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TikTok is one of the most popular and successful social media platforms for businesses and influencers to expand their opportunities. It is an outlet for brands to reach larger target audiences through influencers worldwide. Since COVID-19, the use of TikTok users has only continued to grow. It has easily become one of the most popular social media apps for Gen Z. Marketers are partnering with savvy influencers who represent their brands well and successfully reach large audiences. The following influencers have gained fame through the platform and are TikTok accounts to follow in 2023.

Top TikTok accounts to follow in 2023

Charli D’Amelio 

Since 2019 Charli has ruled TikTok by posting and creating the most popular dance trends. The reigning queen of TikTok has gained a following of more than 150.1M and continues to share her lifestyle as a popular influencer. The key to her success is her talent for creating the best entertaining content that includes her singing and dancing as well as filling her feed with all the pop culture trends. Charli has landed deals with major brands like Ulta and Prada.

Nabela Noor Martin

Nabela is a designer, author and homemaker with 7.6M TikTok followers and 2.4M Instagram followers. She uses her platforms as a journal to celebrate and share her life’s achievements and moments. This includes her personal experiences with infertility, pregnancy and marriage. She also shares insights about her family life and cooking videos

@nabela wait till the end 🥹 a quick family #ootd 🤍 my girls! PINCH ME… i am having so much fun with the matching sets! 🤭 #pocketsofpeace #toddlermom #momsoftiktok #twoundertwo #familytime #girlmom #lifestyle #toddlersoftiktok #momfashion ♬ original sound - nabela

Bella Poarch

Over the last few years, this 25-year-old influencer has rose to fame for her lip-syncing talents and incredible sense of fashion. By sharing her love for music, dance and stylish outfits, Bella has gained a following of more than 92.9M and sits as the second most followed influencer on TikTok. Bella shares her experiences working with video game brands and what her daily life is like as one of the most famous social media influencers.

Addison Rae

If you are a TikTok user, you more than likely know about Addison Rae. The popular TikTok star has risen to fame over the last few years and shares her lifestyle with more than 88.8M followers. The TikTok star has been mentioned by The New York Times and Forbes as being one of the trendiest influencers on the platform. Over the years, Addison has built her own brand, created dolls and perfumes and landed major brand deals.

Zach King

The former Vine star and magician took to TikTok to share his talents. His skills show through his clever editing techniques as he fills his feed with optical illusions for more than 73.9M followers. His TikTok feed is full of unpredictable content that is guaranteed to catch your attention and keep you entertained.


Bring your kids to work day at the lab

♬ original sound - Zach King

Dixie D’Amelio

Joining her sister, Dixie is one of the most popular TikTok stars and has gained an impressive  following of more than 57.3M. Like her sister, Dixie packs her feed with lifestyle content that often includes her collabs with major brands like Puma and Valentino. When she isn’t sharing her stylish looks, she shares life as a TikTok star and singer and entertains her followers with her travels and fun experiences.

@dixiedamelio a lovely night with 🪄 @sephora #ad ♬ son original - Valentino.Beauty

Jason Derulo

Over the past few years, the famous singer and songwriter has taken to TikTok to broaden his brand and give more than 57.4M followers a peek into his life. The popular star fills his feed with dance trends and brand collabs. When he isn’t sharing new songs or dancing to new music, Jason often posts videos of him helping others and doing giveaways

@jasonderulo Mood all 2023. I know all the adlibs 😂 @Jason Fairfield ♬ Snap Yo Fingers - Lil Jon

Spencer Polanco Knight

Spencer has earned a following of more than 55.4M by sharing his talent for beatboxing and creating music in a unique way. He posts popular songs and collabs, becoming one of the most followed and entertaining TikTok stars. The “Mouth Music Man” has worked with many fellow celebrities, including Jason Derulo.

@spencerx Things get spicy when you eat on beat! 🗣🔥 Go to Mr. Peanut’s bio to get your Sweet & Spicy Mullet Kit! @mrpeanutoriginal #ad ♬ original sound - Spencer X

Loren Gray

Popular for her former appearances on the app, Loren has taken to TikTok to share her musical talents. The singer is popular for her songs “Queen” and “Anti-Everything.” With a following of more than 54.5M, Loren posts photoshoots, relatable everyday content, and stylish outfits.


Told You So is officially out now 🪩🧸

♬ original sound - Loren Gray


As a dancer, creator and founder of Joystick, this popular TikTok star has collected a following of more than 52.1M. Michael shows his talents for dancing with popular TikTok trends. His feed is full of dancing, family, and fun as one of the top TikTokers.

@justmaiko back at it again wit the bruddaa🔥 dc: @notorlandolucas ♬ original sound - nickanthony💈

Brent Rivera

As an actor and famous YouTuber, Brent boasts a following of more than 46.6M. The popular TikTok star often fills his feed with duets of other videos and relatable content. The funny and creative influencer is bound to keep you entertained with his fresh content ideas.


Since we’re throwin it back to 2016😂

♬ original sound -

Dave Jorgenson

The Washington Post’s TikTok account has over 1.5M followers all thanks to senior video reporter Dave. He runs the newspaper’s profile on the platform, posting witty skits that incorporate current events. This TikTok comically pokes fun at Apple’s upcoming IOS update. The shenanigans continue on Dave’s personal TikTok, where he focuses more on his personal life and pop culture, like this post about the reality show “Love Is Blind.” Dave shares his more personal opinions with his nearly 110K Twitter fans. He has been featured in Forbes Media 30 Under 30 for his work on social media.


Luckily, making TikToks is my job.

♬ Make Your Own Kind Of Music - Mama Cass

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