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Gluten-free living is for more than just those with Celiac disease. Living without gluten can be for those allergic, intolerant or those who don’t want to incorporate gluten into their diet. While gluten isn’t inherently unhealthy, for those with allergies, chronic illnesses or intolerances, cutting out gluten can be life-changing. With that, finding gluten-free influencers to follow can be helpful no matter what part of your journey you’re in. Some gluten-free influencers share recipes, others share where to watch out for gluten hiding, and some are raising awareness for those with intolerances and allergies.

12 gluten-free influencers to follow

No Gluten Gabby

Gabby is an influencer with celiac disease sharing how she keeps her body healthy by cutting out gluten. She has 126K followers on TikTok and has worked with brands like DiGornio to promote gluten-free products.


everyone who has to eat gluten free has to try a Coopers Hawk once in their life (or many times)! #celiac #glutenfree

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Phil Hates Gluten

With 196K followers on TikTok, Phil is another gluten-free influencer and has Eosinophilic Esophagitis, a chronic disease of the esophagus. He no longer eats gluten and shares all the ways he makes his life free of gluten.


making a gluten free birthday gift basket for my sister

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Angela — Chronically Gluten Free

Angela is another gluten-free gal living with celiac disease who shares recipes and videos educating people about where gluten is hiding. She has just under 55K followers and has worked with brands like Thrive Market to share gluten-free goodies.

Gluten Free With Casey C

Casey is a gluten-free influencer living with celiac and fibromyalgia who shares all the ins and outs of living with celiac disease. Gluten is detrimental to those with this allergy, so her helpful content is great for those just getting started or trying to understand the allergy in general. She has over 25K followers.


What’s something else you think a lot because you need to eat gluten free? 😅 Anorher topic I want to talk more about this Celiac Awareness Month is the mental weight of celiac. Because SO MUCH goes into living safely with celiac, and I don’t think many people realize that unless they have to go gluten free for themselves. #glutenfreefood #celiac #celiaclife #glutenfreelife #nogluten #celiacdisease #glutenfreelifestyle #glutenfreediet #celiacawareness #glutenfreedairyfree #celiactiktok #coeliacdisease #coeliac #foodallergy

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Lauren — Eat Gluten Free With Me

Lauren runs the TikTok account Eat Gluten Free With Me which has 85K followers. Her focus is on celiac disease awareness and education for those with or without the disease. She shares tips on how to travel, where to find gluten-friendly foods and real, educational content about the disease.


This was me when I first got my Celiac diagnosis. The doctor expected me to know what Celiac was. I had no clue. Anyone else? 😅 #fyp #celiac #celiacdisease #celiactiktok #autoimmunedisease

♬ original sound - Jake Shane

Kayla — My Meal

Kayla is a gluten-free influencer and also shares about her app, My Meal, that helps people find allergy-friendly restaurants. She has 10.4K followers on TikTok and her content is centered around living a gluten-free lifestyle in Colorado.


Do you have a dedicated gluten free kitchen or are you rocking the same situation as me?

♬ original sound - MyMeal - Kayla 👑

Lorin — Good Gluten Free Grub

Lorin has 5K followers on TikTok and shares her life in Utah living with celiac disease and Type 1 Diabetes. She tries to share content for those in the early stages of celiac or diabetes diagnosis.

Alanah — Gluten Hates My Guts

Alanah has just under 20K followers on TikTok and is navigating her life in the UK sans gluten. Another woman living with celiac, her gluten-free content is all about life with celiac and how she stays healthy no matter where she is.


In a few simple steps you can find coeliac safe restaurants in minutes!! Free trial available 🔗 in bio 😁 @Atly #coeliac #celiac #coeliacdisease #celiacdisease #glutenfree #glutenfreerestaurant

♬ original sound - Gluten Hates My Guts

Malia Gluten Frees

Malia focuses her content on TikTok around living a healthy life with chronic illness. She eats gluten-free because she has celiac, POTS and hEDS. Living with multiple chronic illnesses can make life hard, but Malia focuses on the positive and how you can, too. She has 12.5K followers on TikTok.


How you can meal prep gluten & dairy free breakfast (asmr edition) #glutenfree #celiacdisease #celiac #mealprepideas

♬ original sound - Malia Gluten Free

Annabel Active

Annabel is a gluten-free PT living with celiac disease. She shares her diet and personal training tips with almost 32K followers on TikTok. Her content is focused on living a healthy lifestyle without gluten and including movement into your everyday life.

Nima – Good for You Gluten Free

Nima has 19.5K followers on TikTok and shares gluten-free living on there and her blog. She also has celiac disease like a lot of the other influencers, but focuses not only on living a gluten-free lifestyle, but eating a nutritious balance of food.


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♬ original sound - Good For You Gluten Free

Amy Lives Gluten Free

With 23.7K followers on TikTok, Amy is our final gluten free influencer to talk about today. She has multiple food allergies, with just one of them being gluten. Her content is focused around finding celiac-friendly places to eat and answering people’s frequently asked questions about gluten-free living.


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