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When brands and businesses want to promote health and fitness-related products, they turn to health influencers. Influencers are using the platform to promote nutrition and fitness. From workout routines, diet plans and general healthcare, these health influencers share it all. Our list of health influencers on Instagram includes physicians, nutrition gurus, and health enthusiasts.

Health influencers sharing their knowledge

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Dr. Gupta is a neurosurgeon at Emory Clinic, chief medical correspondent for CNN, and host of the Chasing Life Podcast. On Instagram, he shares his knowledge of medicine and health with more than 249K followers. He posts about current events in the medical industry and provides explanations of medical emergencies worldwide. The surgeon is a medical professional and expert on social media.

Michelle Lewin

As an international fitness model and health influencer, Michelle takes to Instagram to share her favorite workout routines with more than 15.3M followers. Michelle fills her Instagram feed with her favorite workouts and progress pictures. The new mom also shares workouts to try while pregnant and has a line of fitness products.

Deepak Chopra

Known Internationally for being the founder of Chopra, the wellness app, Deepak shares his knowledge on Instagram. He posts about yoga, meditation and habits for living a better lifestyle. He advocates for alternative medicine and promotes a spiritual focus that connects your body and mind. The successful author shares meditations and encouraging words to inspire others.

Angela Liddon

Since 2008 this best-selling author and mom of three has been sharing glow-worthy recipes with more than 606K followers. Angela posts vegan recipes that can also be found on her website. From salads and pasta to vegan chocolate cupcakes, Angela packs her feed with healthy recipes for everyone to try at home.

Jennifer Ashton, M.D., M.S. 

Dr. Ashton is the chief medical correspondent for ABC, co-host of a health and lifestyle program, an Ob-Gyn, nutritionist, best-selling author, and mom who helps others with their emotional and physical health. Dr. Ashton also shares her lifestyle outside of work and her family. With more than 269K followers, Dr. Ashton is one of the most popular health influencers on Instagram.

Rebecca Louise 

As a popular fitness trainer and coach, Rebecca uses her Instagram to share the best workouts and health tips. With her fitness app and more than 500M subscribers on YouTube, Rebecca has become one of the most reliable health influencers on social media. From workouts to climbing Mount Everest, Rebecca shares her health journey.

Sanaz — Srunsforcake

Sanaz is a lawyer, mom, marathoner and lover of vegetables who teaches others how to eat healthily. The goal of her Instagram is to inspire others to want to eat better with her delicious recipes. More than 62K followers on Instagram see healthy smoothies, salads and unique breakfasts.

Kayla Itsine

As the co-founder and main trainer of the popular workout app Sweat, Kayla helps others with their fitness journeys. More than 15.5M followers follow Kayla for at-home, pregnancy and postpartum workouts and high-intensity routines. In addition to her workouts, Kayla uploads photos of her family and shares her life with others.

Adriene Mishler

With more than 1.3M followers on Instagram and 11.8M subscribers on YouTube, Adriene is one of the most popular health and fitness influencers on social media. Adriene shares yoga routines and meditations as well as her fitness journey.

Graeme Tomlinson

As a best-selling author and evidence-based coach, Graeme is one of the top nutritionists on social media. With 1.1M Instagram followers, Graeme shares examples of good and bad meals. From explaining the bad parts of fast food to examples of practical meals, Graeme has followers covered. His Instagram posts are informative, entertaining, and inspiring.

Dr. Rachel Paul, Ph.D., RD

As a professional nutritionist, Dr. Paul helps others finally feel in control around food. The goal of her Instagram is to help busy women with permanent weight loss. With more than 689K followers, Dr. Paul shares recipe examples that women on the go can easily re-create at home. From unique lunches and dinners to the best snacks and desserts, Dr. Paul has plenty of meal ideas.

Leanne Ward

Known on Instagram as the Fitness Dietitian, Leanne uses her platform to help others with emotional eating and gut health for sustainable fat loss. With a following of more than 293K, Leanne shares grocery store hauls, snacks she recommends as a dietitian, and nutrition hacks. Her Instagram is packed with advice for becoming the best version of yourself.


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