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With over 2.6 billion active users, YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms of 2023. The platform appeals to everyone and is full of a vast variety of content niches, with beauty being one of the most popular. Beauty influencers have used YouTube for years to share their favorite products and brands and tutorials of their routines. Korean skincare influencers are beauty gurus of all backgrounds who try Korean skincare products and share the results with their viewers. Take a look as we share some of the top Korean skincare-focused influencers on YouTube with the best routines and product reviews.

Top Korean skincare influencers sharing their beauty routines, secrets

Renee — Gothamista

With more than 10 years of buying, reviewing and developing skin care products, Renee has perfected her popular routine and shares that with more than 698K subscribers on her channel. Renee shares her advice to help simplify and better the routines of her viewers.


Risabae has become one of the most popular skincare and beauty influencers on YouTube with over 2.26 million subscribers who watch her tutorials and explanatory routines. Her weekly videos often feature her favorite Korean skincare products.


Lamque is a popular beauty influencer on YouTube who has gained more than 1.21 million subscribers by featuring her favorite brands and how she uses their products in her routines. Her videos teach others how she uses products to get flawless and glowing skin.

Dasha Kim 

Dasha takes to YouTube as a lifestyle and beauty influencer who focuses on sharing her everyday routines and skincare. Whether she shares vlogs of her latest travels or her product reviews and tutorials, Dasha entertains more than 282K subscribers.

Pony Syndrome

An impressive following of more than 5.96 million subscribers tune into Pony Syndrome’s channel for her glowy makeup looks and routines. She highlights many Korean brands and beauty products in her tutorials.


Ssin is an amusing beauty channel that has collected over 1.46 million subscribers since 2008. The popular channel is full of makeup looks inspired by Korean celebrities and includes educational posts for those looking to get into makeup.


As a Korean beauty creator, Subin uses her YouTube platform to showcase her passions for makeup and skincare and teach others how to perfect her popular looks. More than 25K subscribers follow are treated to her useful tips and advice on achieving flawless looks. 

Morgan Allison Stewart

The Beauty Breakdown has over 546K subscribers who tune into her videos to see trending beauty products and skincare routines. The popular beauty channel has covered everything from the best indie K-beauty products to luxury beauty that is worth your money.

Joan Kim 

As a Korean-American living in Seoul, Joan share her personal experiences with skincare throughout the years. Joan gives her advice on how she cleared her skin in her 30s and highlights her favorite recommended products for more than 558K subscribers.


Sunny is a Korean influencer who shares the products that have perfected her skincare and makeup routines. The beauty influencer now fills her feed for more than 1.1 million subscribers with looks that anyone can recreate with the help of her tutorials.

Liah Yoo 

Liah uses her popular YouTube platform to help over 1.23 million subscribers learn how to take better care of their skin health through product recommendations, self-care advice, and beauty tips. Liah tries out all the trendy products and reviews them. She also has a skincare brand.

Yoon Charmi 

Yoon has all the beauty tips, makeup advice and life hacks. The channel’s colorful and exciting thumbnails have gained more than 864K subscribers who tune in for popular makeup looks and routines.

Kim Dayeong

With her lively approach to all things beauty and skincare, Dayeong fills her feed with the latest beauty and skincare products she tries out. More than 550K subscribers are treated to her lifestyle and beauty content. 

Kwak Tori

Kwak Tori combines her passions for anime and beauty to fill up her popular YouTube channel and entertain more than 449K subscribers. When she isn’t sharing her makeup routines, Kwak fills her channel with entertaining lifestyle content.

So Young 

So Young’s beauty room has entertained over 320K subscribers since the launch of the channel in 2013 and hasn’t stopped since. The beauty channel covers all the basics of popular products.


Beautifymeeh has a wide range of content expanding from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and family vlogs. Most popular for sharing common Korean skincare brands, Beautifymeeh has grabbed the attention of more than 592K subscribers since 2011.


With bright visuals and a playful approach to beauty content, Sombley’s channel is full of trendy makeup styles and brands that more than 193K subscribers enjoy learning about. Sombley showcases her most liked products and exactly how she uses them.

Jen Kim

As a Korean-Australian TV personality, Jen already had fame but took to YouTube to create a beauty channel that shares her talent and passion for creating flawless looks. Over 463K subscribers are able to view her product reviews, which often feature Korean brands.

Michelle Choi

Michelle is a beauty influencer who takes to YouTube to share how she navigates life in her 20s. The New York-based beauty guru shares her exciting routines that feature her favorite products and styles for more than 2.04 million subscribers.


If you are looking to tap into Korean skincare or spice up your everyday makeup looks, CHES is the creator to watch. The channel features a variety of beauty content showing new products and routines for over 392K subscribers.


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