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Partnering with TikTok influencers has proven to be a powerful way to get your brand noticed, with companies like Walmart, Target, TooFaced and Freal showing the way. TikTok influencers know how to appeal to their audience, so it makes sense to let them use their inspired ideas to promote your brand. Influencers help get your message across without sounding like an ad too. This is important on TikTok since the platform draws a younger crowd who is particularly averse to anything that feels salesy. Try out some of these influencer marketing TikTok ideas for your next campaign.

Live Videos

Use TikTok’s live video feature to form a closer connection with your audience. Live video lets influencers interact in real-time with viewers so they can answer questions or respond to comments about your brand or product. Try these ideas for a TikTok live stream with your influencer:

  • Give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a branded event to get to know your brand better and feel more like an insider.
  • Conduct interviews with company executives, or sponsor an interview with industry thought leaders, experts or other influencers.
  • Play interactive games with the audience, giving away branded merchandise to participants or winners.
  • Hold a Q&A session with questions followers submitted ahead of time as well as questions from the live audience.
  • Produce how-to demos for your brand’s products or services.
  • Unveil the features and benefits of a new product or service launch.

Freeze-Frame Videos

TikTok’s freeze-frame filter allows you to freeze part of your video and then manipulate the rest of the video so you’re interacting with the frozen part. It’s a creative and entertaining way for your influencer to showcase your brand, product or service on TikTok. Let your influencer find creative ways to incorporate freeze-frame into their TikTok videos with your products or branded merchandise. Get inspired by these examples:

  • youthtothepeople highlighted its new superfood cleanser with a model climbing on top of a giant bottle of the cleanser.
  • fentybeauty showed how there are two ways to “bring them cheeks out” by having a model put on its Cheeks Out Cream Blush then dancing inside the blush.
  • Influencer mayothings showcased hair extensions by climbing up one as if it were Rapunzel’s hair flowing down from her tower.

Tutorial Videos

Even though TikTok videos are very short — 15 to 60 seconds long — you can still get plenty of content into a TikTok tutorial video. Your influencer will video all steps of the tutorial but only include the most important frames in the TikTok video. This results in a more self-explanatory tutorial, but you’re able to get your idea across of how your product works. TikTok tutorials typically are not narrated, but text overlay adds helpful details. 

Makeover Videos

Show your audience how your product or service can benefit their lives by creating a makeover video. The idea is to use before and after shots. Fashion influencers on TikTok often use this to show how plain they look before putting on a new outfit and how fantastic they look after. Mucinex partnered with TikTok brother and sister influencers OurFire to show how its product transformed the duo from zombies to being ready for a night out. Get inspired with these ideas too:

  • Ask a TikTok food influencer to show how your kitchen product helped create a culinary masterpiece. 
  • Have a fitness influencer use your apparel, workout equipment or protein drink to show a healthy transformation. 
  • A TikTok DIY influencer can show before and after shots of your arts and crafts products, power tools or sewing supplies. 

Trending Hashtag Videos

Jumping onto trends is one of the quickest ways to get more eyes on your brand and increase potential customers. Trending hashtags include TikTok challenges, cultural and social issues, lip-sync videos, duet videos and a whole lot more. Find trending hashtags at the top of the Discover page on TikTok.

Everyday Life Videos

Today’s consumers are looking for authenticity from brands. They want to be able to connect with a brand that shares their values and meets their needs. Having influencers use your product or service in their everyday life shows how your brand understands viewers’ needs. Instead of showing extraordinary events, partner with lifestyle TikTok influencers to use your brand as they interact with their families and go about their normal routines.