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About American Cancer Society and Relay For Life

Established in 1913, the American Cancer Society is a U.S. voluntary health organization aiming to eradicate cancer. Relay For Life is partnered with the American Cancer Society to bring over 5,000 annual fundraising events to local and virtual communities all across the world.

IZEACares Contribution

Each year the IZEACares team supports organizations that are making a difference in our world through group volunteering, supply drives, and monetary donations. Cancer has affected so many of our lives in one way or another.

Our Personal Connection, as told by IZEA’s Rebecca Curran:

becky at IZEA LOCO“On 6-14-16 I was scheduled for a simple outpatient surgery. I was supposed to be home by 11 am. When I awoke from surgery I noted the clock in the recovery room showed it was 4 pm and immediately knew I was facing something unthinkable. I knew it was cancer but I wanted it to be anything but cancer.

This is what cancer does-you would rather have anything but this and you think this is it. In this time that we live in with so many advances in medicine we certainly can do better. But we need research and it is a long process. There is no one on the planet who has not been touched by this disease.

I am one of the lucky ones with a chance of a cure at 90%. Soon it will be 3 years since that surgery and I remain in remission-fingers crossed that I continue to remain disease-free. However science can’t tell us who will be in the 90% and who will be in the 10%. Cancer takes so much from the people it touches. I refuse to give it anymore than it has taken. We relay for a cure, we relay for every person touched by cancer.”

Through weekly challenges to raise awareness and funds, we were able to raise $3,950 for the American Cancer Society through our own Relay For Life team and raised enough money to make it in the top 3 teams for donations in West Orange County!

How You Can Help

There are multiple ways to give back in a Relay For Life event. The first step is signing up & deciding how you want to be involved:

At The Event

  • Team Captain – As a team captain you take on the task of recruiting members and organizing what your fundraising goals will be.
  • Participant – As a participant, you can join an existing team or volunteer at the event.
  • Survivor & Caregiver – As a survivor & caregiver, you are the heart of every Relay For Life event that’s hosted! Come to network with others, be an inspiration & thank others for their support.

Create Your Own Event

You can always create your own Relay For Life event locally. Filling out a request takes only minutes & getting approved is fast and easy. These events can be requested by corporations, military, & local schools. There are even options for a Bark For Life event for our canine caregivers.


Relay for Life participants collect donations throughout the course of the relay, however, you can donate independently of the relay at any time by dropping off or mailing cash or check to any American Cancer Society office. Need helping finding your local office? Click here.