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Influencer marketing is an important factor in reaching a younger audience like Gen Zers. These college student influencers are the key to reaching those audiences. If you’re a brand looking to work with young creators or want to see university lifestyle, sports, and beauty content, check out these top college influencers on social media.

15 top college influencers


As a video creator and fashion lover, Lindsiann spends her time outside of class putting together the perfect outfit. She sports a professional look when she’s headed to work or class at USC and goes casual on the weekends. She’s active on YouTube, too, where she creates content on topics like hot fall trends.

Stephanie Velazquez

First generation Mexican-American college student Stephanie shares her life on TikTok, from attempting to work out at the gym to sharing her feelings about college life one month after it began. This influencer likes fashion but isn’t afraid to post videos of herself on the couch in comfortable clothes or dancing around in her gym clothes.

Haley Cavinder

Hayley Cavidner plays basketball for Miami University. When she’s not on the court, she and her twin sister, Hanna, take to Instagram to share life updates with their followers. They also share videos on YouTube, like one on what it’s like to travel with a D1 basketball team.

Zarielle Anthony

Zarielle attends the College of William and Mary. This college sophomore is into fashion and beauty and shares fun accessories, funky nail art, and unique looks — like a monochrome outfit for fall. Her TikTok account leans toward Amazon fashion like must-have Amazon shoes.

Ms. Brandy Star Merriweather

Known as the Gen Z Publicist, Brandy is growing her social media presence by joining podcasts and attending conferences. She has also launched her own PR firm, B Star PR. An influencer with an infectious smile, Brandy is constantly sharing upbeat content, promoting self-care and working to empower others.

Resse Regan

Resse Regan is the girl next door. The Temple University student is personable and fun, and she shares content that’s relatable on TikTok. She offers a lot of beauty tips, which is something she started doing on YouTube when she was 12. While she loves a good foundation, she’s happy to reveal her nighttime skincare routine, stylish outfits and morning affirmations.


existing takes a lot of effort lol

♬ original sound - reese

Mackenzie Cranna

NYC college student Mackenzie, known as KodakMackk on Instagram, is an avid sports fan. When she’s not sharing trips to big games like a recent Rangers vs. Sabers hockey game, this Marketplace influencer shares sporty fashion trends that are great for the stadium or an after-party.

Alissa Jobe

Planning to become an influencer who travels the world, Alissa is making that dream a reality. This budding influencer shares her NYC college life with her Instagram followers. She shares snaps with her friends and isn’t afraid to speak in favor of causes she believes in, like Black Lives Matter.

Peyton Daverson

A college student at Chattanooga College, Peyton takes to Instagram to share beauty tips. She particularly likes doing hair and makeup. She’s mastered the art of beach waves and using tape-in extensions. When she’s not creating luxurious locks, she shares fun moments with friends. She’s a Marketplace influencer with plans to use social media to grow her brand.

Anastasia Peraultt

Florida State University student Anastasia is a college and beauty influencer. Her TikTok focuses specifically on hair care. With gorgeous curls, Anastasia gives her followers tips on maintaining unruly hair and reviving curls. She does mini tutorials on using hair masks and shows followers how to put a hoodie on without adding unnecessary frizz.


Welcome to natural hair tiktok 😎 this is your sign to go natural… or at least try to

♬ u are all loved - jr vs

Patricia Morris

For brands in the sports industry, college basketball player Patricia Morris could be a good fit for partnerships. This micro-influencer plays for Texas Christian University and shares updates about her team. This Marketplace influencer loves to travel and spend time with family, too.

Alex Earle

With more than 4.6M followers on TikTok, Alex has become the most famous student influencer on social media. Known for her popular makeup routines and product reviews, the college TikTok influencer uses her platform to share beauty, fashion and university lifestyle content. When she isn’t going to class at the University of Miami, she is going on trips around the world and takes her followers along with her for the ride.

@alixearle Galentines party about to hit diff 🤍🫶🏼👏🏻 #diml #umiami #galentines #vday ♬ Young Folks - Shindig Society

Taylor Donoghue

With a following of more than 271K, this health science major at James Madison University is one of the top college TikTok influencers. Taylor uses her platform to share the ins and outs of being a college student. From student grocery hauls to trendy outfits to wear to class, Taylor shares all the best college lifestyle content.


And thats on testing anxiety😅

♬ original sound - Taylordonoghuee

Darcy McQueeny

With 1.2M Tiktok followers, Darcy joins the list as one of the most well-known student influencers on social media. The 21-year-old influencer attends the University of Alabama and shares her favorite parts of her time there. From getting ready-to-go-out routines to what class on campus is like, Darcy shares college lifestyle and beauty content.

Chiara Schmidt

With a solid following of more than 70K on TikTok, Chiara shares all the best tips and tricks for college students. Chiara fills her feed with tips for rushing a sorority, life with college roommates, and college application advice. When she isn’t sharing advice, the USC student uploads beauty and fashion content.


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