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Getting your brand to stand out is important any time of the year, but during Black Friday, it is even more crucial — and challenging. Consumer excitement is already building for this year’s Black Friday, and getting your message out early is key to its success. 

This year, Black Friday officially falls on Nov. 26, but many major brands have already launched their deals — and sales will continue through the holiday season.

Here are five tips for working with influencers to help amplify your Black Friday campaigns.

Cover all your bases. 

Social media has become a seemingly endless digital shopping ground, and it’s important to make sure you’re reaching your customers on the platforms they use most. Make sure your influencer strategy covers all the platforms: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. Having a good mix of creators across these different channels will increase your audience reach. 

Collab with Meg Harrell on Shake to reach her 50K followers on Instagram, 4K YouTube subscribers and 45K followers on TikTok.

Make shopping easy. 

Make use of the built-in shopping features on platforms, such as the Swipe Up in Instagram Stories and Pinterest’s Buy It button. Once you’ve captured the interest of potential customers, it’s better if they don’t have to leave the channel to make a purchase. The influencers’ posts will attract attention to your product, so make it easy for shoppers to buy in just a couple of clicks or swipes whenever possible. 

Check out our Tyson + IZEA case study to see how we sent over 13,000 social-to-cart transfers to Walmart, Publix and Meijer.

Show them how it’s done. 

When you use video, you can show — not just tell — what your product can do. Partnering with an influencer to offer a “how-to” video is a great way to cut through the advertising that floods social media during this time. The right influencer will have a following interested in learning the best ways to use your product, whether that involves recipes for a holiday party, making seasonal decorations, finding the right fashions for the season, etc. There’s no limit to how you can approach these how-to videos, and influencers can make them fun, festive, and appealing. 

Collab with influencers on Shake that specialize in tutorial videos like Daniel Amaguana.

Open up those presents (for unboxing videos). 

This is the perfect season for unboxing videos; after all, this holiday is all about the experience of opening a box and discovering what’s inside. Although this trend started on YouTube, it’s now spread to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. It’s a popular approach — and an effective one. Unboxing reviews have become part of the online shopping experience for consumers, so use an influencer to help put your product in their hands to drive that purchasing decision. 

Shake influencer Madison Miller posts unboxing videos highlighting new makeup, mom advice, and more.

Keep it authentic. 

As a brand, you understand what you want to achieve; now trust your influencer to deliver. Each influencer has their own style, and that is what makes influencer marketing so effective. When they tell their experience in their own words, their followers know that the messaging is authentic and trustworthy. So make sure you’re letting them tell your story in a way that feels most natural to them — it’s the best way to connect with a new audience. 

Collab with Kyla Herbes at House of Hipsters who has been creating for her audience since 2013.

Black Friday is a pivotal time for brands and retailers, and experts predict that online sales will outpace in-person shopping experiences this year. Make sure you’re staying in front of those crowds by partnering with the right influencers who can share your message in a way that’s enjoyable, authentic, and helps drive your holiday season sales. 

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