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Digital creators are what makes TikTok … well, tickTikTok sets the stage for content creators to engage directly with the platform’s 1 billion users globally, and the profitability potential for both brands and influencers is virtually endless. Recently, the app announced plans to make it even easier for influencers to monetize their creative content with the launch of the TikTok Branded Mission program. 

What is the Branded Mission program? 

Branded Mission is a unique advertising program that asks influencers to participate in a branded challenge: Influencers respond with content, and the top choices are used as ads. 

Eligibility for TikTok Branded Mission

Eligible influencers, those who are at least 18 years of age with at least 1,000 followers, are notified of the mission and can read through the campaign’s details. 

If an influencer wants to participate, they can submit up to three videos. Brands pick the ones they want to move forward with.

The selected videos are boosted and used as an in-feed ad on TikTok.

What’s in it for influencers? 

TikTok influencers benefit from Branded Mission in two key ways — by earning financial rewards and gaining greater exposure. More specifically, influencers can:

Select brands they want to work with

TikTok creators are empowered to control the direction of their content by selecting which Branded Mission campaigns inspire them to participate. 

Creators can interact organically with their audience by telling their story, their way with a brand that aligns with their values and audience.

Identify campaigns that meet their worth

Before submitting any content, creators can see how much money they could make if their video is selected. Previewing potential earnings allows influencers to determine which campaigns to focus on. 

Branded Mission also makes it easier for influencers to maximize their profitability by knowing how much they’ll potentially make upfront. 

Increase their visibility 

Joining forces with brands allows influencers to become co-creators of authentic, engaging content that gets more exposure as an ad. Increasing visibility is a priority for influencers who are always looking for ways to add followers and drive engagement. 

Experience with sponsored ads means an influencer increases his or her visibility with brands, too. A winning campaign could be added to an influencer’s media kit to represent previous work with brands. 

Another way to work with TikTok creators

Currently, Branded Mission is in beta testing and is available to a handful of brands. 

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