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Far from the hustle and bustle of city life, farmers are taking to social media to share their unique lifestyles, giving insights into the industry and connecting with a global audience. They give an authentic look into farm life, breaking down stereotypes and educating others about the job. Check out these farmer influencers sharing their occupations with their followers on social media.

Top 15 farmer influencers sharing their lifestyles

Shay Myers

Shay is a third-generation farmer, pilot and influencer who primarily uses his TikTok platform to educate his 425.5K followers on what he loves to do. Shay shares his knowledge of harvesting everything from onions to watermelons and shows what a day on the farm looks like to his followers.


55% Of All Domestic Sugar Production Comes From Sugar Beets. The United States produced approximately 35.23 million tons of Sugar Beets in 2023. America’s Sugar Producers Support 142,000 U.S. Jobs In 22 States And Generates Nearly $20 Billion A Year For The U.S. Economy. #farming101 #farm #farmer #Farmlife #sugarbeet #fyp #foryou #food

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Tyler Froberg

Tyler is a fifth-generation farmer, Army veteran and agricultural educator on TikTok who has more than 788.2K followers. He shares his daily routine of harvesting and maintaining crops like strawberries, tomatoes, cabbage, eggs and more.

Hannah Neeleman

Hannah is one of the most popular farmers on social media as a mother of eight who runs a pig farm with her husband. The former Julliard ballerina now takes to Instagram to showcase her farm lifestyle, creative recipes she cooks in her farmhouse, and everything in between for more than 8.8 million followers.

Carrington Winklemann

Carrington is a farmer on Instagram who shows her life with her husband, Grant. They share their experience growing crops, flowering, gardening, and more with 18.5K followers. She is a lover of slow, easy mornings on the farm and creating bouquets.

Valerie Pierzina — Grains and Manes

Valerie shares her farm lifestyle that revolves around corn, soybeans, hay and horses. Valerie has grabbed the attention of over 15.9K followers as she shares how she runs a farm and her soft spot for horses.

Hannah Jackson — theredshepherdess

Hannah is a farmer, a speaker and author who has created an engaging platform by showcasing her experiences in the shepherding industry. Over 108.4K followers tune in to view her time with lambs and her family life on the farm.


With the end of #MindYourHead week coming to a close I just thought I’d share one of our mini series’s with @Can-Am Off-Road with you which talks about how we really try to prioritise time off and away from the farm. We aren’t robots or superheroes. Everyone needs a break and time to switch off. As @yellowwelliesuk once said and it stuck with me forever ‘no farmer, no farm’ please prioritise yourself and your needs 💛 #canam #canamoffroad #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #farmlife #redshepherdess #teamred #farminglife #farmmum #farmmumlife

♬ original sound - Hannah Jackson

Michelle Squirrely

Michelle is passionate about what she does for a living and shares her enjoyment for farming with her 34.7K followers. Michelle shares her knowledge of specific crops, highlights her garden, and shares tips. Her feed is humorous and insightful.

Farmer Andy

Andy takes to TikTok to share the ins and outs of being a dairy farmer. By showcasing the cows on his farm, highlighting his responsibilities and adding his own humor along the way, Andy has collected more than 437.3K followers.


Farmers do it all, with a little help from our friends 🐾 #farmlife #funny #farming

♬ Full House - The Hollywood Prime Time Orchestra

Huey Boelen

Huey is one of the most popular farmers on social media. He shares his knowledge in many areas of farming, including dairy and indoor farming. He educates his 1.9 million followers about the daily tasks of a farmer and describes exactly how he harvests crops and even algae.

Justin Rhodes

Justin is a North Carolina farmer who encourages his 112K followers to homestead. Justin gives his advice on growing crops and shares his family lifestyle on the farm. She shows how to build a homestead.

Charlotte Ashley

Charlotte entertains her 108.4K followers on TikTok with her sense of humor. Charlotte educates followers and brings some laughs as well. She also has a YouTube channel with 22.6K subscribers.


Cute old video, that has a roof on now but its still a nice explanation of the handling system for anyoen who isnt familliar 🙂 #countrylife #farm #farming #farmlife #farmvibes #agriculture

♬ original sound - charlotte Ashley

Claudia, JoJo, and Evelyn — Nyfarmgirls

Three sisters team up to take on the farming lifestyle in New York and they have more than 734.3K followers. They highlight their routines as farmers while incorporating some humor.


I feel like ive only been back for 1 year. Crazy

♬ smoke & a light - Ole 60

Farmer Kat — eugstersfarmmarket

Kat is a farmer influencer who shares her experiences caring for bees, animals, produce, orchards, and more for her 11.1K followers on TikTok. She posts about seeding, pen cleaning, onion harvesting, and so much more. 

Zach Johnson — Millennial Farmer

Zach has drawn in over 1.06 million subscribers by sharing his life as a fifth-generation farmer in Minnesota. He aims to build a stronger connection between farmers and consumers by sharing his daily experiences on his family’s farm.

Morgan and Allison — Gold Shaw Farm

Morgan and Allison are a married couple in Vermont who take their 861K subscribers on a journey as they share their “honest-to-goodness” farm in progress. The couple highlights their passion for agriculture


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