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Are you an aspiring influencer? If so, you might struggle with which niche to focus on, what kind of content to post, and how often to post it. One of the best ways to become a successful creator is to follow — and learn from — other influencers. As a guide, here’s a list of various influential creators. From plant lovers to TV personalities and survivalists, these inspirational content creators share creative content, engage with their audiences, and build relationships with brands.

Inspirational content creators to follow

Jess Tawil

After being paralyzed from the waist down, Jess decided to share clips from her life on social media to inspire others. Today, she has grown her TikTok account to more than 2.3 million followers with videos of her paragliding in Lebanon, driving a car, traveling, swimming, and meeting her Prince Charming, who found her slipper after it fell off in the city!


If you love to write little ditties or just enjoy watching others sing creative songs, check out this TikTok channel in which Josiah sings funny songs about everything from dating to mental health. He’s even received a reaction duet from comedian Howie Mandel.

Mo Gawdat

For those unfamiliar with former Google Chief Business Officer Mo Gawdat, he’s also the bestselling author of “Solve for Happy” and “Scary Smart.” His YouTube channel, which has amassed 49.1K subscribers, offers lots of practical tips and advice on happiness from Mo and his guests. Topics range from finding a community to creating rituals for happiness in everyday life.

Kamili Bell Hill

Plant lovers turn to Kamili for advice on plants, including what fertilizer to use, when to bring them inside, and what to do in a low-light area. Beyond being the founder of Black People With Plants, she’s also the author of “Happy Plants, Happy You!”— a book that has earned her various media attention

Try N Something New

Imagine growing up in a family that believes in the power of “unschooling” and “worldschooling” — traveling the globe and learning through experiences. That’s precisely what this family of five is doing with their macro-influencer YouTube account! Learn about RV life, spending Christmas in Key West, secret beaches in Bali, or taking a polar plunge in Finland.

Carmen Dell’Orefice

Fashion icon and model Carmen just turned 92, but she’s not slowing down in her career or dating life. The stunning nonagenarian is wise and witty, holding her own in conversation and modeling next to some of the world’s most famous supermodels. Carmen’s 123K Facebook followers can take inspiration from this savvy, intelligent and incredible stylist role model


Fans of “Is It Cake” will love this upbeat and funny baker’s creations on TikTok, where he showcases some truly indistinguishable baked goods hidden among real versions of the item. Check out this Crocs cake or this bowl of cereal with milk and see if you can tell the fake (cake) from the real one.


Can you spot the @Crocs CAKE? Enjoying Croc’s 21st birthday celebration! #crocs #cakes #ad

♬ original sound - JonnyCakes

Sauce Stache

What started as an account dedicated to sauces has quickly grown to plant-based food on this macro YouTube channel. Want to learn how to make ice cream from potatoes? Or a chicken sandwich made from grapefruit steak? How about making bacon from rice? For these and other cool science-based vegetarian and vegan recipes, join his 559K fans by subscribing.

Tyler Moore

Since COVID, there’s been a surge of interest in cleaning and organizing videos on social media. Tyler, a father of three and macro influencer who goes by “Tidy Dad” on Instagram, has plenty of inspiration for those who need it. His clips often come with advice, such as this video about rotating toys in a playspace to reignite invitations for play. In addition to getting your spaces in order, he also touches on organizing time, as seen in this video about his six-week plan to organize his family’s morning routine.

Tyler Moore


Regardless of your interests, this TikTok account will impress with its detailed miniature settings and accessories. Check out the world’s smallest model train, micro camping, or a micro taco fiesta. Or check out the tiny food creations, including an itsy bitsy lunch box with the tiniest of foods or a Barbie-sized Thanksgiving feast. Join the other 733.7K followers on this must-see account. 

My Self Reliance

With off-grid living and shows like “Alone” capturing viewers’ attention,  it’s no surprise that this YouTube channel about log-cabin building, bushcraft, and survival skills has pulled in 2.12M subscribers. This passionate outdoorsman is living his dreams in the Canadian wilderness and capturing it all on video for social media. Watch him make maple syrup, build an outdoor off-grid kitchen, build a solar-powered garden shed, or create a dining table and bench from a Pine tree

Trey Kennedy

Are you looking to get inspired to make funny videos? Or perhaps you just want to laugh at some light-hearted social parodies, like this one about “Girls During Fall Be Like” or “Moms vs. Middle Schoolers.” There are clips from Trey’s stand-up acts, schedules for his upcoming comedy tours, and plenty of character-driven satire.

Its Kashmiere

Having created a YouTube channel about her life growing up without arms, Kashmiere has drawn support from her 253K subscribers. The mid-tier influencer offers a variety of content, from food reviews, cooking tutorials and tours of her house to surfboarding and cliff diving at a waterpark. She also answers questions from her followers and offers a “spicy” edition of “Truth or Dare.”

Mallory Miller

Mallory is a deaf singer and performer who also writes songs. You can watch her recording in the studio or simply test out different covers, like her version of “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna. Check out her performance of “Creep” by Radiohead, performed live on stage.

Annie Long

Describing herself as a “17-year-old with a mission to help other young women develop into leaders,” Annie’s YouTube channel is all about sharing what she’s learned about productivity, leadership and life in general. Why take advice from a teen? Consider that she was making six figures at the age of 16. She’s brutally honest about the ups and downs of her life, including going to prom alone and how it feels to have 400K followers and still feel lonely.

Gaitlyn Rae

Not all social media influencers are humans, and Gaitlyn Rae, an 11-year-old black cap capuchin, is proof that you don’t need to communicate verbally to amass 1.5M followers on Facebook. Her fans tune in to watch her eat oatmeal with a spoon, make faces at her favorite humans, or fall asleep under the covers in Mom and Dad’s bed.

Freddy Runs

“Obese to ultra runner” is how Freddy touts his YouTube channel, which has attracted the attention of 1.43K subscribers. In addition to being careful not to label his journey as a “fat to fit” story, this honest athlete offers a candid glimpse into his struggles and successes of different races, weekly weigh-ins, and nutrition to fuel his runs. He also reviews products and giveaways, like the video for this pair of wireless earphones.


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