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The keto, short for ketogenic diet, has gained much attention over the years. Many people across the globe have turned to keto for its potential weight-loss benefits and the healthy eating habits it promotes. However, the strict high-fat, low-carb diet has been deemed difficult to follow correctly, which is why countless people turn to keto influencers for tips, advice, and meal ideas. It’s also a good idea to consult with a medical professional to ensure this eating style is a good fit for you. Whether you’re a newbie, trying to find your groove, or you’ve simply reached a roadblock on your journey, these keto influencers listed below can help.

Keto influencers sharing their diet, lifestyle

Victoria Nsafoa

Victoria’s keto lifestyle has become a highlight of her life. She shares cooking content and new keto recipes with her social media followers and subscribers. Her TikTok page and YouTube channel feature recipes, tutorials and reaction videos.

Marilyn Mejia

Marilyn, also known as Ketoconsabor on Instagram, is all about keto, travel and family. She finds joy in making healthier variations of her favorite meals using the keto method. Most of her content consists of recipes, some of which she creates on her own, accompanied by beautiful photos of the meals she prepares.

Keto Con Sabor Instagram post

Chelsey Bishop

If you’re looking for ways to achieve low carbs on the go, Chelsey has you covered. She shows ways to stick to your keto diet while traveling, including ideal food and drinks to order and how to spot them on the menu. She talks about her weight-loss journey, sharing photos and videos along the way. Chelsey also credits her skin transformation to the keto diet and occasionally posts makeup tutorials and skin-care videos.

Jennifer Dawn

Jennifer is a blogger, business coach and Pinterest marketing expert. She blogs about keto, health and wellness, and food preservation. She shares various recipes, along with tips on how to grow a creative business or ideas for starting one.

Melissa Dixon

Melissa is the creator of ThirtySomethingSuperMom, a lifestyle and food blog that focuses mainly on keto recipes. She is most popular for her quick and easy but also healthy recipes, along with her travel tips, gardening recommendations, family activities, and DIYs. Also, most of the food she cooks and eats is gluten- and sugar-free.

Carolyn Ketchum

Carolyn is a photographer, author and blogger who runs “All Day I Dream About Food.” She shares delicious keto recipes and meals and shows her followers that specific diets, like keto, don’t have to be restrictive or boring. She mainly shares sugar-free baked goods, but you’ll find breakfast, dinner, and snack recipes as well.

Cristina Curp

For a healthy food approach to treating autoimmune diseases and conditions, Cristina’s Instagram is a must-follow. As a private chef and best-selling cookbook author, she helps people heal by improving their eating habits and implementing more holistic elements. Her blog, The Castaway Kitchen, includes recipes, courses, supplements, and books. She also covers various diets, aside from keto.

Suzanne Ryan

After experiencing tremendous improvements in her health after switching over to keto, Suzanne started her blog to empower and inspire other people on the same journey. She fell in love with keto after seeing results in her weight-loss journey and now shares tips, recipes and advice for getting started on her blog and Instagram

Mellissa Sevigny

“Making Keto delicious” is Melissa’s motto. That’s exactly what she’s doing with her keto-friendly dishes. As an author, traveler and blogger, she mainly talks about how the easiest and quickest ways to switch to keto, the vacations she takes with her family, and the meals she enjoys along the way. Visit her blog for recipes, workout plans, guides, meal plans, and other resources.

Martina Slajerova

Martina is a keto cookbook author who has mastered the keto lifestyle. Now, she’s on a mission to show others how to do the same. She keeps her audience inspired and informed with her recipes, meal plans, guides, and nutrition articles. She even has an app dedicated to the keto diet. Martina also works with health professionals and recipe developers to ensure the information she’s putting out is as accurate and helpful as possible.

Paola van der Hulst

This keto blogger specializes in healthier versions of your favorite desserts. She began her keto journey after experiencing early signs of autoimmune disease and neuropathy and she hasn’t looked back since. She regularly updates her blog with recipes for comfort food and baked goods.

Jen Fisch

Jen transitioned to keto to hopefully reduce the inflammation she had been experiencing and was pleasantly surprised. She started her Instagram page to share her beautiful creations and she shares easy recipes on her blog. She uses ingredients that are easy to find to show people that the keto lifestyle doesn’t have to be challenging or limiting.

James Hicks

James is a keto guru and runner. Switching to a keto diet changed his life and he now shares highly creative recipes, including taco zucchini boats. He posts about his daily runs and workouts on his Instagram.


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