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The tranquility of silent forests, pristine snow-covered landscapes, and crystal-clear waters provides a serene escape from the daily grind. But where should marketers and social media users start when seeking to connect with nature-themed content? Here’s a list of the top nature enthusiasts on Instagram. Following these accounts can offer inspiration for crafting compelling content that resonates with audiences who appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors.

15 nature influencers on Instagram

Chris Burkard

Explorer and photographer Chris shares his collection of wilderness shots on Instagram and aims to promote preservation efforts. His account, @chrisburkard, has 4 million followers. Browse through his photos to see images of beautiful waterfalls, sweeping deserts and shimmering seas. Chris has also published several photography books, including “Distant Shores,” “High Tide” and “Under the Arctic Sky.”

Kevin Bruseby

With 150K followers, Kevin is another nature photographer on Instagram who is sharing the beauty of the world with others. You’ll find serene videos, beautiful ideas for travel and just the most picturesque scenes of nature on his page.

Alex Strohl

The works of French photographer Alex have appeared in publications like Forbes and Vanity Fair. If you take a quick glance through his Instagram account, you’ll see why his photos are so popular. His collection includes majestic shots of frosted wilderness and lush, green scenery. He has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, and his book, “Alternative Living,” uses photography to explore the lives of people living close to nature.

Kirill Mist

Kirill is a photographer and videographer with 617K Instagram followers who keep coming back for his moody nature posts. You’ll find scenes of wispy fields and artsy flower videos.

Paul Nicklen

Canadian photographer Paul shares his photos with an audience of more than 7.3 million followers on Instagram. Paul is also a marine biologist, so expect to see lots of underwater imagery and arctic shots on his account. However, you’ll also find a generous amount of land-dwelling creatures. He is a co-founder of a company called SeaLegacy. Its mission is to use art and storytelling to inspire ocean conservation efforts.

Patrick Simon

Patrick is a nature photographer in Germany who has amassed 114K followers on Instagram with his shots. His current camera of choice is a Canon 6D Mark II where he catches some of the most beautiful and unique shots.

Brian Skerry

Brian is a National Geographic photographer with more than 931K followers on Instagram. The images on his account focus on all sorts of aquatic creatures, including dolphins, turtles and sharks.

Mindfully Marnie

With just under 12K followers, Marnie is a micro-influencer on Instagram with a big nature impact. She’s based in Scotland and takes all of her photos and videos with an iPhone — no big, expensive camera needed.

Ronan Donovan

Photographer Ronan uses his Instagram account to treat his followers to visual stories. His images don’t shy away from nature’s tender or morbid moments. He is currently focused on wolves, and his feed is full of beautiful scenes with the animals. He has more than 355K followers.

Pirmin Föllmi

Pirmin is a photographer out of Switzerland making a big impact with his photography on Instagram. He has 115K followers, and his scenes are almost all treescapes. The serene photos of woodlands are relaxing and beautiful.

Vincent Croce

Vincent offers up images of foggy forests cut through by beams of light and photos of four-legged exploring wintery terrain. This photographer and filmmaker has more than 125K followers. Follow along for stunning photos of the wilderness in Europe.

Maik Lipp

The outdoor and travel photographer Maik is growing his Instagram with natural scenes throughout his travels. He has 66.5K followers, and you’ll find travel photos from places like teh Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Suzi Eszterhas

Suzi has plenty of photos that reveal the cuter side of nature. This wildlife photographer captures images of baby animals looking adorable and interacting with their parents. Her Instagram account has more than 37.2K followers who can’t get enough of her heartwarming images.

Kelly Pearson

With 24K followers, Kelly is another nature enthusiast on Instagram who shares herself finding softness and authenticity in nature and photography. You’ll find her frolicking in nature and sharing her perspective along the way.  

Kristen Bor

Kristen aims to help teach her followers how to be savvy and responsible outdoor explorers. Her Instagram account has more than 57.7 K followers, and it’s filled with images of her outdoors with her child. She also runs a blog with more written advice for aspiring explorers.

Have a brand that revolves around encouraging people to connect with nature? Perhaps you offer camping gear or provide wilderness tours of nearby forests. Or maybe you simply want to promote local conservation efforts. Influencer marketing can prove to be an invaluable strategy for your business. Search for influencers like the ones mentioned above. A partnership with the right influencer can help you engage online audiences and increase brand awareness.


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