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Are you a history buff? Or are you a brand that wants to find an influencer who shares educational content with an engaged audience? Whether you have a fascination for historical figures, old documents, or a particular period like the Renaissance, these history influencers cover just about every aspect of the past. 

15 history influencers who remind us of days gone by

Jonathan Sacks — everybodyhatesatourist

Jonathan is a travel blogger and history influencer who treks to some of the world’s most memorable spots. On his Instagram account, Jonathan takes his followers to historical locations like Helsinki Senate Square, Princes Street Gardens in enchanting Edinburgh, and several stops of The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour in England.

Jackson – historywithjackson

Jackson is a U.K.-based historian and podcaster who loves talking, researching and writing about history. On his TikTok account, he shares book reviews and interesting facts about some of the most compelling events from the past. Jackson gives his followers the scoop on everything from Lady Jane Grey and Henry VII to fact-filled history Q&A sessions.

Ashley — historyinhighheels

Ashley, known to her TikTok followers as historyinhighheels, is a historian with a Ph.D. in her field and a passion for the past. Whether she’s giving her followers a peek into “a day in the life of a historian” in the magical streets of Italy and the gorgeous Irish countryside, or analyzing a famous Medici princess’ recipe for treating infant convulsions, Ashley always keeps it interesting.

Lauren Cole

Lauren is a medieval historian and Ph.D. student at Northwestern University. As a mid-tier influencer on TikTok, Lauren shares some of the most common misconceptions about medieval times, a roundup of historical event recreations using AI, and her language recommendations for aspiring medievalists to learn.

Lady Izdihar — theladyizdihar

Lady Izdihar is a historian specializing in the history of Russia and Eastern Europe. Her TikTok account spotlights pieces of the past like McCarthy-era propaganda, a Soviet Baptist Church from the 1950s, and a look at rare Soviet news publications from the 1940s for her followers.

J. Draper

J. Draper is a history fanatic and tour guide living in London. She gives her TikTok followers a passport into the past by taking them up-close-and-personal to explore places like St. John’s Gate, Bleinheim Palace, and Constitution Hill in London, where Queen Victoria survived not one, but three separate assassination attempts. 

Sara — History and Golden Roses

Sara is a history teacher, travel blogger and history podcaster. She takes her followers on tours of sites brimming with historical significance, including the tragic-yet-mesmerizing Ruins of Pompeii and a New Orleans mansion with historical ties to witchcraft. She also gives viewers a crash course on the history of Ukraine from a history teacher’s perspective.

Steve — stuheevun

Steve is a Cold War historian with a penchant for closely studying historical documents thanks to the FOIA. On his TikTok account, he features an analysis of news headlines from the Space Race, the CIA and espionage and the Polish Crisis, to name a few.

Marianna — m3ri4nn4

Marianna is a history buff with a particular fondness for studying Tudor England, the Italian Renaissance and Ancient Rome. For her TikTok followers, Marianna gives a glimpse into the life of Queen Elizabeth I; Boudicca, a queen of the Iceni tribe; and the romantic letters between Lucrezia and Pietro Bembo.

Hannah Parker — Historical Han

Hannah is an ancient historian and classicist. Hannah shares her favorite lines from historical literature, ranks the best warrior queens of ancient history, and answers what she loves most about studying the past.   

Malia Miglino — macabremalia

Malia is all about “history and haunts.” As a historical researcher, grave hunter and aficionado of “dark tourism,” Malia treats her TikTok followers to historical nuggets like the hidden occult history of Pasadena, artifacts from the Titanic’s passengers, and the fatal Molasses Flood of 1919.  

The Royal Historian

The Royal Historian is an expert on the world’s most powerful monarchies. She posts about anything and everything to do with the history of the royal families, including a roundup of Princess Margaret’s best evening gowns, an explanation of Prince Phillip’s dual titles and a recap of the Mountbatten love story for her TikTok followers. 

Lance Geiger — The History Guy

Lance, known to his 1.08 million YouTube subscribers as the History Guy, is always passionate about the past — and always wearing a bowtie. The Illinois-based influencer shares stories of “forgotten history” for his fellow history buffs, recounting events like the eruption of Mount Pelée, outlaws of the Wild West, and the only woman to be awarded a Medal of Honor.

History Bro

History Bro posts about famous faces and events spanning various topics. On TikTok, History Bro shares timely, fascinating facts with his “This Day in History” posts, including the discovery of the Titanic’s wreckage, Winston Churchill’s stolen portrait, and Shays’ Rebellion.

Cory Bradford

Cory refers to himself as “the CEO of History” and delivers all of his history recaps with a dose of comedy. As a premium TikTok influencer, Cory reenacts key points from JFK’s presidency, Prohibition, the Great Depression, and the stock market crash of 1929.


Stock Market Crash of 1929 Study Guide: Intro into The Great Depression #foryou #fyp #history

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