and plenty of boarders share their love of the sport on social media. Whether you want to become a skater or are a brand looking to work with skateboarding influencers who can do ollies in their sleep, check out these content creators.

16 skateboarding influencers with impressive skills

Aunty Skates

You may recognize 47-year-old Oorbee Roy from her appearance on “The Today Show.” The Toronto mom says she started skateboarding to spend more time with her kids. She’s been profiled in a variety of media, where she’s talked about skating in her sari, the hate comments she’s received, and what it’s like to go viral. Her 34.7K followers on Instagram follow her for tips on balance, advice for beginners, and giveaways.


A surf skater who’s usually skating the snake run in Venice Beach, Pauline shares her life on wheels with her 5K Instagram followers. When she’s not rolling through the park or gliding through the streets of LA, you’ll find this 22-year-old on the water.

Tony Hawk

Arguably the biggest name in skateboarding, Tony has had his own skateboard company, skateboarding video game, and a foundation that builds skateparks in underprivileged areas around the globe. He posts videos— including brand-sponsored clips — for his 2M TikTok followers. Some of his posts share what it’s like when people don’t realize they are talking to him and tell him he has the same name as a famous skater. Watch him crush his recovery after breaking his femur.


It’s been nearly 8 weeks since I broke my femur and I’ve been committed to making a full recovery every since. Today was a big step forward (pun intended). Don’t be afraid of putting in the hard work and celebrate your wins, however small!

♬ Getting Better (as made famous by The Beatles) - The Revolver Road Band

Carlos Rick

Brazilian skateboarder and videographer Carlos keeps his YouTube channel filled with clips of insane skills or epic fails, for his 121K subscribers. There is plenty of raw footage of famous skateboarders, as well as compilations of up-and-comers.

Dan Berkowitz

Dan’s 85.8K TikTok followers don’t just tune in to watch him skate, although he does offer some impressive clips of tricks. He shares stories — like the time he broke his leg — and reviews everything from wheels to skate parks in New York City. He also shows exercises that work skater muscles and improve performance.

Ola Atkinson

Ola’s before-and-after videos showing his improvements on moves like kickflips are inspiring. But his 73.6K followers also come for the more advanced tricks and skateboard-related shots that Ola shares for entertainment. Be sure to catch the “Hospital Flip” explainer.

Spencer Nuzzi

After touring with Tony Hawk, Spencer went on to study merchandise and marketing to learn more about the fashion side of the industry. He’s still showing off his board skills for his 135.3K TikTok fans, but he also uses his platform to highlight new boards, shoes, and even dye kits for DIY fashionistas.

Johnny Ringer 

Micro-influencer Johnny entertains skateboarders with his unique mix of content. He talks about things skaters are scared of, skateboard terms, and tips on how to fall safely. But he also does some ASMR, like this satisfying skateboard wax and this new skateboard setup.

Julian Cummings

Julian’s 521.3K TikTok followers love the variety of content the macro-influencer posts. One week he’ll demonstrate a backside 180 with instructions and teach mini ramp tricks. Another week he might ask fans to rate his new skate spot or give away skate shoes.

Vilas Left

Vilas considers himself a constant work in progress. His goal is to land 365 different tricks and he shares batches of skateboard tricks with others, along with advice. He’s also done reviews of electric boards, trick tape to preserve your shoes, and the deck hook to turn your backpack into a skateboard pack so you can carry your board.

Tyson Swanson

From front-side 180s switch manuals to pop shuv 5050s, Tyson isn’t afraid to show out for his 48.4K TikTok followers. He also shares video of other great skaters, his injuries, and some of his run-ins with the police at skateparks.

John Hill

If you want to learn how to ride, professional skateboarder John Hill’s YouTube channel is a great place to start. More than 1M subscribers have access to his videos on the three types of kickflips, skate tips every beginner should know, and the proper way to do every grind trick. He also covers custom skate shoes, rubber boards, and the best and worst skateparks.

Parker Kendall

Curious what improvements look like over five years of skateboarding? Parker’s 47.4K TikTok followers have watched him grow into his insane ability. His unique attacks on almost any structure are fun to watch but hard to replicate.

Yung Wavy

Want to learn the basics of ollies, heel flips, and powerslides? Yung Wavy has a full playlist for a number of tricks, including tips and advice to help you master them and how to make a balance board. Even the fashion-focused videos are practical, with highlights of best pants to skate in during the summer and how to make your skate shoes last longer.

Sky Brown

Professional skateboarder and surfer Sky was Great Britain’s youngest ever summer Olympian when she repped for park skating. Her 1.9M followers on TikTok can see her skating a mini ramp, rolling in a mini bowl, and attending Skatercross. Check out her highlight reel of 2021.


My first ever time at skater cross. It was so much fun 🤍 thank you @Kieran Woolley for the follow cam 🎥 #skateboarding #skybrown #monarchproject #fun

♬ You Know How We Do It - Ice Cube

Josh Neuman

Nothing pairs better with being a pro downhill skateboarder than also being a filmmaker and Josh Neuman has mastered both roles. His incredible raw runs take him down mountain passes, along coastlines, and sometimes a bit too close to moving vehicles! Don’t miss his top-speed longboard run down the Austrian Alps where he got up to 70 mph.


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