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Mocktails provide all the delicious taste and refreshment of a cocktail without the alcohol, making unique recipes highly sought-after for those who don’t drink alcohol, as well as others who are pregnant or athletes in training. No matter the reason, making non-alcoholic cocktails is a tasty option for hot summer nights, festive parties, or just sipping something new while binging your favorite show. These influencers have plenty of recipes for delicious mocktails that anyone can drink.

10 influencers with an array of alcohol-free drinks for you to make at home

A Twist of Citrus

Named Home Bartender of the Year in 2020, Chrissy is mixologist, recipe developer, and drinks photographer who has also served as a drink judge. Her Instagram account is filled with guides to topics like cocktail glassware, agave cocktails, festival cocktails, and no- or low-alcohol cocktails. Her recipes cover some delicious mocktails, like this non-alcoholic Negroni and a non-alcoholic Ginger Switchel, as well as discussions about the best citrus to add to your drinks and how to make perfect clear ice.

The Mindful Mocktail

Nat gets 19.2K monthly views on Pinterest for her easy non-alcoholic cocktails made with healthy, fresh ingredients. There’s a Ginger Mojito mocktail, virgin Sangria, a passionfruit sparkler, and a pineapple spritzer with coconut. For the holidays, check out the non-alcoholic Baileys Holiday mocktail, this easy Halloween mocktail, or these 16 delicious Christmas mocktails

Halal Chef

Mansaf’s 88.1K YouTube subscribers tune in to watch his delicious creations, including food and non-alcoholic drinks. There’s a refreshing and fruity mocktail known as the Sunrise Mocktail and something called The Heatwave, which makes enough for two to three people. You’ll also find all the classic non-alcoholic favorites: mojitos three ways, the perfect piña colada, a margarita, and sangria.

The Educated Barfly

Leandro DiMonriva is the co-creator, producer, and host of this TV show and YouTube channel, which has amassed 267K subscribers. He has a playlist for “teetotalers” (those who stay away from alcohol) with videos teaching viewers how to make a Shirley Temple, a Temperance Grapefruit Collins, a Resolution Buck, and a Beam Me Up Toddy, among others. There are also series dedicated to low alcohol by volume cocktails and home bar basics, the latter of which covers basic syrups, making clear ice cubes, how to pull a peel, and the mechanics of stirring.

Vlad Slick Bartender

Vlad has 1.36 million subscribers on YouTube for not only his most-requested non-alcoholic drinks, but also his educational videos. He shares recipes for the best non-alcoholic margaritas, alcohol-free Japanese mojitos, and a virgin Penicillin cocktail, among other options. But he also explains the difference between ginger beer and ginger ale, why bartenders put egg whites in cocktails (Hint: It’s for texture!) and why you need honey syrup.

Fifteen Spatulas

Joanne Ozug is the creator behind Fifteen Spatulas, a YouTube channel with 209K subscribers. Despite being primarily a cooking channel, Joanne created a non-alcoholic drink miniseries after her fans asked for more beverages that everyone in the family could enjoy. From homemade sparkling peach iced tea and strawberry limeade to cantaloupe agua fresca and a triple melon sorbet float, these alcohol-free drinks are easy and delicious!

Good Taste by Yael

Yael’s channel is jam-packed with non-alcoholic drink recipes, like sodas, juices, coffees, shakes, lemonade, and milk teas, but the mocktail playlist really steals the show. There’s a virgin Long Island iced tea, a Caribbean Sunset mocktail, and a Four Seasons that uses Tang and probiotic shots. Don’t miss the Muddy Puddle Mocktail for a simple and refreshing alcohol-free option!


As a top contestant on MasterChef India Season 1, it’s not surprising that Kanak has 1.24 million subscribers on YouTube. But beyond her cooking videos, she also shows her fans how to make exotic mocktails and coolers. From her non-alcoholic fruit sangria and a virgin mojito to Pune’s famous Mango Mastani and a strawberry lemonade mocktail, her drinks will cool you down on even the hottest of days.

The Mocktail House

This Indian-based channel is dedicated to teaching viewers how to make insanely creative and delicious alcohol-free drinks. There are some traditional favorites, like the Mango Margarita, Pina Colada, and the Strawberry Mojito. But the real fun comes in creative concoctions, like the Litchi Fantasy mocktail, the Ginger Honey & Blue Curacao Mojito mocktail, and Guava Mint Punch. If you like spicy, be sure to blend up a Chili Chilled Guava mocktail.

Savor the Flavour

Brooke and Emma are the mother-daughter team behind Savor the Flavour, a website whose Pinterest account gets 3.8 million monthly views. In addition to cooking food and drumming up copycat drink recipes from famous chains, they also share mocktail recipes for watermelon slushies, raspberry daiquiris, piña coladas, and (non-alcoholic) Tequila Sunrises. Be sure to try the Cinderella Mocktail!


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