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There are many creator apps and websites out there, but what’s the best content creator platform

Content creator platforms help you land brand collaborations, showcasing your channels, content and audience statistics. 

You want more than a static profile page; you need an interactive platform that offers a two-way flow of communication between you and brands. A platform with a reputation in influencer marketing. Which platform for creators ticks all these boxes? 

The Creator Marketplace® is the best platform for content creators. Here’s a closer look at why:

Visual profiles with valuable metrics

In The Creator Marketplace, creators can optimize their profiles. Your profile gives interested brands your audience size, social media handles and essential metrics. 

Look at Haley Greathouse’s profile, for example. She has 118K followers, all her social handles are listed and clickable, there’s a breakdown of her audience demographics, and brands can see her average engagement rate. 

Brands are often more interested in engagement rate than audience size. They’d rather work with a creator with an engaged audience than a celebrity influencer with meager engagement. 

In the profile example, you’ll also see additional statistics that break down the creator’s audience makeup. 

Haley Greathouse’s profile in The Creator Marketplace®

Creators can make their own listings

Want to entice brands to work with you? You can create a listing for brands to check out. The listing tells brands what kind of content you can create and how much you charge for it. 

With listings, you’re in charge. You explain what you can offer and put a price on it. 

Here’s an example below. Pictures from social sit on top of your listing to draw brands in. Listings feature a description, statistics including audience size and engagement rate, and the deal you offer. 

In this case, @ourgreatbucketlist has two different deals. One is an Instagram Story + URL for $150, and the other is a static Instagram post for $200. You can give specifics, too, like what your turnaround time is, how many revisions are included and what features you plan to use. 

If a brand is interested, they simply click “Buy” to start the collab.

@ourgreatbucketlist The Creator Marketplace sponsored post listing

Collaboration takes place in the platform

You don’t have to swap email addresses or plan conference calls; you can communicate on the platform. In fact, you can collaborate, submit content, and get paid all in one place. 

Communication tools

With a messenger-like system, you and the brand contact can talk about campaign specifics. As you collaborate, the conversation thread is kept in one place, so it’s easy to find and review, if necessary.


Most agreements include a creator contract, which is meant to provide clear terms about the collaboration. The contract should include: 

  • Compensation, which was already mentioned in the listing
  • Timelines and milestones
  • Brand guidelines
  • Campaign expectations
  • Specific deliverables
  • Content rights, which you can specify in the listing
  • Grounds for termination
  • NDA (non-disclosure agreement)

You can discuss the contract on the platform, too.

Review content and pay

As the creator, you send your content to the brand, be it a product endorsement picture for Instagram or a product review video for YouTube, through the platform. 

The brand reviews it and either gives you the green light to post or asks for small tweaks. You can set the number of revisions in your agreement.

Once approved, you’ll share it and receive compensation. 

Respond to brands looking for specific influencers 

Just as you can create a listing, brands can do something similar. A brand can create a Casting Call, essentially an ad looking for specific influencers for an influencer marketing campaign. 

Here’s one for a football collab.

The Big Game and Football Fans Casting Call on The Creator Marketplace

For a chance to work with the brand, creators simply hit, “I’d like to Submit a Pitch.”

If you’re looking for the best platform for content creators, look no further. The Creator Marketplace is the place to be. Of all the platforms that pay content creators, ours is designed to showcase your work and connect you with brands. Ready to get started? Create or update your profile today


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