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Roblox is a multiplayer gaming platform that lets users transform into any character they want and play against their friends and other Roblox players. Roblox has taken the industry by storm, bringing people from different parts of the world together through play. The platform has grown popular for its immersive 3D games, but also because the users create the games. Roblox provides game development software that anyone can learn how to use, giving people the chance to bring any vision to life and make good money doing it. Here are some Roblox influencers who have the game on lock.

Roblox gamers thriving on the platform

Daniel – DanTDM

As a winner of several Kids Choice Awards and Guinness World Records, Daniel has made a significant impact in the gaming world. Most of his videos consist of gameplay and game commentary for programs like Roblox, Minecraft, Pokemon, and more. He has recently become a father as well, and his Instagram includes videos of them playing video games together.


Kat and her siblings, known as the KREW, play in the various games that she creates in Roblox. She posts Roblox or Minecraft videos almost every day, featuring humorous commentary and creative gaming skills. Kat also regularly plays on live stream, so subscribers can watch her in real-time action. She currently has over 9 million subscribers and 525K Instagram followers


Sanna started off as a lifestyle vlogger and soon after discovered how much she enjoys gaming. Her early Roblox videos focused on the game ‘AdoptMe!’, showing her caretaking of the virtual pet of choice. She now posts an array of content such as tutorials, contests, and challenges.

Jelle van Vucht

Better known as Jelly, this kid-friendly gaming YouTuber seems to get better with time. He started his channel in 2014 and earned 1 million subscribers by 2015. He has 22.7 million subscribers who tune in for reaction videos, Minecraft and Roblox gameplay videos, and tutorials on how to become a business owner in Roblox.

Zachary Tarnopol

For Zach, or Poke, it doesn’t get any better than Roblox. His channel was initially created for lifestyle vlogging, but he rebranded as a gamer specializing in Roblox a few years ago. With content like giveaways and game plays, he’s been able to rack up over 6 million subscribers. He also started making Roblox movies and released his first one, called “Locked Up In Bloxburg” in 2021.

Felix – PewDiePie

After initially gaining popularity from his “Let’s Play” YouTube videos, Felix started his own gaming channel. He was listed as one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time and claimed the spot for the most subscribed YouTube channel in 2013. He now has over 111 million subscribers between both of his channels and 22 million Instagram followers.


Inspired by her passion for toys, specifically toy horses, Candace created her YouTube channel on which she first told stories based on her life as a young girl. After her page gained traction, she then started doing unboxings, gameplay, and cooking videos, which allowed her to continue growing. Her YouTube channel now sits at almost 18 million subscribers, along with 377K Instagram followers. Look for her Roblox playlist to see her play.

Jessica Bravura

Conquering Minecraft since 2012, Jessica gained her early audience from her unique Minecraft roleplay videos. Since then, she has created two other channels, one for vlogging and one dedicated to Roblox

Lannan Eacott

He started his first channel with slow-motion demolition videos, and after having his equipment stolen, he started his gaming channel, LazarBeam. His audience was attracted by his Let’s Play videos and gameplay content of various games. His Fortnite Battle Royale videos were the real stars of the show and allowed his subscriber count to expand tremendously. He then branched out to vlogs and comedy videos, although his videos are still mostly gaming related.

Joshua Temple

Josh’s channel was originally where he posted his GTA gameplay. As it began to grow, he started including Q&A and challenge videos and various games, such as Minecraft and Roblox. His gaming videos often display hacks and tutorials, which can also be viewed on his TikTok.

Ethan – EthanGamer

Ethan is the creator behind the YouTube channel EthanGamer, which currently has over 3 million followers. He’s 16 years old and started posting when he was much younger. He created his gaming channel in 2013 and gained attention for his enthusiastic gameplay videos. Over the years, he’s featured different games, but the most popular videos were those of him playing Roblox, Red Ball, and Minecraft. Also, he has an app called Ethan Gamer Land.

Benjamin – Crainer

Starting as a Twitch creator, Benjamin, or Crainer, was often inspired by other gamers on the platform, specifically Lanceypooh. He contacted Lanceypooh and the two began streaming together on a regular basis before Lancey switched over to YouTube in 2013. In 2014, Crainer started his channel, featuring gameplays and collaborations with other YouTubers. He has accumulated over 7 million subscribers. He has many videos of him playing games in Roblox.


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