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Any ecommerce brand can set up a blog and post average content. But what sets excellent ecommerce content marketing apart from the rest involves being unique, a bit of creativity, and a desire to really serve the needs of the customer. If you’re looking for some content marketing inspiration for your own brand, it helps to look at examples from some of the best. Take a look at some awe-inspiring ecommerce content marketing examples.

10 Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples

Caspr Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples

Casper Mattresses/Woolly

Casper has a bumpy road ahead of it. Convincing people that buying a mattress online rather that trying one out in a store is a hard sell. It’s an interesting approach to mattress sales and an excellent ecommerce content marketing example.

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise the brand took to content marketing. Sure, it has the standard blog on its website. But the brand decided to do one better. It published a magazine, Woolly, one of the top ecommerce content marketing examples to date.

Woolly’s all about comfort and wellness. It’s online but there’s also a print version available for sale. It fits right in with the company’s relaxed advertising persona. According to the company, the first issue includes a love letter to comfort pants, alternatives to counting sheep, and an adulting coloring book, among other first-person essays.

REI Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples

REI How-To Videos

One of the key commandments of ecommerce content marketing is to be useful. The content a brand creates should help the people reading or watching it in some way.

REI, a brand that sells outdoor gear, has taken the “be useful” commandment seriously. One section of its website is dedicated to Expert Advice. There, people looking for information on camping, hiking, biking, and other topics can browse through multiple articles and buying guides to help them find what they need. It’s certainly one of the top ecommerce content marketing examples out there.

The Expert Advice section also has specific series, collections of articles tailored to a particular need group. For example, there’s a series called Intro to Camping that contains articles with all the details people need to plan their first camping trip.

Honestly Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples

Honest Company – Honestly Blog

The Honest Company sells natural beauty and skincare products, cleaning products and baby care products. Its blog, Honestly, is an ideal tie-in for the company’s ecommerce site.

The ecommerce content marketing blog contains a mix of lifestyle, beauty and wellness posts. The focus of the posts is on helping people solve a problem such as getting their skincare routine set up for summer or making DIY lip scrubs.

The content on the blog does promote Honest products. But, clearly one of the top ecommerce content marketing examples, the content’s ultimate aim is to help the consumer.

Dollar Shave Club Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples

Dollar Shave Club – DSC Original Content

Dollar Shave Club “disrupted” the razor industry, ultimately getting sold for $1 billion to Unilever. The razor blade company launched with a cocky and confident video and has kept up that tone in the Original Content it continues to publish.

Articles on DSC Original Content are spunky and funny but full of informative details on grooming. The company takes its content marketing a step further. Articles aren’t just online. This ecommerce content marketing example goes a step further. Its ecommerce content is even printed and mailed to customers’ monthly subscription boxes. It’s the ultimate form of a bathroom reading newsletter.

Glossier ecommerce content marketing examples

Glossier – Into the Gloss

Into the Gloss is an example of putting the cart before the horse, or in this case the content before the ecommerce. The beauty blog existed before Glossier, the beauty company, came into being. In fact, without Into the Gloss, there probably wouldn’t be a Glossier today.

Into the Gloss and Glossier have managed to build a devoted following of fans and customers. The blog continues to feature interviews with plenty of well-known people in the beauty and skincare industry as well as tips for skincare and beauty that don’t necessarily include Glossier products.

Bright Cellars Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples

Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars has taken an interesting approach to selling wine online. It gets to know its customers first, then recommends wine to them.

Content is at the heart of the subscription program. The calling card of Bright Cellars is a seven-question quiz the company uses to “match” people to their ideal wines. From there, people have the option of ordering a four-bottle case of wine. They can also continue to receive a new case of wines chosen for them each month.

Warby Parker Top Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples

Warby Parker – Eyewear A to Z

Like mattresses, eyeglasses aren’t something many people would automatically think to buy online. So Warby Parker has done what it can to make the eyeglasses buying process as streamlined as possible.

One example is its Eyewear A to Z glossary. The glossary is full of definitions of terms that you’d come across in an optometrist’s office or when doing research on glasses. It has a few easter eggs scattered throughout, such as a definition of the colossal squid.

The brand also offers a quiz to help shoppers find the right frames for their faces.

Best Buy Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples

Best Buy – Computer Buying Guide

One way to make useful content for online shoppers is to put together a buying guide. Best Buy offers a buying guide for people in the market for a new computer.

The guide is easy to scan and read, with a clickable list of topics covered included at the top of the guide. As you scroll through the guide, the navigation bar remains at the top so you can easily jump to a new section when you wish.

Wayfair ecommerce content marketing examples

Wayfair – Room Planner

Buying furniture online might be a bit of a challenge. Will it fit in a space? Will it be comfortable? While Wayfair can’t answer the second question, it does have a tool to help people figure out the answer to the first one.

Its Room Planner lets people create idea boards and layouts so they can see how furniture will look in their space. They can use included templates or a person can upload a photo of the space to get a better idea of whether or not that sofa will really work in real life.

Modcloth ecommerce content marketing examples

Modcloth – Blog

Women’s fashion e-retailer Modcloth is known for its cute, girly styles (think Zooey Deschanel on “New Girl”). The brand has effectively translated its clothing styles into the style of its blog.

Posts on the blog range from quizzes to help people figure out what to wear for special events to sizing tips for choosing the right size, which is always a challenge online. There are also DIY how-tos and recipes to help shoppers live the type of lifestyle promised by the clothing Modcloth sells.

Ecommerce Content Marketing Examples Takeaway

What’s the most important thing to take away from the above ecommerce content marketing examples? Content needs to help your customer (or potential customer) out. Think of what people need when brainstorming ideas for content and you’ll be more likely to produce something that reaches them and that builds engagement.