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With remarkable acrobatic stunts and intense training routines, Olympic divers are some of the most prominent athletes in the world. Through posts of their incredible physique and experiences, these specific diving athletes reach broad audiences as they share their passion for their sport. Check out these top diving influencers on social media as some of them prepare for the 2024 Olympics.

Top diving influencers and Olympians on social media

Sam Fricker

As an Australian diver who competed in the 2020 Summer Olympics, Sam continues to dive into the feeds of his 1.9 million followers. He has spent his time recently preparing for this year’s Olympic Trials and events. He shares training updates, nutritional advice and his acrobatic stunts in the water.

Emillia Nilsson Garip

Emillia is a student at the University of Utah and a Swedish diver on Instagram who will be representing Sweden in the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Clips of her most impressive dives and accomplishments keep her 18.9K followers engaged.

Steele Johnson

Steele is a phenomenal diver who is a five-time NCAA champion and an Olympic silver medalist who takes to TikTok to shine light on the work that goes into him being so successful with his 362.3K followers. From sharing his best and worst dives to touching on his recent foot surgery and recovery, Steele keeps his audience engaged.

Tyler Downs

Not only is Tyler an impressive Olympic diver, but he also doubles as a solid social media personality with more than 860.6K followers on TikTok and 88.9K on Instagram. Both of his platforms capture his love for the sport and excitement for his upcoming appearances at this summer’s Olympics. 

Krysta Palmer

After winning bronze at the 2020 Olympics, Krysta has only continued to enhance her talent and now takes her 57.8K Instagram followers along for the ride. She shares her latest diving routines and captures her world-class skills.

Molly Carlson

Molly is a Canadian Olympic diver sharing her journey to success and openly discussing mental health. Molly has 3.8 million TikTok followers tuning in for training vlogs and self-love content.

@mollycarlson 1.5 Million Subscribers on YT 😭 Thank you #BraveGang ♬ Send Me On My Way - Newton Faulkner

Brittany O’Brien

Brittany is a world-class athlete for the Australian team who is not only an Olympian but also a Commonwealth medalist with over 122K followers on Instagram and more than 879.6K on TikTok. She also shares her love of travel and fashion.

Tom Daley 

Tom is one of the most popular and successful divers of all time after bringing home a gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The British diver now uses his social media platforms to connect with his 3.2 million Instagram followers and show them what it takes to prepare for Paris.

Melissa Wu

Melissa is one of the most decorated female divers of all time, with Olympic medals and multiple Commonwealth Champion titles. She connects with her 102 K Instagram followers, sharing her experiences on and off the diving board.

Jack Laugher

Jack is a British diver who has represented Great Britain in competitions. He specializes in springboard events, winning multiple Olympic medals. He shares his remarkable success with over 294K Instagram followers.


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