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Which podcasts do you listen to? Podcasts are growing in popularity. Fifty-five percent of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast, and 24% listened to one just last week. What lures listeners to podcasts? Listeners are often drawn to podcasts for their exclusive content, access to celebrities, and advice on topics like growing a business or marketing a new product. Several influencers have leveraged podcasts to grow their brand, all while educating and entertaining their followers. Here are some influencer podcasts to check out.

Influencer podcasts to check out

Meghan Rienks and Melisa D. Monts — Don’t Blame Me!/But Am I Wrong?

This actress and writer duo take to their podcast, Don’t Blame Me!, to share advice about relationships and gossip on pop culture, politics and family life with their more than 5.38K subscribers. The famous actress and successful writer have created an entertaining podcast that consists of their playful banter

Hannah Berner — Berning in Hell

Known for her standup comedy and popular TikToks, Hannah has expanded her platform as an influencer and created a podcast to continue reaching a larger audience. Her podcast is known for being exciting as she invites guests on to talk about all the good and bad of their personal lives. With a comedic attitude, Hannah keeps her listeners entertained by grilling her guests and even sharing some of her own stories.

Colin and Samir

Colin and Samir run a YouTube channel together and have 1.28M subscribers. Their content focuses on highlighting and interviewing other creators and bringing their stories to light. They’ve interviewed some of the most popular creators today such as gaming creator Ludwig and comedy creator Lilly Singh.

Dr. Alex George — The Waiting Room 

During the height of the pandemic, Dr. Alex created a podcast platform that instantly took off. He shares everything from what pregnancy during the pandemic was like to the true impacts being on lockdown can have on people. He has a popular YouTube platform with more than 101K subscribers and continues to share about all things health.

David Dobrik and Jason Nash — Views

As one of YouTube’s most famous social media stars, David expands his platform through his podcast that shares with his co-worker, Jason Nash. The two influencers use their platform to talk about what being a famous YouTuber is like and share all the fun they have while creating content. In addition, they discuss their personal lives, talk about pop culture and interview guests.

Jay Shetty — On Purpose

This lifestyle coach, influencer and former monk has a podcast that is well known for having celebrities join him to talk about everything from making the most of your life and manifestation paths to finding yourself. He has popular guests like Matthew McConaughey, Kevin Hart and Will Smith. With more than 4.65M subscribers on YouTube, Jay’s podcast is well known.

Sazan and Stevie Hendrix — The Good Life

The popular YouTube stars and the married couple take to their podcast to discuss marriage, family and positivity. From forgetful husbands and stubbed toes to the biggest fears as a parent, this couple has got you covered. In addition to their podcast, they use their YouTube platform to share their family life with the world.

Sophia Amoruso — Girlboss Radio

As one of the most popular businesswomen in the industry and one of the biggest advocates for business ventures, Sophia has taken to her podcast to share her entrepreneurial advice with the world. As the previous owner and founder of Nasty Girl, Sophia uses her podcast to share the dos and don’ts when it comes to running a business. With more than 629K followers on Instagram, this social media star continues to share her knowledge with the world through her podcast, Girlboss Radio.

Brooke Ence and Jeanna Cianciarulo — Between the Reps

Brooke Ence is popular for her CrossFit World competitions and her appearance in “Wonder Woman.” She is one of YouTube’s most popular fitness influencers and has expanded her platform through her podcast, Between the Reps, with co-host Jeanna Cianciarulo. The dynamic duo covers everything from health and nutrition to movies, family life and fashion. The duo shares an entertaining banter as they discuss different topics weekly.

Hashtag Authentic

For anyone with an online business, Hashtag Authentic helps e-commerce owners “grow their audience without selling their soul.” Host Sara Tasker, a well-known social influencer, offers interviews with different business owners and shares advice on finding a “techquilibrium” and becoming a multi-hatted freelancer.

Hashtag podcast

The Influencer Podcast

Julie Solomon, who started and grew three online businesses, offers real-time coaching, straight talk, and witty interviews on her weekly show, The Influencer Podcast. Fans are treated to episodes on diversifying revenue streams, SEO blogging strategy, and forming partnerships that turn meager audiences into masses.

influencer podcast

Josh Richards, Briana Chickenfry and Dave Portnoy — BFFs

As some of TikTok’s most famous influencers, Josh and Briana have joined Dave Portnoy on the BFFs podcast. The three use their podcast platform to share celebrity drama and comedic experiences they have. They share social media predictions for the upcoming year and their opinions on the latest celebrity gossip. The podcast is known for being humorous, as the three continuously tease each other throughout each episode.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Aren’t sure which Netflix show to binge? Want to read a popular book? The Pop Culture Happy Hour gives you a dose of all-things-pop-culture five days a week. The show covers everything from the passing of the iconic actress Betty White to hit reboots like “And Just Like That.” NPR Art journalists Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, and Aisha Harris, and a rotating cast of guest pop culture aficionados, host the show.

Logan Paul — Impaulsive

Famous for his YouTube presence and channel over the years, Logan has taken to his podcast to discuss comedy and society with his friends and guests. The YouTube star’s podcast is popular for having famous guests that talk with Logan about everything from celebrity relationships to famous athletes and even crypto scams. The podcast is known for being funny and entertaining and has gained a presence of more than 4.39M subscribers on YouTube.

Lauren Riihimaki and Jeremy Lewis – Wild ’til 9

Lauren is known as YouTube’s Do it Yourself girl. She and her fiance, Jeremy, use their podcast called Wild ‘til 9 to share relationship advice. She has more than 8.4M followers on her YouTube channel and he has more than 150K followers on his Instagram. The podcast covers everything from separation anxiety to how they got engaged.


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