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When you think of Instagram influencers, you probably think of foodies, world travelers, beauty gurus and home design experts. But as it turns out, sports and fitness are huge subjects on everyone’s favorite visual social media outlet. Followers are turning to their favorite fitness gurus for guidance.

These creators offer exercise videos, workout tips and health dos and don’ts. They also advertise their favorite sports and fitness products, ranging from home gym equipment to supplements. Partnering with a sports and fitness Instagram influencer can help put your products in front of thousands of people who are looking to get and stay fit.

fitness instagram influencers

Michelle Lewin

Without a doubt, Michelle Lewin is one of the hottest fitness stars on Instagram. She has over 13.4 million followers, along with her own product lines like workout gear, gym equipment and health supplements. The Venezuelan personal trainer has also written a few books and created some fitness apps.

Lewin got her start working in a health clinic. She’s not afraid to have fun while staying in incredible shape, and it’s obvious when you watch her Insta videos.

Jennifer Selter

New York City-based model and fitness guru Jennifer Selter has over 12.7 million Instagram followers. It’s easy to understand why when you check out her account.

She started out in fitness when she was in high school and worked part-time at a local gym. She eventually began making booty-friendly videos that went viral among people looking to sculpt their own backsides. Today, she also sells her own line of health food products and manages several other Instagram accounts, like @couplegoals.

Simeon Panda

With over 5.6 million followers, trainer Simeon Panda is one of Instagram’s hottest sports and fitness influencers. He’s definitely one of the most popular male fitness experts. His account includes workout videos and how-tos and photos featuring his personal clothing line. He also posts the occasional fun personal pic, like himself and his pup, Mr. Cody Bear — who even has 10,000 followers of his own. He also offers more in-depth videos on YouTube.

Paige Hathaway

Los Angeles influencer Paige Hathaway has over 4.1 million followers along with her own ab glider. She also advertises supplements on her Instagram account, but her most recent debut is her new daughter Presley. Throughout her pregnancy, Hathaway didn’t shy away from showing off her changing body. Since the birth, she’s earned respect for proving that not all women just bounce back to their pre-baby shapes.

Dylan Werner

Also based in Los Angeles, yoga teacher Dylan Werner’s cool Instagram page has earned him over 656,000 followers. Check out his amazing poses underwater, on beaches, at exotic locations, in parks and on city streets. Werner, who also has a sizable YouTube following, travels the world teaching workshops and hosting yoga retreats. He also partners with many fitness- and yoga-centric products and companies.

Ana Cheri

Southern California beauty Ana Cheri is a model and actress with a passion for fitness. Her over 12.4 million followers tune in regularly to see her promote her favorite products, including supplements and health foods. She’s the co-owner of Be More Athletics and has been featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine. She’s also earned multiple NPC Bikini titles.

Lauren Drain Kagan

Lauren Drain Kagan started out as a registered nurse, but she had so much more to give to the health and fitness community. Today, the certified personal trainer and WBFF Bodybuilding Pro has about 3.9 million Instagram followers. They tune in regularly to check out her inspirational pictures and videos. Kagan is currently expecting a baby and has been incorporating her pregnancy into her workouts and product promotions.

Kayla Itsines

Australian Kayla Itsines has over 11.8 million Instagram followers. They tune in regularly to learn her workout secrets, watch her toning videos and learn all about her favorite fitness products. Like a few others on the list, Itsines is a new mom who incorporated her pregnancy and postpartum routines into her online presence. She’s also a trainer for SWEAT, an app that aims to empower women through fitness.

Joe Wicks

Also known as “The Body Coach,” Joe Wicks isn’t just a sports and fitness influencer. He’s a guy with a goal to encourage healthy living among his 2.8 million followers. He says his goal is to get at least one new person to exercise or cook a healthy meal every day. Wicks has been featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan, and he has his own 90-day program that helps people lose weight and get healthy.

Eva Andressa

Brazilian fitness model Eva Andressa has over 5.3 million followers who look to her for fitness guidance. And she has the resume to back that up. She’s participated in multiple fitness competitions, though she’s retired from that now. Today, her goal is to motivate her followers, particularly young women, by sharing her own struggles and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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