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When taking a look at your brand’s content marketing efforts, what would you describe as the biggest challenge you face? Specific goals for content marketing vary from business to business. But many companies face the same challenges putting a strategy into practice or carrying out content marketing. Often, many of the challenges occur because a company is trying to go it alone. Really the best option is to get outside help. Enter content marketing subscription services.

What Is a Content Marketing Subscription Service?

A content marketing subscription service comes from a company that produces content for you on an agreed-upon schedule. Instead of relying on your own team to produce content, the service contracts professional content creators who specialize in particular subject areas or niches.

A content marketing subscription service solves the challenges of:

How much content or how involved a content marketing subscription service is with your brand’s content marketing depends in large part on your needs.

The options available from a subscription service can include:

  • Content that’s published every other day
  • Publishing content every other business day
  • Content that’s published every business day
  • Publishing content twice a day
  • Content that’s published twice a business day

With a content marketing subscription service, you end up with an ample amount of content, which you can promote and publish on social media, or use as part of an SEO strategy.

Why Companies Need Content Marketing Subscription Services

One of the keys to content marketing success is the regular, consistent creation of content. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s annual survey of B2C content marketers, 82 percent of the most successful content marketing teams delivered content consistently, compared to 16 percent of the least successful.

A similar pattern occurs among B2B content marketers. About 75 percent of the most successful deliver content consistently, compared to 33 percent of the least successful B2B content marketers.

The tricky thing is, the smaller your company, the more challenging it’s going to be to produce and publish content daily. One survey found that 39 percent of smaller businesses (with fewer than 500 employees) published content every day, compared to 62 percent of larger companies (with more than 5,000 employees).

Whether you’re trying to reach people through search engines or social media, it’s a publish-or-perish content world. The big companies have the person-power to create more content more often. Content marketing subscription services help to level the playing field, and make it possible for a smaller company to compete at the same level.

What You Can Expect From Content Marketing Subscription Services

Among the top goals of businesses that use content marketing are to produce more original content, use more visual components in content, optimize content for a variety of devices, and improve visibility in search engines.

A content marketing subscription service can help brands reach those goals by doing the following:

  • Creating and publishing content on a regular schedule
  • Producing high-quality visual and written content
  • Incorporating keywords and SEO know-how to improve page ranking

Content marketing subscription services have the specific needs of the customer in mind. That means there’s a subscription package available that’s just right for your business.