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The LGBTQ+ community is full of love, inclusivity, and incredible support. LGBTQ+ influencers everywhere are sharing their stories and paving the way for others to feel safer on social media. These top LGBTQ+ influencers have built loyal followings by posting about their inspiring stories and staying authentic to themselves.

Top 15 LGBTQ+ influencers inspiring their followers

Daniel Franzese

Best known for his portrayal of Damian in “Mean Girls,” Daniel is an actor, comedian, entrepreneur, and activist. His posts range from hysterically funny skits to candid photos with friends and family. The iconic video of his Italian mother, Antoinette, gives his 143K Instagram followers some insight into where Danny gets his sense of humor. Danny now fills his feed with his popular influencer appearances and the fun he shares with his friends.

Petros Petri

Branded from a combination of their names, Petros and his husband, Rissi, created Petrissi, a website dedicated to their favorite activity, global travel. Much of their Instagram is a showcase for their trips, like their 2023 visit to St. Lucia and another to Amsterdam. Petros’ 218K Instagram followers are never bored, thanks to his playful demeanor and entertaining posts.

Alexander Joe

Describing himself as an “overly dramatic Midwestern gay cowboy,” Alex is a ‘90s baby who loves to share hilarious and nostalgic posts with more than 823K followers on TikTok. Alex reenacts experiences he had with his mom and dad growing up in the ‘90s.

Maya Noir Rittmanic

Maya/Noir is a bigender/trans/nonbinary queer model and advocate. Many of their posts are vulnerable and honest like this still showing their scars from surgery. But there are also playful costume videos and loving shots of them on vacation with their partner, Rebecca. Their account serves as an inspiration to more than 36.2K Instagram followers as they share their personal stories and experiences.


Devin-Norelle wears a lot of hats, including model, advocate, actor, diversity and inclusion trainer, and writer. Ze offers zis 48.1K Instagram followers tips on a variety of LGBTQ+ issues, including neopronouns, gender-affirming surgery, and HIV/AIDS. Zis platform also highlights beauty and fashion, both of which ze showed the world when ze walked the runway for New York Fashion Week back in 2021.

Skyler Jay

Trans/queer activist and speaker Skyler goes by “trans.ginger” on Instagram, where some of his 54.4K followers helped crowdfund his top surgery. Now he seems at peace with himself and helps run the Aadya Rising Nonprofit Organization to help other members of the trans community. Skyler even created a scholarship to help youth who can’t afford gender-affirming surgeries.

Munroe Bergdorf

“Trailblazer” might be an understatement for Munroe, who has the distinction of being the first transgender model in the UK for a top beauty brand and was appointed as an LGBTQ+ adviser to the Labour Party. She is not only an advocate for LGBTQ+, racial and gender equality issues, but also supports a variety of charities like Give Up Clothes for Good. Munroe hosted “Que Epiphany” on MTV and was named co-Woman of the Year by Glamour in 2021. She now uses her platform to share her story and voice with more than 557K Instagram followers.

Owin Pierson

An Asian American Pacific Islander and LGBTQ+ influencer, Owin is a vocal advocate for equality, mental health, and ending hate crimes. He’s a proud “guncle” who often posts about the importance of supporting others before, during, and after they come out. Owin shared his own moving story about how he was “hating, hiding, and hesitating” before he fully understood his identity. He now shares his life as a proud LGBTQ+ influencer with over 273K Instagram followers. Check out our Q&A with Owin.

B. Hawk Snipes

No one has mastered the art of walking down stairs in heels like model B. Hawk Snipes! As a Black non-binary trans femme, they serve as an inspiration both on and off the runway, but there’s little doubt their 36.7K Instagram followers appreciate the glamour. They frequently host and speak at LGBTQ+ events, including support groups and rallies and now own their a clothing line that helps others feel great in their skin and styles.

Alysse Dalessandro

Petite plus-size model Alysse describes herself as “queer femme.” Her posts are filled with joy and a sense of hope for the future. She advocates for self-love, including that any “body” can wear a bikini and her Instagram followers are often the first to see her favorite plus-size fashion pieces. Her feed brightens up more than 137K with her contagious positivity, love for herself, and compassion for others.

Eric Sedeno

Known on TikTok as “Rico Taquito,” Eric is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community who uses his platform to bring a smile to more than 857.7K followers. As the host of the popular podcast Gay & Afraid, Eric packs his feed with hilarious posts poking fun at his daily experiences and often teasing about popular movies and events.


And do we have any in betweens? 😭😭😭 why wokld tyra do all that. Anyways… EP 4 of Gay & Afraid w/ @emgracedawg IS OUT NOW!!!

♬ original sound - Candle Jenner [Daily Memes]

Seth Sanker

Based in Chicago, Seth is an advocate for the #femboys movement and takes to TikTok to share his lifestyle as a fashion guru and member of the LGBTQ+ community. With over 438.4K TikTok followers, it is safe to say that Seth’s style inspires many. From photoshoots to get-ready-with-me posts, Seth keeps his followers entertained with his self-love and confidence.


This is my formal ask for @lizzo to come to pride with me plzzz. And we can match in @YITTY . Everyone tag Lizzo! Pllzzzz. #pride #lgbtq #yitty #pridemonth

♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo

Kissy Duerre

Kissy is a bright light among the feeds of more than 713.5K as they share their personal experiences. They use their feed to “remind others that they are the shiniest sparkle” and has a Transagenda series.


They ran so we could walk. Their sacrifices and legacy will not be forgotten. Even though its not perfect, we have come so far because of them. Praise and love to all of them. 🙏🏿❤️ #transisbeautiful #lgbtqia #skit #transpeoplebelong #goodvibesonly💕

♬ original sound - 🌊🏄🏼‍♀️🤙🏼

Elle Deran

As a nonbinary actor, singer, and content creator, Elle has gained a large following from sharing her vulnerable experiences with more than 514.4K followers on TikTok. Elle uses her platform to share educational and informative queer-affirming content. They fill their feed with their daily experiences, messages on mental health, and so much more.


Being transgender is a real human experience. We are not living in some fantasy...we are deep in our lived experience. We are only trying to survive, just like you. Ignoring the reality of trans identity and the true complexities of biological sex will only prolong our collective suffering under this false gender binary. I wish folks would approach us with curiosity instead of resistance.. but their binary thinking has them trapped in a world where anyone existing outside of the scope of their current understanding is a threat to their innate need for validation. If only compassion was the standard. The world would be so much much

♬ original sound - Elle Deran💕

Julie Gester

You may know her on TikTok as the Plant Based Bird Girl, but Julie is a bisexual influencer who uses her platforms to share her personal stories, her popular podcast, and the occasional clips of her incredible art. Many of her posts educate more than 571.4K followers as she explains proper pronouns and talks about her experiences.


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Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Learn more about our Managed Services offerings