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Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram, admiring the stunning cars and unique automotive content posted by car influencers? You can become a car content creator, too. Car influencers are taking to social media to combine their passions for Hot Rods and wheels and create content that grabs the attention of not just many followers but brands looking to work with creators. Brands are teaming up with car influencers to have their products represented in a new and engaging way. So, how do you become a car influencer? Follow along to see how.

What is a car influencer?

A car influencer is someone who uses their social media to showcase their passions and knowledge for all things cars. Whether that be by sharing vlogs of their favorite hot rods, footage of racing cars, tutorials on how to fix automobiles and machinery, or posts discussing the current car industry, there is no limit to the creativity car influencers can showcase. 

According to Think with Google, 95% of vehicle shoppers use online resources to find answers to car-buying questions and spend about 14 hours online before making a final decision. What better way for those answers to be answered than by a car influencer? 

Here is an example of a creator who makes car-related content:


Here’s a full look at the BMW M5 Competition🔥 An icon in the motoring world. An ultimate daily driver with a punch of power and top tier luxury ! #bmwmidrand #740i #7series #bmw #luxury #cars #carreview #testdrive #luxurycars #santefiremotoring

♬ original sound - SANTEFIREMOTORING

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How to become a car influencer

1. Develop your brand

When starting your journey to becoming a car influencer, it is important to establish who you are as a creator. Brainstorm the content you can share to help you stand out from other car creators on social media. By establishing your niche in the car influencer industry, you can quickly gain the attention of new social media users and build up your platform. You can establish your brand and voice in the car industry by:

  • Create content that highlights your passion for cars
  • Add your twists on current social media trends in your content 
  • Include your educated opinions and knowledge of cars in your post

2. Create consistent content

After developing your brand, it is time to put your creativity to good use and begin producing engaging content. Make a consistent schedule and start with a batch of content. Your new content should include your fresh take on the car industry and encourage people to reshare your content.

3. Engage with your audience

By engaging with your audience directly, you show your followers and users your interest in their opinions and support, which is important when building a loyal fan base. By sharing your car knowledge in a way that relates to your followers, you grab their attention and encourage them to reshare your content and remain active viewers. 

You can interact with your followers in several ways. For example:

  • In your posts, ask your followers to comment their opinions on their favorite cars, brands, related products, and more.
  • Include regular giveaways to keep your followers excited and engaged in your upcoming content.
  • Make sure to shoutout followers in your content.
  • Host polls.

4. Keep up with the latest trends

Stay up-to-date with current trends in the auto industry and on social media. As a car influencer, there are ways to keep your content fresh. By attending car shows, researching the latest models and brands of cars, joining professional groups, and more, you can share content that is new and interesting to your followers. 

Use current social media trends and apply them to your car niche. 

5. Show your passion

The best way to become a great influencer is to genuinely enjoy the content you share. As a car influencer, your passions for vehicles, racing, mechanics, and more should shine through your content in an authentic way that resonates with your viewers and keeps them tuned for future posts. 

6. Join The Creator Marketplace

Create a profile on to start working with brands. When creating your profile, include a bio about yourself and your car content. Link your social profiles to make your content and analytics more accessible to potential brand partners. Then start pitching yourself to casting calls.


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Find your next great collab.

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Find your next great collab.

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Find your next great collab.

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