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Watch IZEA CEO & Chairman Ted Murphy Deliver His IZEAFest Opening Keynote Address

Ted Murphy is legendary for his vision and enthusiasm. That’s why there was so much anticipation leading up to his opening keynote address at IZEAFest 2017. And, as you can see in the video below, IZEA’s CEO and Founder did not disappoint.

In front of a packed house at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, Ted kicked things off with some inspirational words of wisdom. “The creative spirit. The magic of having a wild idea, and turning those wild ideas into reality – nothing is more uniquely human,” he said at the beginning of his presentation. “We are all born with it and create in our own special way.”

At IZEA, Ted’s wild ideas have indeed become reality. Check out the recap video to hear the dreamer himself announce new updates to IZEA’s array of Content and Influencer Marketing software offerings including Score Suite 2.0, Dynamic Tags, Enterprise Suite, SocialLinks 2.0, IZEA Pay, ContentAmp, Promoted Posts, IZEA for iOS v2.0 and IZEA for Android.

Can’t watch with sound? Read the audio transcript of the session provided below the video.

– Introduce you to IZEA’s founder, Chairman, and CEO, Mr. Ted Murphy!

(audience clapping and cheering)

– You guys doin’? Oh my gosh, what a fantastic Friday! How ’bout illumination, everybody?

(audience clapping, cheering)

Yeah! If you have ever been to IZEA’s headquarters here in Orlando, you know that we love lights, we love music, we love to dance, but most of all, we love the creative spirit that inspires performances like the one you just saw.

The creative spirit, the magic of having a wild idea, and turning that idea into a reality. Nothing is more uniquely human. We are all born with it, and we all create in our own special way.  Creativity is what brings joy to our lives. A handmade costume. A pillow fort. Grandma’s special mac and cheese.

The act of making something isn’t just about the passion of the creator, it’s about the people who are touched by the creator’s work. A costume is a springboard to adventure! A pillow fort is a fortress of strength, and a bowl of mac and cheese, that’s a macaroni hug.

What you make as a creator can have much greater meaning than you ever intend. We all have that favorite song that makes us dance; that comedy set that makes us ache with laughter; that painting that brings a tear to our eyes.

As a creator, you don’t often realize the gravity of what you have made. The halo of emotion, the influence on action. There is immense power in what we say, what we make, and what we share every day. That is what is so incredible about this time that we live in! Social media has profoundly changed what it means to be a creator.

We can now share our thoughts with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people with the click of a button. And not only do our ideas reach more people, but they live on forever as part of the Internet. A simple family recipe can go beyond our own dinner table reaching into the home of complete strangers, and brightening the day of a family on the other side of the world.

In many ways the content that we create each day is our legacy. That content will outlive us all, touching generation after generation. In a world of fake news and political attacks, I find reprieve in the content produced by passionate creators who truly care about their craft, those that seek to impact people in a positive way.

Whether it’s how-to videos on YouTube, inspirational blog posts, or wanderlust photos on Instagram, it is these creators who produce the content that I love. These creators are why social media is so powerful.

Our mission at IZEA is to champion the creators, to provide them with a source of income to follow their dreams, and fund their passion while remaining true to themselves, and to their audience. We partner with brands and agencies that share our mission, and together we empower creators to produce incredible content that inspires, educates and entertains. We believe that when you put creators first, wonderful things can happen.

(audience clapping)

I don’t know about you guys, but thanks to that video I know a place that I wanna visit. That video was produced by Ben and Tayla of Two Humans Travel. Two fantastic creators, on behalf of our clients, the Swiss Travel Board. Amazing content like this is why I get out of bed every morning. The needs of the creator, the brand, and the audience are all satisfied. This is what we should strive for as an industry. This is work we can all be proud of. It is hard to believe, but IZEA recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

(audience clapping and cheering)

I used to have brown hair, I used to have hair! 10 years of connecting brands with creators! It has been a remarkable journey filled with ups and downs, but I can’t think of a more rewarding experience. As a creator myself, I take great pride in what we do. I’m fulfilled by the success of the brands, agencies, and creators we support. I believe that when our customers win, our company wins, and that’s what the next two days are all about.

We have an incredible line-up for you at this year’s IZEA Fest, from major brands and YouTube stars, to best-selling authors and celebrities. We want to help create your future and arm you with the information and inspiration that you need to take your game to the next level.

I wanna give a big thank you to everyone in this room, our investors, our team members, and our team members’ families. There are a lot of sacrifices made each day for this company, and I appreciate all that the families do to support the team members who work here, especially my wife, Tara, and my son, Zane. Thank you both, I love you very much.

(audience clapping and cheering)

Of course, we would be nothing without our customers. You have been tremendous in helping us refine the capabilities of our platform to meet your needs. Your feedback helps steer the ship, and we value your guidance on our ongoing journey. In the past year, we have made 15 major, and 157 minor releases to IZEAx, we’ve also made 89 releases to the supporting services. That’s 268 releases! A new version of our software gets deployed every .97 business days.

We are constantly refining the platform, and making it better, but many of the biggest new features have been hidden to our users, quietly waiting for today. At our last IZEAFest we announced that IZEAx was coming out of beta, and we were releasing version 1.0. This year we are pleased to announce version 2.0.

(audience clapping)

(Ted clapping and whistling)

It’s our biggest update ever with changes and enhancements to every part of our platform, and I can’t wait to show you what our incredible team of engineers have done. While much of the technology you see today will be overt, much more won’t be.

For the past two years we have rewritten large components of the underlying architecture of our platform. We’ve been breaking IZEAx apart, moving from a large monolith application, to independent Micro Services. This architecture allows us to develop and deploy faster. It increases the responsiveness of individual pages on our platform, and creates the flexibility needed to extend our services, integrate with third parties, and create new products.

The big new features you will see this morning are driven by API calls to Micro Services and IZEAx. These services talk to each other and can share information, but are largely self-contained. We can release updates to a Micro Service without impacting the overall application. This means a faster and more stable experience for all of our users.

As we look to the future, we see the IZEAx feature set expanding in many ways. We believe there are opportunities for creators and marketers to collaborate far beyond our current offering, and these changes to our infrastructure provide the foundation for our ongoing evolution.

Our tech has come a long way, but with a new foundation now set, we are just getting started. As the IZEA ecosystem has grown, so have the use cases and types of people that we work with. Our partners include brands, ad agencies, media companies, talent agencies, MCNs, and creators big and small.

Each of them have different levels of scale and sophistication. On one end we deal with Fortune 100 companies, on the other we deal with college students making videos in their dorm rooms, we need a system that accommodates the needs of all.

When we first planned out IZEAx years ago, we had the single concept of a user. That user would assume the role of a marketer or creator, they could add social connections and transact with others, and that was fine for individuals or small organizations. But as we grew, we recognized that teams of people with different role were accessing opportunities through the same login.

We needed the concept of a shared account, so groups of people could collaborate and access features in the system. With accounts, teams of people can now share opportunities, finances and connections. However, for larger agencies and brands, the concept of a single account still isn’t enough. They need the ability to manage multiple account as a parent company.

To meet this need, we have created Organizations. Now ad agencies can set up accounts for different office locations, or a holding company could set up brands all under one master IZEAx Organization. Users, Accounts and Organizations, or UAO, provides flexible access management based on the needs of our customers, and UAO is available starting today. Now, UAO is a fantastic upgrade for users within the same company, but many of the buyers in our ecosystem want to collaborate on campaigns with their own clients through IZEAx. They’ve been asking for a simplified user experience that they can share with customers, without additional licensing fees or expense.

So, today we’re announcing the IZEAx Enterprise Suite. The IZEAx Enterprise Suite allows agencies to give brand clients access to distinct parts of the influencer and content workflow.

We deliver this in a streamlined interface, optimized to keep that workflow moving. There are three components of the Suite, and access to these components is granted from within an individual campaign. Creator Review allows a marketer to send a list of hand-picked Creators to a client for approval.

The client can explore their profile, check their social accounts, and provide feedback. Once approved, these Creators can be used in a brand’s campaign, and all of the approvals are tracked right inside IZEAx. Post Review allows a brand to collaborate with an agency in the editing process.

You can exchange notes, highlight content, and request revisions. This makes sure that everyone is on the same page before a piece of content is published. And Delegated Analytics let’s agencies share a simplified view of campaign data with their clients.

These real-time analytics help customers understand how a campaign is performing without the need to send a campaign report or emails. And because accountability and transparency are so important for branded content, IZEAx logs every content touchpoint within the system, providing detailed transcriptions of who does what, and when. That’s the Enterprise Suite. Creator Review and Analytics are available today, and Post Review will be available later this quarter.

(audience clapping)

One of our engineers’ primary goals is to help our customers ditch the manual processes and tools used for influence or marketing. Spreadsheets and emails are squarely in our targets. In order to eliminate spreadsheets and emails, our users need better communication and data tools. Data drives modern marketing, and is an increasingly important part of the IZEAx feature set.

IZEA has an ongoing commitment to enhancing our Analytics offering. Our new dashboards are not only faster, more responsive, and user-friendly, but we’ve also revamped the way that we approach Analytics. We’ve added a new layer of campaign-level analysis that spans across multiple opportunities, and opportunity types. At the opportunity level we have consolidated navigation and data, making it easier to find the most relevant information, while simultaneously providing tools to drill down even deeper into the data that matters to you. And at the post level, we’ve exposed more social data, and added analytics over time.

All of this allows marketers to track engagement, earn media value, and of course, traffic for their influence or marketing campaigns.

Behind the scenes our Analytics dashboard is now driven by a better data pipeline. We rewrote Tracker, our traffic-processing engine, from the ground up. It now runs as a Micro Service, collecting more information on every click while doing so more efficiently. As a result, we process Quick Streams faster, and with better intelligence for our clients.

We’ve also integrated a new partner, Pixalate, into our traffic analysis pipeline. Pixalate is a leader in the detection of Quick Fraud. This partnership provides us with independent vetting and scoring of clicks, on top of our own filtering and analysis. The dedicated pipeline assist us in identifying and discarding bots, and other nefarious traffic for our clients. Our goal is to provide the most accurate representation of influencer engagements as possible. Our new analytics tools help do just that, and they power many of the other announcements that you’ll see this morning.

Finding the right creator is a key component of a successful campaign. IZEAx gives marketers access to hundreds of thousands of opt-in social connections. But sometimes all of those options can be overwhelming, so we continue to refine our Discovery features inside IZEAx.

Discovery begins with Search. Our team has made Search faster, more powerful, and relevant. We’ve added more filters and filter groups to allow marketers to narrow their queries, and find the right match. Creator Profiles have also been updated and refined. They’re cleaner and easier to understand, and have been enhanced with more data about the creator and their content. Last year we announced Score Suite 1.0. Score Suite is a set of algorithms that looks at how an audience engages with a creator and their content. It programmatically ranks creators against each other in our network. We break those scores down between Influence Rank, Platform Rank, and Community Rank, each looking at the creator through a different lens.

The first version of Score Suite included support for Twitter and Instagram. With version 2.0, we have expanded and added support for Facebook, blogs and YouTube. We’ve also refined the algorithm, making it more accurate and valuable for marketers.

In addition to Score Suite, today we are announcing Dynamic Tags. Dynamic Tags use natural language processing and artificial intelligence to determine relative key words in a creator’s content. We extract phrases and groups of words using a specialized parsing algorithm, this algorithm identifies each word as a component of speech, such as a noun, adjective, verb and adverb. We then compute the relevance of each word group this is based on term frequency, which is how often that word occurred in the creator’s content, as well as inverse document frequency, which is how often that word occurs in a large corpus of text.

Essentially, we were trying to figure out how unique and meaningful that specific word is relative to that particular creator in the global creator universe. If the score meets our threshold, it gets appended to the creator’s profile, and becomes searchable. In this case, sports equipment, yoga mat, Adidas shoes, Apple watch, and Nike headband would all be appended to the creator’s profile.

Tags change as you change. One year you’re out hittin’ the club, dancin’ it up, “Hey you want a drink? “Yeah, I want a drink, sounds good!” The next year, you’re at home with your wife and kid, and you’re talking about diapers. I can tell you from experience, the things that we talk about change over time. So, your world changes, and now your tags do, too, automatically in IZEAx.

(audience clapping)

Marketers access Dynamic Tags by performing a search. When you mouse over a creator’s name you’ll now see that Dynamic Tags that we’ve discovered will display in a tool tip. Enhanced Search, Score Suite 2.0, and Dynamic Tags, are all available starting today. As influencer and content marketing have become more complex, so too, have the types of requests that flow through our system. Towards the end of last year we rolled out Opportunity Level Messaging. This feature allowed creators and marketers to collaborate on a specific offer, making complex executions easier and more efficient. Our users love this new ability, but it didn’t provide all the functionality that they needed, so today we are rolling out Message Center.

Message Center serves as the central communications hub, allowing our users to see all the messages within a specific account. This makes it easier for creators and marketers to manage multiple message streams, and provide search functionality to quickly locate a specific message. The Message Center will be a huge time-saver for high volume creators and agencies. And for those with shared accounts, you can now see communication from each person who has access to the account. And all these messages are logged right inside IZEAx providing an audit trail for accountability, you will always know who said what on behalf of the brand. Better communication yields better campaigns, and Message Center makes that easier than ever, it is available for marketers and creators today.

(audience clapping)

After 10 years, and over 3.5 million transactions, we know that not every influencer or content marketing program fits in a box. Sometimes campaigns include expenses outside of an opportunity in IZEAx, and sometimes projects don’t fall within a standardized workflow, so today we’re announcing IZEA Pay.

IZEA Pay allows marketers to send electronic payments to creators, and creators to request payments from marketers, all without being tied to a specific opportunity, right inside IZEAx. Common expenses that we see on projects include: cash to purchase a product, airfare, hotel and other travel expenses, or digital assets such as stock photos or music. But in addition to expense reimbursements, highly-customized programs often demand payment flexibility. A marketer may want an influencer to show up at an event, or the ability to pay a freelancer that they have a relationship, for a quick side project. The problem in managing these payments, especially for large organizations, is that the payment procurement process can be very challenging. It may cost more to get a creator set up as a

A marketer may want an influencer to show up at an event, or the ability to pay a freelancer that they have a relationship, for a quick side project. The problem in managing these payments, especially for large organizations, is that the payment procurement process can be very challenging. It may cost more to get a creator set up as a vendor, than the payment itself, and we think that this hurts the smaller creators in particular. With IZEA Pay, creators can now submit detailed payment requests to marketers. Each request includes individual line items, and the ability to add receipts as attachments. Marketers can review and approve individual creator payment requests, but they can also initiate the process of sending an electronic payment to the creator.

This process is fast and easy, but it includes the accounting controls required by large organizations. Each transaction is individually numbered, and a payment journey is tracked. A PDF invoice can be downloaded for the payment, complete with the history log, for auditing purposes. IZEA Pay streamlines creator payments, making them manageable for high volume marketers. Instead of setting up individual contracts, collecting tax information, and establishing creators as vendors, IZEA Pay acts as a central hub providing controls, processing payments, and eliminating overhead. The world’s largest news organization already uses IZEA for creator payments, and we can’t wait to see how our agencies and brands use it to pay them as well. IZEA Pay is available starting today.

(audience clapping)

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing segments of the marketing landscape. Over one million Tweets each month contain the hashtag ad, and it’s rated among the top in effectiveness by marketers for the past three years. There is little doubt that influencer marketing is working hard for brands, but we believe it can work even harder and more efficiently. Today we’re announcing Promoted Posts to do just that.

We all know that a social media post doesn’t organically reach the full follower account of an influencer. But what if you could pick the best content from a campaign, and boost it, reaching more of the creator’s followers, and even extending outside of their audience? And what if you could target with all the paid media segmentation precision that you’re used to? Now you can. Promoted Posts allow a marketer to boost a piece of sponsored influencer content using that influencer’s voice. It is the difference between a piece of content promoted by a brand, and one promoted by an individual.

The tests that we have done have shown up to 10 times the engagement with this sponsored content over traditional brand-sponsored posts. Now IZEA’s technology is what enables this to happen at scale. IZEAx uses the influencer’s profile to connect to the Ads Manager on a social network. This allows us to seamlessly fund a paid campaign using an influencer’s social handle.

The analytics in the IZEAx dashboard already allow marketers to see which influencer’s content is performing best. Now next to each influencer post, marketer’s will see a promote button. That promote button lets the marketer put more paid resources behind an individual piece of content. Clicking promote takes the marketer to a campaign configuration screen.

They’re able to target the ad based on criteria available from each social network. For instance, I can now take an influencer post, and pay for heavier promotion in a specific geo, or I can target based on other interests and demographics. IZEAx programmatically makes the buy through the social network, and we provide the analytics directly inside IZEAx, right alongside the original sponsored posts.

It is the fastest, most integrated approach to amplifying influencer content on the market. And it also benefits creators by helping them reach new audiences and build their followers. Promoted Posts is launching first with Facebook, giving marketers access to the 1.7 billion people that use Facebook each month. It will be made available to all licensees of IZEAx in the coming weeks. Stop by our booth in the back and ask for Chris Staymates, if you’d like to see a preview.

(audience clapping)

At our last IZEAFest we introduced SocialLinks. SocialLinks allows creators to search through the product catalogs of online retailers. It can easily retrieve affiliate links for their products without all the complications of a traditional affiliate program. We originally launched SocialLinks with support for eBay. We then enhanced the platform adding support for Target, and an integration with Pinterest, letting influencers pin and promote products from the 10th largest retailer in the world.

This year we are significantly enhancing the SocialLinks program, and announcing new partners to cover more areas of online shopping. We are pleased to announce the following new SocialLinks partners: Best Buy. Champs. PetSmart. Foot Locker. Bloomingdale’s. Nordstrom. GameStop. Macy’s. Lego. And the world’s largest retailer, and long-time IZEA client, Walmart.

(audience clapping)

There are 10 new partners in all providing our creators with access to millions of SKUs to promote, and accessing them is incredibly easy: just go to your SocialLinks tab on your creator account, and select the retailer you wanna search. IZEAx indexes the full online product catalog made available by these retailers, and as a user you can search by key word, product name, or SKU. You can then share the link through your social accounts, and you’ll earn money if you drive a sale as part of that retailer’s affiliate program. It is the quickest way to locate and generate an affiliate link from the world’s largest retailers. If you’re a creator, you now have access to a virtually unlimited catalog of products to promote, with the ability to choose the right products for your audience, and create as little, or as much sponsor content as you like. SocialLinks is part of our broader mission to create value for both the creators and marketers that we serve, and all of these partners are available starting today.

You can then share the link through your social accounts, and you’ll earn money if you drive a sale as part of that retailer’s affiliate program. It is the quickest way to locate and generate an affiliate link from the world’s largest retailers. If you’re a creator, you now have access to a virtually unlimited catalog of products to promote, with the ability to choose the right products for your audience, and create as little, or as much sponsor content as you like. SocialLinks is part of our broader mission to create value for both the creators and marketers that we serve, and all of these partners are available starting today.

SocialLinks is part of our broader mission to create value for both the creators and marketers that we serve, and all of these partners are available starting today.

(audience clapping)

At our last IZEA Fest we launched IZEAx for iOS. The app made it possible for creators to participate in sponsorship opportunities easily from their phone. Today we are launching IZEAx for iOS version 2.0, with many new features and refinements for iPhone users. With version 2.0, we have brought SocialLinks to iOS for the first time. You can now search through all the SocialLinks partners, including the ones we just announced this morning, right on your phone.

This lets you easily find and share SocialLinks when you’re away from your desktop, and takes on new utility when out shopping at your favorite retailers. You could be shopping at Nordstrom, find a product you love, and easily share that product out to your followers. Mobile makes SocialLinks even faster and easier to use. We have also created a mobile-optimized message center, enhancing communication between marketers and creators on the go.

The mobile version of Message Center will help opportunities to move forward faster than ever before, that means faster launches for marketers, and faster payment for creators. These new features, and more, are available today in the App Store.

(audience clapping)

But, what, about, Android? Android, Android, do we have any Android users in the audience?

We do? What’s that back there? Android! Come on up here, buddy! Come on up here! Looks like it may be a little hard to run in that thing. Ever since we’ve launched IZEA for IOx, our creators have been asking for an Android version. So today we are launching IZEAx for Android.

(audience clapping)

With our new Android App, creators will be able to browse opportunities, place bids on sponsorships, create short-form content, and get paid. It is complete, (laughs), it is complete social sponsorship workflow right on your Android phone. IZEAx for Android is available today in the Google Play Store.

(audience clapping)

(Ted whistling)

All right, so I saw some hands go up that said they had some Android devices. Get ’em up, get ’em up. Where are my Android phones? Who’s got my Android phones? All right, so I’ve got two Lenovo Phab Pro 2s, these are awesome Android phones. Let me see your Android. We love our partners at Lenovo, and they’ve got so much awesome product that we’re givin’ away here.

Oh my gosh, so much awesome this morning! Yeah!

(audience clapping and cheering)

But we’re not done yet! We work with our marketing customers in two primary ways: with custom content, we help brands and publishers produce text, graphics and videos, that live on their blogs and social streams; and with influencer marketing we help brands and agencies engage influencers to drive awareness and traffic.

While there’s some overlap between these lines of business, we think that there is a bigger opportunity to unlock. What if these two worlds could make music together? And what if we could disrupt content and influencer marketing at the same time? So today we’re introducing ContentAmp to do just that.

(mellow tinny guitar solo)

(Ted laughing)

(Ted whistling)

Marketers and publishers both know that a good piece of content means nothing if it doesn’t reach an audience. Many have turned to sponsored stories at the bottom of blog posts to help them gain more exposure. Unfortunately, the customer experience for these ads leaves much to be desired. Ads are often cluttered with low-quality click bait, and they transfer little brand affinity from the publication to the marketer promoting the content. While this type of content has its flaws, what marketers love about it is that these ad units are performance-based.

Marketers can pay on a cost-per-click basis for traffic, and the technology solution is scalable and repeatable. On the other side of our marketplace are influencers, influencers love great content, and welcome the opportunity to work with brands and publishers. But for most influencers, direct sponsorships with cash payments are not an everyday occurrence. The direct sponsorship model will always be central to influencers, but there is certainly room to diversify their income.

ContentAmp solves problems for both sides of our marketplace. It allows marketers to distribute content on a cost-per-click basis through influencers. It creates a new revenue stream for influencers to augment direct sponsorship revenue. And best of all, each content share is curated by an influencer, creating a better experience for end consumers. With brands and publishers on lead, and influencers on backup vocals, we think ContentAmp is gonna rock.

(upbeat electric guitar solo)


(audience clapping)

To show you how this works, I’d like to invite Chris Staymates, VP of Engineering, to demo the software with me, welcome Chris!

(audience clapping)

(Ted whistling)

– [Chris] Thanks, Ted.

– You ready to do this?

– I see a packed house, hotel Wifi, brand new software, what could go wrong?

– Here we go!

– So, they get started with ContentAmp.

We go to the new ContentAmp section in IZEAx, and create a new project. We’re gonna be using Metro Media’s technology feed for this project, so we’ll give it an appropriate name. And then we choose whether or not we’re gonna amplify a RSS feed, or a set of individual links. Individual links are great when you have specific pieces of content that you want to get in front of influencers, whether it’s part of your corporate blog, or perhaps videos that are hosted on YouTube. But when you use an RSS feed, that’s when ContentAmp really shines.

So, I’m gonna put the RSS feed in here, and then I’m gonna set an article budget, and how much I’m willing to pay per click. ContentAmp will go out to this RSS feed, check it periodically, and put a new opportunity in front of creators every time we notice a new article has been set. I also can target based on reach and community. So, I want this to go to anyone with 1,000 or more followers who are interested in technology, on Facebook and Twitter. These settings apply to the project,but can be overridden at any point on an article-by-article basis. I’m gonna review the project, create it, and now it’s being reviewed by an admin.

– So, each new feed and post goes through a curation process on our end before it becomes available to influencers. Once it’s approved, it will appear in the new ContentAmp section of their site. So, that’s what you see here, I’m logged in as a creator on the right hand side. Through this I can filter the opportunities that are available, I can sort them, and I can also search them. So, I’m gonna search for Prince, and it pulls up a recent article that was published by Metro.

– When amplifying an RSS feed, ContentAmp pulls in the latest few articles, so that you can get started quickly, and with any luck when I click in here, there should be something. Look at that.

– There we go! (claps)

(audience clapping)

– By default, all the articles have a grace period to allow the marketer to go in and tweak the settings to their liking, but I can override that by going into the article and just activating it now. This article is now out in front of the influencers that I’ve already targeted, and ready for amplification.

– So, I’m reloading my screen over here, and you’ll see that this article that Chris just activated, just showed up in my stream, and now I can drill down and learn a little bit more about it. So, I can click and I can view that post, and read all the content. I can see how much budget is remaining on this particular product, what I could get paid on a cost-per-click basis,  and what my potential earnings are. My potential earnings are based on the historical information that IZEAx has about my account, and how much engagement I would typically have. So, I’m gonna go ahead and promote this, super excited about it EnVideo, nice beat for them. And I’m gonna post this to my Twitter account, and I’m gonna go ahead and hit submit.

– Marketers can see all the content posted by influencers in real time on their dashboard. I’m gonna go into a campaign we started a few days ago, and find that Prince article again. And on my Content tab you can see all the posts that have gone up since we started running it. I can drill in to a specific post to see analytics on it, or look at specific date ranges. And on my Analytics tab, I can get article aggregates for all the pieces of content that have gone out for this particular article. Analytics also exist at the project level, which give you aggregate data across all of your articles, including how much you spent, and how many people your content has reached. Now, let’s go back to the technology project, and see if Ted’s post doesn’t show up. Okay. I’ll zoom at you here. I don’t see the articles. But you can see that Ted’s post has gone live, and it looks like a few people have already clicked it, and I’ve reached about 40,000 people.

– And on my side you can see this post that just went out, I’ve got three clicks on it. I can view the post from the marketer, and also my individual post. There we go, and you can see that all the information from the article gets pulled right into the Twitter card, so it’s a nice clean experience. It’s super fast for creators and marketers, and it’s just about the easiest sponsorship that you will ever do. What do you guys think? Pretty awesome?

(audience clapping)


(audience clapping)

So, I wanna thank Chris and his team for this incredible new product they have made it so easy and seamless for our customers, and that is the key to great software. But not only is ContentAmp great on the desktop, we are launching ContentAmp with mobile support for iOS right out of the gate. With ContentAmp on iOS, you can browse content feeds, read content, and share the content you think is valuable to your audience, and we think that influencers are going to love it! ContentAmp is performance-based; it automatically ingests and distributes new content to influencers; it is self-service without contracts or licensing fees to marketers; it is super simple; and is available starting today.

(audience clapping)

So as you can see, our engineers have been hard at work. Today was a huge upgrade for our platform and the services that power it. We’ve got Users, Accounts and Organizations, the Enterprise Suite, Score Suite, Messaging, IZEA Pay, Promoted Posts, SocialLinks, a massive upgrade for iOS, the all-new Android App, and of course, ContentAmp. We are so excited to have you all here today, we’ve got a little special surprise for those of you in the audience. You guys like those Lenovo laptops?

(audience clapping and cheering)

Yeah? You guys want one of ’em?

(audience clapping and cheering)

All right let’s give away, we got the boxes over here that we’re gonna use. All right. Can I get some help givin’ these away? All right, you go that way, I’ll go this way. Hey! All right! All right, we’re gonna go this way Zane, this is my son, Zane.

(audience clapping and cheering)

All right! All right, I need to see someone dance!

(audience clapping and cheering)

Get up there, let’s see you dance! Who’s gonna break it down? Whoever’s gonna break it down, get it down, let’s go! Let’s see it, let’s see it, let’s see it, let’s see it!

(Ted laughing)

Oh man, I don’t know, I don’t know! All right, this guy right here, woo! Just go in the back and they’ll, Zane, yeah! All right! Chris, what do you got, you already give yours away? Oh man! All right. Where are you goin’? All right, you can come on up here. (laughs)

(Ted laughing)

Oh! All right, thank you guys so much, up next we’ve got some incredible data for you. It’s the 2017 State of the Creator Economy with Ryan Schram and Jana O’Brien. Thank you guys so much, have an awesome IZEA Fest!

(audience clapping and cheering)