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With 2.7 million wheelchair users in the U.S., there’s a demand for content that focuses on mobility. This list is full of honest, authentic influencers who talk about their life in a wheelchair, share their struggles and triumphs with mobility, and inspire everyone to live their best life. Check out these mobility influencers sharing their experiences on social media.

Check out these 15 mobility influencers

Shane and Hannah

Better known as “Squirmy and Grubs,” YouTube couple Shane and Hannah document their relationship, from dating to saying “I do” on their wedding day. Their 945K subscribers hear the story of how they met, their outlook on having children, and tips on how to cuddle when one of you has a physical disability. 

Cory Lee 

Known on Instagram as “curbfreecorylee,” Cory is a digital creator and “Wheelchair Travel Expert” whose goal is to encourage people with disabilities to get out and see the world. Cory shows his followers how to ride the subway in NYC, shares three wheelchair-accessible hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains, and his top picks for the best wheelchair-accessible beaches in the country.

Kathryn Granger

Kathryn is a Texan who lost her ability to walk after a car accident. As a mid-tier TikTok influencer, Kathryn finds humor in everyday activities, answers her followers’ most burning questions, and reminds others to appreciate life’s blessings every day.


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Cole and Charisma

Through their YouTube channel, Roll with Cole & Charisma, the couple share behind-the-scenes moments of their relationship and raises awareness about accessibility issues. As premium YouTube influencers, Cole and Charisma share their thoughts about whether LA is wheelchair-friendly and answer questions.

Conner Lundius

San Diego-based Conner is all about life’s little things, fashion, and Disney. She’s also a member of the Rollettes, a Los Angeles dance team composed of ladies with physical disabilities. Conner shares her self-care routine, at-home workout tips, and her adventures at Disney with her TikTok followers.

Megan DeJarnett

Megan is a boy mom, wife, author, and disability advocate who promotes inclusivity to the masses on TikTok. She posts about her children’s book series that teaches us to embrace our differences, shares how her husband helps her with a hair tutorial and suggests products that promote inclusion, diversity and acceptance.


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Madeline Delp

Madeline describes herself as “just a girl in a pink wheelchair chasing bold adventures.” The bubbly blonde spills about the craziest things people have told her about being in a wheelchair, her favorite style looks, and tips to prep your car for winter weather for her TikTok followers.

Karah Behrend

Karah is a veteran and a race car driver known to her TikTok followers as “kindofaquad.” Karah showcases her mechanic skills, takes her new race car for a spin, and shows off her dance skills.

Zack Collie

Zack is a Californian who works to spread awareness about spinal cord injuries and shares his life experiences living with one. On his YouTube channel, Zack shares the story of how he became a C-4 Quadriplegic, life lessons he’s learned since becoming paralyzed, and the experience of staying in a wheelchair-accessible condo on Maui.

Lauren “Lolo” Spencer

Lauren is an actress and lifestyle influencer dedicated to spotlighting people with disabilities in a positive, unique way. She is known on Instagram as @itslololove, and she shares content about Disability Pride Month, traveling to Washington, D.C., and hosting the Olympics and Paralympics with her winning signature smile.

Kevin and Kassy

Kevin and Kassy are an adorable couple who enjoy sharing their everyday life experiences with the world. Kevin and Kassy take their YouTube subscribers on a tour of their new wheelchair-accessible car, share the start of their fertility journey, and how Kevin cooks dinner for his wife as a paraplegic.

Gem Hubbard

Also known as Wheelsnoheels, Gem shares scenes from her journey through life as a paraplegic on YouTube. Gem posts all about her newest wheelchair features, mobility hacks like navigating uneven streets, and her journey through designing an accessible kitchen.

Jillian Mercado

Jillian is a model and actress who has appeared on TV shows like “The L Word: Generation Q.” As a mid-tier Instagram influencer, Jillian gives a moving acceptance speech for her acting award, lights up New York Fashion Week, and gives a glimpse into her workout routine for her followers. 

Zach Anner

Zach is an author, podcaster and vlogger who loves to make people laugh. On his YouTube channel, he shares his fitness routine with “Workout Wednesday” videos, gives financial planning tips, and co-hosts a brotherly Q&A session.

Alyssa Higgins 

Alyssa is a wife, boy mom, dog mom and disability advocate. Known on Instagram as, Alyssa showcases sweet scenes from her wedding day, spends quality time with her family, and shares tips from their daily health routine.

Alyssa Higgins 

Alyssa is a wife, boy mom, dog mom and disability advocate. Known on Instagram as, Alyssa showcases sweet scenes from her wedding day, spends quality time with her family, and shares tips from their daily health routine.