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In the battle of social media platforms, TikTok has jumped off. It has rapidly gained users and reached the one billion user market within two years of launching globally. It’s a key battleground for capturing Generation Z, and it’s increasing in popularity with other demographics too. That makes it a major player in the marketing arena. 

To get the most out of the self-proclaimed “platform that brings joy to millions,” customizing your TikTok videos is essential. After all, you only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention, especially on this fast-moving platform. That’s one of the reasons that it’s so important to learn how to put text on TikTok videos.

The TikTok Algorithm

TikTok’s recent move toward being more transparent to alleviate security concerns led to it revealing some details about its algorithm. Why does that matter? Understanding how the platform’s algorithm works gives you a better idea of how TikTok videos take off or fall flat. And that’s everything when you’re launching influencer marketing campaigns and getting the word out about your brand.

What drives the videos that show up in user feeds? There are three main factors, including the following: 

  • Video information like captions and hashtags
  • User interactions, which include the videos users like and share, user comments, the accounts they follow and the content they create
  • Account/Device settings, including the language preference and mobile device type are considered to make sure content is presented optimally

TikTok also shared that indicators of user interest, like whether they watch the video from start to finish, can also factor into each video’s reach. What does it all mean for you? 

It means your content should be customized with captions, hashtags and text. It should also carefully take user interests into account. The more your video’s content meets the interests of your audience, the more likely it’s going to show up in their TikTok feeds.

How to Put Text on TikTok

Now that you have a better understanding of how the algorithm works, it underscores the importance of creating content that really stands out. Adding text is an easy way to level up while giving videos unique appeal. Wondering how to put text on TikTok? It’s pretty easy: 

  • Locate the text option toward the bottom of the screen – it’s an “Aa” symbol.
  • Type in your written content.
  • Customize it by changing the font, text size and color using the options located in the upper-left area of the text menu. Tapping the “A” on the screen’s left side lets you highlight your text if you want that effect.
  • Tap on the “Done” option in the upper-right area of your screen.

Customize Your Text

Do you want to change where the text is located? Simply drag it to the spot you want it to be located. Tap the text to make any additional edits. You can also adjust your text’s timing using the “Set duration” option. This lets you change when it appears and disappears by selecting a start and end time for the text in your video.

Test out your video by tapping the “Play” button, which is above the editing bar toward the bottom of the screen. Once you’re satisfied with how everything looks, click the check mark located toward the bottom, right-hand part of the screen. Hit “Next” and continue the process for uploading the video and you’re good to go.

Tips for Creating Effective TikTok Videos

Adding text is great, but it’s not the only way to make your TikTok efforts shine. Like anything else, content is king – so make sure you’re prioritizing the content of your videos and text. Appealing to your audience’s interests is the key to getting seen and hopefully gaining widespread views. Now that you know how to put text on TikTok videos, we have a few additional tips to get you going:

  • Keep it authentic: Choose influencers and messaging that’s creative and fun, but also on-brand.
  • Try different strategies: Branded hashtag challenges, informative/educational content, tutorials and celebrations of special events and dates can all be effective.
  • Go viral: Jump in on a trending craze or create your own challenges to jumpstart a new one.
  • Create a branded filter: Filters are fun. They’re also a great opportunity for brands to put their own stamp on things while amassing on-brand content created by fans and followers.

TikTok has become wildly popular. While millennials and Gen Z make up more than half the users, it’s not just among youngsters but among all age groups. That makes it a new and exciting platform to reach consumers of all types. The key to being successful is understanding what makes TikTok trend, a big part of which is customizing videos and appealing to user interests.  

If you’re working with influencers on TikTok, it’s equally important to choose the right ones to stay on-brand and resonate authentically with your audience. Need help discovering the best influencers for your brand? Check out IZEAx Discovery, a vast marketplace that lets you connect with influencers quickly and easily.