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Reviewing perfume and colognes may seem like subjective content, considering everyone has different scent preferences. But these 15 perfume and cologne influencers are experts in providing detailed descriptions and guidance on choosing — and wearing — fragrances. They provide reviews and help their followers find the right scents.

15 perfume and cologne influencers with the best scents

Rachna Singh

Billing herself as “your local perfume enthusiast,” mid-tier influencer Rachel has created countless videos about women’s and men’s fragrances. There are videos for people who like vanilla, sweet perfumes that are worth the money, and even perfumes she would never wear again.


Catie is a travel vlogger who also hosts the “Let’s Travel Baby!” podcast. Although her travels give her access to some of the world’s top perfumes, she’s more likely to share affordable alternatives to the pricey brands. If you’re interested in try-before-you-buy reviews of scents or searching for something specific, such as vanilla or jasmine undertones, follow her on Instagram.

Funmi Monet

Dallas-based perfume influencer Funmi has 225.8K followers on TikTok who tune in for content on fragrances, sometimes created to respond to their specific questions. Whether she’s sharing her favorite niche indie perfume house or perfumes that smell way more expensive than they are, Funmi isn’t afraid to be honest about her favorite perfumes and those that don’t pass the smell test.


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Jeremy Fragrance

Mega-influencer Jeremy offers well-organized YouTube playlists with categories like “best of” for men, fragrance reviews for women, and online buying guides for fragrances, among others. He also offers several fragrance tutorials that cover topics such as “How Many Sprays and Where.” If you’re not up for leaving the house, check out his video on where to buy fragrances online.

Karen Gilbert

Fragrance expert Karen uses her YouTube channel to highlight perfumery classes, offer tutorials, and discuss the myths surrounding fragrances. She also hosts brand showcases and offers an online scent and well-being program.

Melissa Nacional

More than 27K subscribers follow Melissa on YouTube to learn about new perfumes, how to apply fragrances, and honest reviews of scents. She also offers a Scent of the Day, giveaways, tips for choosing fragrances as gifts, and lists of perfumes that are worth their price points.

Curly Scents

Andrea’s entire YouTube channel is dedicated to fragrance reviews, tips and lists. Her 124K subscribers turn to her for advice on the top spring colognes for men, five perfumes she loves but her boyfriend hates, and her top 10 most complimented perfumes. She also highlights individual fragrances with detailed descriptions so her followers can decide for themselves if they’re worth trying.

Ije Simon

Ije might love fashion, but she also has a passion for fragrances. Her 115K Instagram followers can find content about both industries on her account, including detailed explanations about scent, projection, and longevity for fragrances. There are tips about layering fragrances, giveaways, reviews of individual perfumes, and lists, like this video showing five perfumes she recommends for spring.  

Thomas O’Brien

Dedicating his YouTube channel to “all things perfumery and nice smelling,” Thomas has attracted the attention of 27.7K followers with his reviews of individual fragrances, lists and even some disappointments. If you’re looking for a specific scent, check out his compilations, like this video: “10 Vivacious Violet Fragrances.”


Posting a minimum of one video per week, Ksenja keeps her fragrance-loving 31.3K YouTube subscribers coming back to her channel regularly. There’s content on $5 perfumes, top body mists for summer, alternatives to your favorite perfumes, and advice on using perfume oils.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris

For anyone who knows a lot about perfume, Francis might be a recognizable name. The world-famous perfumer has worked for more than 40 world-famous fragrances for fashion houses like Dior, Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier. Now, he shares his knowledge and talent on YouTube, reviewing not only perfumes but also fragrance commercials. There are videos about the ingredients sourced for the best perfumes, as well as short explanations about how he envisions and creates his own perfumes.

Christal Joy

Nano-influencer Christal is a digital creator and perfume lover who shares her “love at first sniff perfumes,discovery set favorites, and detailed descriptions of fragrances for her Instagram followers. She sometimes shares affiliate codes and does giveaways to spread the love that she receives from partnering brands.


In addition to reviewing individual colognes, nano-influencer CologneCrazy helps his TikTok followers choose scents based on what they like. There are videos for those who want to smell like citrus, like lemon, as well as fresh tobacco and vanilla or leather and cherries.


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Musical artist, fashion designer and cologne aficionado New School Genius is a mid-tier influencer who stocks his TikTok with videos about cologne. He shares his top picks for affordable colognes, what not to buy, and irresistible colognes to add to your collection.


Petra’s 64.5K TikTok followers turn to her for advice and recommendations on all things perfume, body mist and scented body creams. Whether you want to smell like candy, vanilla or a summer beach, she’s got videos and lists to help you find the perfect fragrance.


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