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Reviews have become an essential part of marketing for every type of product; today, most consumers rely heavily on reviews before making a purchase. When you work with an influencer, that product review can become a viral marketing tool, whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or improve sales of a specific product.

Videos have become the most effective type of product review out there, and YouTube has been a game changer for brands because it allows potential customers to see your product in action and know exactly what to expect from it. The popularity of product reviews has opened the door for influencers who might not have a space in a particular industry (like beauty, travel, or fashion), but have become a trusted voice for their opinion on a wide range of products from toys to technology. 

A woman holds a product in front of a camera on a tripod

Best products to review on YouTube

Using trusted influencers to provide product reviews gives your brand and products greater credibility and can widen your reach among potential customers. While there’s really no brand that is off-limits for video product reviews, some types of products fare better than others on YouTube. Here’s a look at seven of the most popular types of product reviews on YouTube:


It’s no secret that toys are big business, and they’ve taken over YouTube. Of the 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, about 20% of the channels with the most subscribers are those dedicated to toys. Whether its parents giving their perspective on the toys or kids unboxing and playing with them, toys and YouTube go together like kids and candy. 


You don’t have to be a geek to love gadgets and electronics, and that’s evidenced by the growing number of influencers who are using YouTube as their platform to review gadgets. These videos can include everything from the hottest products like phones and drones to some lesser-known electronics that make viewers say, “I want that!” 


From entry level-priced appliances to luxury goods, consumers are checking out YouTube reviews before making their choices. A video review of any appliance, from a toaster to a high-end range, is an excellent way to showcase features that can’t be appreciated from a simple description. Since there’s no shortage of cooking gadgets and home appliances including vacuums and laundry room essentials, using an influencer to promote your appliances with a YouTube video is a great way to make your product stand out. 


Shopping for clothes has always been a bit of a sport — part hunting, part endurance marathon. The addition of YouTube product reviews has been a game changer, allowing shoppers to explore the pros and cons of certain looks and discover features they love (and maybe some they don’t) that will influence their buying decision. Influencers help shoppers of all shapes and sizes get a better understanding of how it might look on them. For that reason, it’s a great idea to partner with a few influencers of different sizes when you’re looking to get your fashions into the hands of new buyers. 

Makeup/skin-care products

Consumers of all ages are interested in skin care, even though they may be looking for different things. A great YouTube video shows them how the product works and lets them decide if it might be right for them. Whether they’re looking for skin care to offset aging or eliminate acne, want to see how a certain foundation works on different skin types, or are looking for new ideas on how to apply makeup, this is a hot channel that has great opportunities for brands to reach out through influencers.  


Men aren’t alone in loving tools, but they hold the lion’s share of the market. Tool reviews are extremely popular on YouTube, with reviewers taking on every type of tool under the sun. The approaches vary, from DIYers who simply take the new tool for a test run to more hardcore enthusiasts who literally dismantle the tools to find out what they’re made of. 


Thousands of YouTubers have jumped into sneaker culture with both feet, and that’s led to a huge online presence. Sneaker reviews have become a highly competitive space; influencers sometimes specialize on a specific brand of sneakers or might focus on aspects such as performance shoes or certain types of materials.    



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