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The video-streaming service Twitch draws in more than 15 million active users every day. The platform owes much of its popularity to the video game streamers who keep audiences entertained with gameplay videos. While some viewers tune in to learn new competitive gaming strategies or observe tournaments, others simply want to laugh along to zany commentary from the funniest Twitch streamers.

Streamers who can offer content that’s both hilarious and addictive thrive on Twitch, and they make excellent partners for brands that are running influencer marketing campaigns. The following Twitch streamers use witty banter, puns and silly voices to find success.

Funniest Twitch Streamers


Felix Lengyel, known on Twitch at xQc, is one of the most notable Twitch streamers in the world, with 11.7M followers. Felix got his start streaming in 2016 and has enjoyed a meteoric rise thanks to his sense of humor, embrace of memes and cultivation of an online community. He plays a vast variety of games such as WWE 2k23, Clash Royale and Mario Kart 8. He also spends time with his followers laughing at memes and watching videos. He also has 2.25M YouTube subscribers.


Nick created his own niche in the streaming world by promoting positivity and a family-friendly stream. He has reached 4.4M followers, and he plays Fortnite and Horizon Call of the Mountain. Nick focuses on helping viewers learn more about how to excel in gaming, as well as how to create content.


Dimitri Raymondo goes by Greekgodx on Twitch. He’s been a streamer since 2011, and he delivers plenty of comedic banter, whether he’s gaming or just sharing glimpses into real-world travels. He plays an assortment of titles, ranging from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to Mordhau and Dark & Darker. Greekgodx is based in the UK, and he has 1.6M followers on Twitch. 


DisbeArex’s audience may tune in for her adventures in story-driven games, but they stick around for her silly voices and impressions. The streamer from the Philippines has a fondness for horror games, so don’t let her humor fool you into thinking she only plays cute titles. She started streaming in 2016, and now she has a content collection that encompasses games like Red Dead Redemption 2, DayZ, Last Oasis and ARK. DisbeArex has 150K Twitch followers.

Professor Broman

Professor Broman refers to himself as a “professionally bald gamer.” You can expect that natural sense of humor to be present in most of his streaming content. Broman is best known for his Destiny videos, but he also plays titles like Minecraft Dungeons and The Elder Scrolls Online. Outside of gaming, Professor Broman runs a podcast called the Broman Podcast, which focuses on content creators and ways in which they can improve their work. He’s also the charity director for the Gaming Community Expo.


Gamer Saqib Zahid, or Lirik, started off his streaming career by playing World of Warcraft. Later, he moved on to titles like Minecraft Dungeons, Stardew Valley and DayZ. Most of his humorous moments come about when he’s bantering with other players. Often recognized as one of the top personalities on the platform, Lirik signed an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch at the end of 2019.


Jaryd Lazar goes by Summit1G on Twitch. He built much of his fame by showing off his skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Although he gained notoriety as a competitive gamer, he also has a sense of humor that shines through when he casually plays open-world games. Summit1G has been streaming content on Twitch since 2013. Over the years, he’s developed an extensive collection of videos covering a variety of titles, including Sea of Thieves and Grand Theft Auto V.


Unlike many other personalities on this list, Comedian Brian “Limmy” Limond started building his fame offline. He has been in the entertainment business for years, including a stint starting 2010 in which he had his own sketch show on BBC Scotland. Limmy plays Resident Evil 3 and Call of Duty and often enjoys simply chatting with his audience.


Dylan Beck’s fans know him as Rudeism on Twitch. His hobby of building absurd video game controllers has helped him gain an audience on the streaming platform. His creations are often hilariously impractical.

In 2019, he created a full-body duck costume that functioned as a controller for the video game Untitled Goose Game. The suit was complete with flippers and a voice-activated beak. Followers can watch this streamer build new, creative controllers and play games like Tunic and Rocket League.


Imane Anys, known on Twitch as Pokimane, has a cheeky sense of humor that draws a crowd. She originally focused on the game League of Legends, but now she plays titles like Valorant and Fortnite. She is one of the most notable Twitch streamers in the world, with more than 9M followers.

On occasion, she also shares streams of her real-life travels and adventures. Pokimane is featured in the 2019 docu-series “Streaming IRL.” On the show, she shares her journey into full-time gaming, her attempt to expand her brand and the challenges of being a digital star.

Tips for Working With Funny Twitch Streamers

When looking for a Twitch influencer with a funny bone, remember that not every streamer is a suitable match for every brand. Before partnering with a Twitch streamer, ask yourself some of the following questions.

Does the streamer’s humor align with your brand’s identity?

If your brand has a family-friendly image, an influencer who relies on risqué jokes won’t be an ideal match. On the other hand, a streamer who enjoys slapstick comedy and random antics may not appeal to audiences who prefer subtler wit. Browse through an influencer’s past content to make sure their voice and tone is compatible with your brand’s identity.

Does the streamer rely solely on Twitch?

Insider Intelligence reports that “of the 25 highest-earning streamers, 24 are men.” However, research by the Entertainment Software Association shows that 46% of all gamers are women. So, unless your brand’s target audience is specifically male gamers, you’ll want to expand your influencer marketing campaign to other platforms as well.

Fortunately, many Twitch streamers are active on networks such as YouTube and Twitter. Check for links to additional accounts on a streamer’s profile page.

Is your audience on Twitch?

Just as Twitch streamers are predominantly male, the platform’s core audience has traditionally been male, over half of which are ages 18 to 34. If your brand aligns with this audience, Twitch is an ideal platform on which to focus your influencer marketing efforts.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world looks for entertainment sources. Now, Twitch is seeing musicians, comedians and even politicians turn to the platform to reach live audiences. Your brand can take advantage of these evolving trends to find new audience members.

Twitch allows you to search for content based on factors such as genre. However, you can also use The Creator Marketplace® to streamline the process of conducting keyword-based searches within the marketplace of potential gamers.

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