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Finding influencers to work with or follow online can be tricky, but what if you’re trying to find the best four-legged influencers? Yes, we’re talking about pets. Being an influencer isn’t just for humans anymore. Dog, cat and other pet owners have decided to forgo their own accounts and grow popularity with their cute pets. In fact, one in three Americans has a social media account for their pet. Here are 15 of the most popular Instagram pet influencers.

Instagram pet influencers bringing smiles to their followers

Tucker the Golden Retriever

If you’re looking for a pet influencer on Instagram, then look no further than Tucker, a two-time pet influencer award winner. Tucker is popular on a few social media platforms, but he’s grown to 3.3M followers on Instagram where his human mom puts up videos of him and his son, Todd, getting into mischief. They even have their own shop where they sell leashes, treat mats and molds.

Mocha Pom

Mocha is a black and tan Pomeranian in Melbourne, Australia, who fancies herself quite the best life. With 397K followers on Instagram and over 15M between YouTube and TikTok, this little pom is a top pet influencer for sure. Mocha works with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and loves making videos with her mom.

Mishka Chow

The splooting queen has taken Instagram by storm with her squishy chow face and fun shenanigans with her humans. She has over 96K followers and likes to take on new trends with a side of cuteness.  


Luna the panther is a pet even though she’s a wild animal. You can hear all of Luna’s story here, but basically Luna was born in a traveling zoo and her mother didn’t take to her. She’s currently with her human mom and is on special needs diet and care, but her Instagram is full of beautiful videos with Luna! She has over 2.6M followers.

Stanley The Backpack Adventure Frenchie

Stanley has 44K followers on Instagram and is known for his backpacking adventures with his human. This cute little French bulldog is a top dog influencer and sometimes works with brands. 

Tikanni, Kita and Tehya

If you have an affinity for huskies, you’ll want to check out Tikanni, Kita and Tehya. These husky siblings all live in the Pacific Northwest and look to brighten your day with their funny antics daily. With 138K followers on Instagram, these three hooligans are a chatty bunch who will definitely put a smile on your face.

The Barkin Brothers

The Barkin Brothers, AKA Cooper, Chance and Mac, are two golden retrievers and a lab mix that are sure to steal your heart. With 76.6K followers, these top dog influencers live in Philadelphia and love sharing their shenanigans with the world. 

Sookie and Ivy

Sookie and Ivy are two adorable senior adopted dogs who love to show off their favorite crocheted pieces that their mom makes for them. They love watermelon and all other types of delicacies. These two have grown their Instagram following to 364K followers, with the help of their owner, of course. 

Good Boy Ollie

Ollie is a certified good boy and a top pet influencer. With 1.3M followers, this lab and his brother, Tato, show up on Instagram with their quirky personalities. He and his brother have their own activity jar where they choose their own adventures. Ollie also has over 6M followers on TikTok.

Nala Cat

Nala Cat is one of the most popular felines on social media. With 4.5M followers on Instagram, this adopted cutie is a Guinness World Record holder and owns her own premium cat food brand called Love, Nala. You can find Nala hanging out with some other feline friends or cuddled up with not a care in the world.

Juniper Foxx

Juniper is another non-traditional pet on Instagram who has just under 3M followers. Juniper is a happy little fox who lives with other rescued exotics like this guy or this one. Juniper and her friends will keep you coming back for more with their sweet updates from all their exotic rescued pets. 

Kahlua The Kitty

Kahlua is a unique pet on Instagram who has taken Instagram by storm with 130K followers. Kahlua is even more popular on TikTok, with over 8M followers. This cool cat looks like it should be in a National Geographic documentary but is a domestic cat living her best life with her family.


Rae is a unique kind of golden retriever… a unicorn golden. This mischievous little golden is known for her one ear on the top of her head. Rae has 209K followers on Instagram but is quite the lazy social media influencer. This golden girl grew in popularity during her puppy years but is still loved today.  

Leo the Bordoodle

Leo is a bordoodle, also known as a mix between a border collie and poodle. Leo is growing in popularity on Instagram and loves sharing his cute antics with his followers. Leo works with brands on sponsored posts, and his feed is filled with beautiful pup images and videos. 


You can’t mention top dog influencers without mentioning an OG dog account, WeRateDogs®. Gaining a ton of popularity on Twitter with 9.3M followers, known for rating pets in a witty manner, WeRateDogs is also on Instagram with 2.5M followers. This account rarely gives bad ratings but sometimes mistakes pups for sunflowers.

Whether you’re looking for a dog, cat or any pet, these pet influencers will give you a great head start. Remember to use The Creator Marketplace® to search through whatever niche you want on your next sponsored partnership. 


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