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If you’re looking for cake decorating content on social, look no further than these sweet treat influencers, whose awe-inspiring confectionery skills are more of an art form than baking skills. From bakers who make fancy animal cakes for a birthday party to cakes that look exactly like a geode — all of these cake influencers wow with their sweet creations.

12 cake influencers whose content is just as grand as their culinary concoctions

Molly Robbins

Molly is an award-winning cake artist who has appeared on Netflix’s “Extreme Cake Makers.” She is a mid-tier Instagram influencer especially skilled at creating realistic animal replica cakes, including a pair of cats, a massive elephant, a tortoise, and even a regal leopard complete with a crown.

Taylor Bennett

Taylor, owner and operator of Iced by Taylor Desserts, is based out of Central Florida. She is a nano-influencer who specializes in whipping up luxury cakes and baked treats for weddings, showers, birthdays, and more. She can decorate cakes suited to current trends, like a creation adorned with edible Pop Its, as well as more classic confections, like a baby bear in a hot air balloon atop a baby shower cake, or a soft, floral, feminine cake speckled with butterflies.

Robert Lucas

Robert is a self-taught cake artist and baker based in Georgia. He has an astounding 2.1 million TikTok followers. Robert’s amazing creations are just as magnetic as his dazzling smile. His TikTok videos take you step-by-step through his fabulous cakes fit for any celebration, including a “Beauty and the Beast” design, a “Shades of Melanin” video that details his inspiration, and even a funny “Bloopers and Fails” reel that shows you no cake creator is above making mistakes!


Diana is a proudly deaf Latina content creator, blogger and cake decorator extraordinaire. Diana’s Instagram account, “Find Your Cake Inspiration,” currently has 64.3K followers who watch as she frosts and ices a bevy of beautiful cakes. Some of her most eye-catching creations include a colorful St. Patrick’s Day cake, and a pink and gold champagne-themed birthday concoction. Diana regularly posts “shout outs” to fellow bakers who inspire her work, as well as tagging the materials she uses for her followers to use in their own decorating pursuits.

Alex Reel

Alex is a Bay Area cake decorator and mom. She is as talented at baking and decorating cakes as she is hilarious. Her 59.3K Instagram followers learn how to bake and decorate beautiful cakes while getting a laugh at her funny comments and self-deprecating humor, like the embarrassed looks she gets from her kids when she films her cake content. Her comedic ability doesn’t take away from her impressive skills, as demonstrated by her gorgeous geode cake and Paris-themed Eiffel Tower creation.

Sophie Coates

As a mother of four, self-taught baker and entrepreneur who churns out custom cakes and desserts in Baltimore, Sophie gives new meaning to the term “multitasker.” Her 241K Instagram followers tune in for posts by Sophie, who runs her small business, Sugar Coates Bakery, while sharing her best buttercream piping hacks, hand painted bold, bright cakes, and cake-cutting hints to help you bake and decorate like a pro.

Monica Landes

Monica is a self-proclaimed “homegrown baker” and “accidental influencer” who specializes in cake and cupcake artistry. Monica is a mid-tier influencer who offers courses and tutorials in frosting and decorating to aspiring bakers and cake decorators. Her Easter-themed buttercream drip cake, pink-iced chocolate mini cake with glistening gold flakes, and a glamorous skull cake (who knew?!) are all inspiring and crave-inducing creations. 

Emily aka “British Girl Bakes”

Emily is a mom and a cake decorator who loves sharing her extensive experience with the masses. She demonstrates her baking and decorating processes with user-friendly, step-by-step tutorials that cater to both beginners and those with more advanced skill levels. Her YouTube channel has 245K subscribers who tune in to tutorials like “7 Secrets for Smooth Icing” and “10 Hacks for Decorating Cakes Like a Pro.”

Tara Wilkinson

Tara is a digital creator, self-taught “cake master” and buttercream specialist. Through her talents, Tara is committed to “baking lives better” for her 249K Instagram followers, who tune in for cute, colorful creations like her Galentine’s Day cake topped with heart-shaped waffles, a Pikachu-themed kids’ cake, and a Baby Yoda galaxy cake that’s out of this world.

Mandy Merriman aka Baking with Blondie

Mandy is a best-selling cookbook author, blogger and macro-influencer dedicated to helping aspiring cake decorators build their baking confidence. Mandy hosts live tutorials every week, teaching lessons like how to properly frost cakes and storage tips to keep cakes moist. Followers can also check out some of her most drool-worthy creations, like a Funfetti Cookie Dough Cheesecake and a Lucky Charms confection that are both undoubtedly worth the calorie count.

Courtney Rich

Courtney is a cookbook author and self-taught baker who is “obsessed with cake” and making memories in the kitchen. Courtney is a mid-tier influencer who shares recipes, teaches classes and hosts podcasts for anyone interested in upping their cake decorating game. Her Instagram followers can watch her live videos to learn how to stack and decorate a four-layer cake, brush up on buttercream-spreading skills, and how to make some of her famous specialties, including a delicious green Grasshopper Pie Cake

Cynthia Irani Design

Cynthia is a Montreal-based fine artist and contemporary cake designer with an emphasis on botanical art. Her decorating skills turn cakes into canvases, with end results that look more like a breathtaking art exhibit than a dessert. Cynthia’s 118K Instagram followers eagerly anticipate her latest creations and instructional courses, including her signature floral buttercream cake and a hand-painted cake topped with incredibly detailed, lifelike sugar flowers.


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