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In September, Facebook (now Meta) announced the launch of Reels on Facebook. The concept — which provides direct competition to the ultra-popular TikTok app — was first rolled out on Instagram last year. Now, Reels on Facebook brings the same features and accessibility of the app to the company’s flagship platform.

Available for both iOS and Android, Reels on Facebook allows users to make and share short-form videos. And it provides influencers with one more tool in their arsenal to boost engagement and extend their reach to followers.

New but familiar

Reels on Facebook closely mirrors the TikTok experience, so there’s not much of a learning curve for influencers already on TikTok or using Instagram Reels. Clips can be recorded in real-time, or you can use pre-recorded videos that are already in your phone’s gallery. You can also combine real-time and pre-recorded clips. 

Adding audio is simple; you can either use your own original audio or search the Facebook music library to find the right song. There’s also a voiceover feature that lets you record a vocal track over a video, which can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to give followers more information about your post. 

There’s also a large selection of augmented reality effects that Facebook and third-party developers have provided. Editing tools also allow you to speed up or slow down the video while recording, making it easier to stay in sync with the music or make slow-motion videos.

Opportunities for creators 

The addition of Reels on Facebook underscores just how important video has become on social media. It is proving more successful at capturing followers’ attention; one study found that even though there are many more images than videos on Instagram, videos saw 49% more interactions than images alone. 

With video becoming a mainstay for influencers, it’s important to know how to leverage it for best results.

Here are four types of videos influencers can use to build engagement

Product Demo Videos 

Demo videos are popular because they walk users through the steps of how a particular product works. For example, if you’re promoting a new tablet, you can do a series of short videos that look at some of the features and how to use them. Offering hacks and shortcuts are always popular, and this kind of video is an effective way to make the brand’s product appealing in an organic, natural way. 

Tutorials or how-to videos

Although similar to product demos, tutorials or how-to videos are more instructional and show how the product can solve a problem they have. So, while a product demo is about making an item appealing to your audience and letting them know what to expect, a tutorial video is more about showing how it is going to benefit them. 

Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos first became popular on YouTube, but with more video options, that popularity has spread to TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Unboxing videos allow followers to share the experience with you as you open a product for the first time and share your first impressions and experience with using it. One of the great things about this type of video is that it can be used with just about any kind of product. If it can be boxed, it can be unboxed in a video. 

Product placement videos

Unlike product demos or tutorials, product placement videos can be more subtle; the product might be used or be visible in the video but isn’t mentioned. This type of video is similar to what’s popular in movies and TV shows; the product is seen and plays a key “supporting role” in the video without any obvious promotion. 

Grow engagement through video 

Today’s brands recognize the importance of influencers in product promotion. As video becomes more prevalent, influencers who hone their skills and create videos that will keep followers engaged will grow their audience and build partnerships with brands. 

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