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Parenting is one of the hardest jobs out there, which is why so many parents seek guidance and connections online. Gentle parenting is a parenting style that’s taking over social media as mom influencers, family influencers and gentle parenting influencers and experts share their experiences.

Gentle parenting focuses on four main elements: empathy, respect, understanding and boundaries. Parents want their children to grow up in a way that they feel safe enough to express themselves in a way that’s still socially acceptable while also raising confident, happy children. 

15 gentle-parenting influencers on TikTok and Instagram

The Gentle Mama

With 15K followers on Instagram, Hayley of The Gentle Mama shares what she considers calm, connected and magical parenting. This gentle parenting Instagram account is filled with quotes and examples of how to create the best parenting environment for your children. She’s also created a program with practical tools to create a connection within your family. 

Laura Love

Laura is a Montessori and respectful parenting mom who has taken over TikTok with her helpful content. She has gained over 8M followers, providing videos on how to create a loving family environment, how to discipline with gentle parenting and a look into her life.

@lauralove5514 I honestly love that I didn’t meet his expectations on what I redirected him to because it gave him the opportunity to not only express himself but also to use his creativity to make it work in a way that he enjoyed! #ReasonForBooking #fyp #CODSquadUp #foryou #momsoftiktok #gentleparenting #parenting #respectfulparenting #montessori #toddlermom #trending #viral #positivediscipline #discipline #positiveparenting ♬ original sound - LauraLove

Conscious Hippie Mama

Michell is the conscious and gentle parent behind the Conscious Hippie Mama account on Instagram. She has 107K followers and considers herself a realistic parenting influencer. Her gentle parenting phrases and Reels are filled with tips and tools. 

N’tima Preusser

N’tima on TikTok has 380K followers who keep coming back for gentle and respectful parenting content. She also shares how parenting can be so difficult, but so worth it. This parent influencer is a must-follow if you’re looking for relatable content and easy to implement mom tools, or if you’d like to work with a parenting influencer.

@ntimapreusser if we are late, it’s on me, not them. & being on time will never be more important than them feeling safe. ❤️ #respectfulparenting #gentleparenting #parenting ♬ State Lines - Novo Amor

Destini Ann

If you’re a curious parent looking to learn from the best, don’t miss out on author and certified parent coach Destini. She’s grown her Instagram to 354K followers with her real, authentic and helpful tools for both parents and children on their gentle parenting journey. 


Menzennial is a TikTok account run by an Indigenous mom sharing how she parents, especially around big feelings. With over 227K followers, she’s definitely found her niche while helping others figure out the best ways to parent their children. She also likes to share funny videos with a realistic look into what it’s like to be a parent.

@menzennial When do kids stop taking naps? Or when did YOUR kids stop taking naps? The in between stage is wild. #naptimefail #naptime #quiettime #afternoonstruggles #toddlermom #stayinguplate #phasingout #nap ♬ original sound - menzennial

Raising Yourself

Shelly is a conscious parenting educator focused on helping parents raise themselves; hence the name Raising Yourself. She’s a reparenting expert and cycle-breaker, which is an important piece to gentle parenting. Parents need to work on their own traumas, habits and tendencies in order to break the cycle with their own kids. 

The Considerate Momma

Rachael of The Considerate Momma on TikTok has drawn over 1.2M followers with her focus on discipline without disconnection in parenting. She’s a certified parent coach who offers free tools on her TikTok. She also talks about the best ways to incorporate discipline without creating a disconnect with kids. 

Raising Children You Like

With 101K followers on Instagram, Sonnet of Raising Children You Like focuses on making music with her children and respectful parenting. She wants to teach her children to be respectful but also use their voices and take up space. Her gentle parenting style is encouraging and helpful for new and practiced parents out there. 

Mindfulmess Mom

Mindfulmess Mom on TikTok is another parenting coach sharing her expertise with parents looking to create a safe space for their children. Her helpful tips are directed toward moms, and she talks about being a respectful parent while also taking the space for self-care.

The Dad Vibes

While most gentle parenting influencers are moms, there are a few dads out there, including Tom at The Dad Vibes. With 207K followers on Instagram, Tom shares gentle parenting from a father’s perspective and is the host of the Parenting Truths Podcast.

The Gentle Mamma

Dilshad is another mom influencer on Instagram sharing the best practices for gentle parenting. She’s based out of New Zealand and shares her connection-based parenting with 371K followers via shareable images from herself and other gentle parenting accounts.

Curious Parenting

Curious parenting is an Instagram account with 724K followers that focuses on “empowering a generation of resilient, liberated kids.” The account is filled with easy-to-follow parenting advice, shareable images and the best ways to create a connection relationship with kids and raise kind humans.

The Mom Psychologist

Dr. Jazmine is The Mom Psychologist on Instagram with 558K followers. She believes in positive parenting and discipline, with a focus on tantrums, potty training and aggression. She teaches tons of classes and approachable parenting advice. 

Preschool Therapy

With 1M followers on TikTok, Ryan of Preschool Therapy shares parenting tips from an early childhood therapist. He shares tangible tips for parents based on evidence from his training, his therapy clients and how he parents his own children. 

@preschooltherapy I happened to catch this moment on camera. In light of seeing many videos and comments suggesting using hitting as discipline, i decided to share. Proof that it is possible to redirect without having to use hitting. #parentmoments #gentleparenting101 #parentexamples #toddlertok #toddlermom #toddlerdad #preschooltherapy #parenting101 ♬ Tutorial music - TimTaj

Gentle and respectful parenting will continue to grow as more and more parents latch on to the connected parenting style. There are plenty of gentle parenting influencers popping up daily on social media to help others with their parenting journey. If you’re a brand looking to work with a trusted parenting influencer, one of the 15 influencers above is a great start to your search. For more creators to work with, check out The Creator Marketplace®.


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