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Get ready for a blast from the past! Rollerblading and roller-skating are back and hotter than ever. If you’re looking for a fun way to burn some calories with a nod to nostalgia, consider getting a workout on wheels. These rollerblading and roller-skating influencers wow their social media followers with impressive tricks and moves.

13 rollerblading and roller-skating influencers showing their moves on social


A dance skate artist with almost 50K followers on Instagram, Priscila has some mad moves on wheels. She performs at all sorts of events and venues, including a circus and Six Flags Mexico. When she’s not working, she rolls through Mexico City and shows off her fashionable footwear, like these leopard print skates.


Danielle wanted a new hobby during the pandemic, so she turned to skating. Without any previous experience, the Boston resident started with the basics but soon learned some tricks. Now she takes her skates everywhere, including the airport and local parks.

Ari Bortz – thestutteringskater

Ari is an NYC rollerblader who keeps moving forward with a positive attitude. Ari proudly represents the stuttering community and invites his 71.9K TikTok followers to roll along with him as they “progress together.” Ari expertly whizzes through traffic on bustling New York City streets, showcases his skills on side streets, and zips through the Denver airport in record time — always with a sense of humor.


Good news: I was the first person from my flight to get to baggage claim. Bad news: I waited the longest for my luggage 😂 #rollerblading #inlineskating #rollerskating #patins #airport #denver #dia #colorado #infrastructure #insta360

♬ Twist And Shout - Isley Brothers

Vasilisa Maslova

Vasilisa is a Freestyle Slalom World Champion rollerblader and professional athlete who somehow finds the time to run her own skating school. Vasilisa treats her 49.3K Instagram followers to tons of videos showcasing her precise technique, letting music be her guide as she spins with fancy footwork. Whether she’s practicing onstage or freestyling on the streets, Vasilisa’s skills are simply mesmerizing.

Bill Stoppard

Bill is a video producer, rollerblader, and the creator of BSS Skating. His YouTube channel’s 87.6K subscribers tune in to learn how to rollerblade backward, take his tips on how to choose the right in-line skates, and watch a roundup of the top 10 city surfaces in-line skaters need to know.


Los Angeles-based Airdolphin is a certified skate instructor whose 1990s style (clearly his favorite decade) is a throwback to his early days as a competitive blader. Airdolphin, a mid-tier influencer on TikTok, shows off his gravity-defying jumps and tricks, unboxes his favorite shoe finds, and schools his followers on making DIY soap shoes.


#rollerblading #1990s #jnco *Disclaimer*: The person in this video is an experienced professional and is not in any danger. Do not attempt. @airmanatee 📹 🙏🏽

♬ Say It Ain't So - Weezer


Rollerbearding is a freestyle rollerblader and instructor. As a mid-tier TikTok influencer, Rollerbearding demonstrates his favorite tricks (like the “magic spin”) complete with tutorials for his fellow blading fans. He also gives his followers an up-close-and-personal look at his LED Rollerblades and detachable skate shoes.


Magic Spin is now my fav trick! This is straight up sorcery! 🪄🌪 #rollerblade #freestyle #skatetrick #skating

♬ original sound - Motiv8

Tulia Hunt

Tulia is a competitive inline skater and fierce female force in the often male-dominated sport. Tulia’s 111.4K followers tune in to her TikTok page to check out her flawless spins, impressive jumps, and after-dark skating sessions that light up the night almost as much as her ever-present smile.

Rory – rollwithrory

Rory is an Australian Rollerblader who loves sharing his renewed passion for blading (after an 11-year hiatus) and other action sports with all of his followers. Rory is a micro-influencer on TikTok whose followers watch as he documents his return to blading with a solid sense of humor, whether he’s scaling a mini ramp or attempting to grind on the longest rail he’s skated in over a decade.


Fun fact: the longest rail ever grinded on blades is over 666 feet long. I’d like to break that record somehow one day 😅 #aggressiveinline #beenleigh

♬ All The Way Up - Fat Joe & Remy Ma


Diaby is a professional rollerblading athlete from Paris, France, known for his ability to perform stunts and tricks that only a select few in the world can do. Nicknamed “The French Flyer,” Diaby is also a mid-tier TikTok influencer whose video content demonstrates his extremely impressive abilities, like doing backflips while blading, playing “tag” with the trees as he demonstrates his “Superman” move in Venice Beach, and taking over the indoor skate park as the crowd tracks his every move in amazement.

Kaeley Clarke – galaxy_zebra

Kaeley is a self-professed “rink rat” based in Texas. Kaeley’s specialty is freestyle in-line skating at her local indoor skating rink. She is a micro-influencer on TikTok who regularly shares the skills that help her rule the rink, including her top favorite trick, latest combos, and some seriously fancy footwork.

Eddie Chung – ShrEddie

Eddie is a professional in-line skater whose main mission is to have fun while always improving. He is a TikTok influencer who enjoys meeting up with fellow bladers for a group skating session, attempting to balance on one wheel in Barcelona, and zooming through NYC’s Grand Central Station at record speed. Wherever his rollerblading adventures take him, Eddie’s always down for an adrenaline-boosting challenge.


Reply to @vxmxt hehe 🎥 @dale

♬ Follow me if you like skiing - Isaac

Mery Muoz

California native Mery is a professional in-line skater who also runs a skating school in Barcelona called Rollsport Academy. Throughout her in-line skating career, Mery has racked up numerous awards for her athletic accomplishments all over the world. When mid-tier Instagram influencer Mery isn’t adding to her trophy collection, she can often be found skating through the streets of LA, brushing up on her skills, or wowing the crowd during an appearance in a freestyle skate show.


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