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When it comes to creating marketing content, video remains a key priority, with 86% of businesses using the tool in some way. But what makes video marketing a good investment for marketers? According to the 2022 State of Video Marketing Survey, there are several reasons video continues to pull its weight for brands:

  • Since 2018, consumers have doubled the amount of content they watch. 
  • 86% of video marketers say it’s effective for generating leads.
  • 87% of video marketers report that it gives them a positive return on investment.
  • 81% of marketers feel it has a positive impact on sales.
  • 94% of marketers report that videos have helped users better understand their product or service.

Video marketing ideas for brands

If your team is looking for ways to expand its reach with video marketing, consider how other companies and brands have invested their time, budget and creative resources into the increasingly popular medium.

Sponsor a review that showcases your website

One of the best ways to lend authenticity to a product or service review is to allow influencers to speak freely and naturally in their videos. 

When Hobbii Yarn wanted to promote its beautiful yarns, they partnered with YouTube nano-influencer Lisa of Happytohook Creations. Lisa made a unique take on an unboxing video showcasing the company’s website features, including sales, the loyalty club and the ease of returns. 

Ask an influencer to give a tour or try an experience

Whether your company provides an in-person service or boasts multiple brick-and-mortar locations, a sponsored tour captured on video can generate excitement and provide an inside peek into your offerings.

Ask an influencer to tour your store with a specific purpose, like finding a holiday gift. The shopper marketing video can show the store, the influencer’s haul, and his or her take on a few different items. 

If you offer a service, ask an influencer to come in and experience it while filming a video. Mid-tier YouTube influencer HairCutHarry, for example, visits different barber shops around the globe, shoots videos of the services and posts them on YouTube. 

In addition to listing links to products in the video description, he sometimes mentions the products by name in his content, as he did in this Instagram post with a shout-out to the brand.

You could find an influencer in your niche and do something similar.

Partner with an influencer to make a demo

Having a “real person” demonstrate how a product or service works from unboxing to completion lends an air of authenticity and confidence to consumers who may be hesitant to use it.

When feminine products giant Always wanted to promote its sanitary pads to a younger generation of users, it turned to TikTok mega-influencer Ant X Ana. The content creator enlisted the help of her husband to demonstrate the product’s features, benefits and ease of use to her 7.5 million followers in this entertaining and informational video

Make a mini science lesson

Demonstrating that a product or service works can lend credibility that consumers crave, but sometimes there’s added benefit in explaining the “why” behind it. A content-first, rather than commerce-first, approach garners results.

When dandruff shampoo brand Head & Shoulders wanted to enlighten potential customers about why its line of products worked, it partnered with TikTok influencer Nancy Bullard to create a mini science lesson. Known as “” to her 3.1 million TikTok followers, the trusted teacher is known for her mini science lessons.

Create a challenge

Nothing launches consumers’ competitiveness like a fun challenge that can be captured on video. 

Whether you’re encouraging social media users to post their best videos of athletic feats wearing your brand’s shoes, animation using your company’s software, or Halloween transformation using your brand’s line of costume makeup, there’s a way to get online consumers fired up.

Paqui’s annual one-chip challenge, which dared snackers to taste test its spiciest blue chip, hyped the heat-tolerance contest on social media with the hashtag #OneChipChallenge. Using paid partnerships with content creators that included mega-influencer Gabby Eniclerico, the company mailed merch, as well as the packaged single chip and disposable gloves, to capture both the unboxing and challenge on video.

Affectionately known as slothgirl__ to her 2.5 million TikTok followers, the daring TikToker unveiled the box’s contents and then completed the challenge. The hashtag was trending on multiple social media platforms.

Consistently educate customers via your brand’s YouTube channel

Upload instructional videos on your company’s social media channels. Show your product in use, how to put it together, and how it solves a solution for customers.

With the explosive growth of social media marketing and the growing interest in watching videos, brands have no excuse not to capitalize on video marketing. Regardless of the type of products or services you represent, all it takes is a little creativity to put the tool to good use.


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