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Rock climbing and bouldering are no easy challenges to take on. They require climbers to push their bodies to new limits — and heights. The following rock climbing and bouldering influencers are among the 35 million rock climbers worldwide. Check out these encouraging accounts that show their thrilling adventures.

Rock climbing and bouldering accounts you should know about

Margo Hayes 

Margo conquers each climb. At just 19 years old, she became the first woman ever to completely climb the La Ramba in Spain. She then headed to France to climb the Biographie before going back to Spain to climb the Papichulo. These climbs are all rated as the same difficulty level, achieving a trilogy benchmark. Margo started off as a gymnast and began climbing when she was 10 years old.

Robbie Phillips 

Robbie is a climber, public speaker, coach, blogger, and YouTuber. He began indoor climbing at 15 years old and transitioned to ascending the boulders of the great outdoors at 19 years old. He loves traveling as much as he loves climbing and travels all around the world to take on the boldest boulders. Robbie is also pretty popular for green pointing, which is a method of climbing using trad gear instead of bolts. 

Angela Van Wiemeersch

Angela grew up as a competitive ice skater and went on to college to major in fashion design. However, that quickly changed after a trip to California where she witnessed ice-climbing and decided to embark on her journey as a climber. Angela also enjoys long-distance cycling. Her amazing content features her frequent ascents up frozen waterfalls all over the world.

Alex Honnold

Life on the edge is Alex’s way of living and his claim to fame. This rock climber is known for taking on some of the biggest cliffs in America, and sometimes even without protective gear like ropes to protect him in case he falls. Alex frequently travels to different parts of the country and world by van, in search of his next vertical adventure.

Shauna Coxsey

As the most successful competitive climber in the U.K., Shauna is quite the expert when it comes to the sport. She began climbing at 4 years old and has a long list of wins, including being chosen to participate in the 2020 Olympics, which took place in Tokyo in 2021. She retired from competitive rock climbing but is still an active member of the climbing and bouldering community and impressively participated in indoor climbing throughout her pregnancy.

Will Gadd

Will is an all-around adventurist drawn to the great outdoors. He started kayaking at 14 years old, climbing and bouldering at 16 years old, and paragliding at 25 years old. He is also a speaker, coach and blogger. Additionally, he works for the United Nations as a Mountain Hero, raising awareness of environmental issues. He’s even set some remarkable world records, which include being the first person to climb the frozen Niagara Falls.

Sasha DiGiulian

Blogger, speaker and climber Sasha has had a strong passion for climbing since age 6, when she first laid eyes on an indoor rock climbing wall. She has several impressive accolades under her belt, including being the undefeated Panamerican Champion since 2004. Sasha continues to travel the world climbing and bouldering, speaking, and hosting clinics for fellow climbers. 

Steph Davis

Steph is a climber, blogger, BASE jumper, and wingsuit flyer who is known for climbing some of the hardest routes and jumping down. She grew up playing the piano but fell in love with climbing after being introduced to it in college. She went on to attend law school, but it was only five days before she quit and decided to commit her time to climb and bouldering. Steph is also a podcast host, often interviewing actors and reality TV personalities. 

Alexander Megos

Alexander began bouldering at 6 years old and was competing by the age of 13. Since then, he has won several awards, both youth and adult, including the Climbing World Cup. He even qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and continues to rock climb and boulder, as well as advocate for the environment. 

Cedar Wright

Cedar is a climber, paraglider, filmmaker and writer. He’s known for his dizzying ascents, documented through his writing and cinematography. He discovered his love for rock climbing while studying English and creative writing and moved into his van for a brief period after graduation to climb all over the world. Cedar served on the Yosemite Search and Rescue team for over five years and has continued to boulder and paraglide throughout the years. 

Kevin Jorgeson

Kevin became a climber at the age of 11,. By 16 years old, he was competing internationally. He is known for scaling large boulders without the use of equipment, which is also known as free climbing, and being one of the first climbers to free climb the Dawn Wall in Yosemite National Park. The Dawn Wall is one of the most difficult routes in the world. Since then, he has opened two indoor climbing facilities

Chris Sharma

As the world’s strongest sports climber from 2001 to 2012, Chris continues to demonstrate his passion and dedication for rock climbing and bouldering. He won the adult 1996 U.S. Open Bouldering Nationals at age 14 and only grew more impressive from there. He was also the first human to achieve a level 5.15 climb, which is considered the highest level of difficulty. He also enjoys deep water soloing and has opened multiple indoor climbing facilities across the world.

Hazel Findlay

Hazel is a climber, mindset coach, blogger, and podcast host. Hazel loves alpine climbing and bouldering. Her climbing abilities attract followers to her social media. 

Daniel Woods

As one of the most accomplished U.S. male competitive climbers, Daniel specializes in bouldering and has secured many accolades from it, including winning the ABC National Championship nine times. He also created a film called “Welcome To The Hood,” which showcased him and fellow climbers tackling some of the most difficult boulder routes in the world. 

Emily Harrington 

Emily is a climber, speaker and skier. Emily loves challenging herself and getting out of her comfort zone, which keeps her seeking her next adventure constantly. She’s a five-time U.S. National Climbing Champion and set a speed record for skiing down Cho Oyu, the world’s sixth tallest mountain. 


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