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We just launched tracking links in IZEAx Discovery and Unity Suite to give marketers a better and more reliable way to track traffic from creators’ content. Brands are seeking more useful ways to gauge the effectiveness of working with creators, and tracking links can help with that. 

Tracking links provide validity and quality scoring, so marketers know they are actually reaching their intended audience and working with the right creators on the right platforms.

Our tools help marketers find authentic creators to reach their target audiences. Pairing them with tracking links gives brands a way to measure the effectiveness of those campaigns.

But tracking links are not just limited to campaigns. IZEAx Discovery marketers now have the ability to create these links, while Unity Suite customers have had similar functionality within the campaign creation process. The influencers you send links to don’t have to be part of the IZEAx platform for you to be able to track their content. Simply create a link and send it over to the creator — it’s that easy!

Features and analytics

Valid clicks: You’ll get a clear picture of which creators and platforms generate the most authentic traffic.

Top referrer: See the top link that sent visitors to your site, so you can see which platform(s) most visitors came from to better focus future efforts.

Top audience location: See the geographical location where most of the clicks are coming from.

Device: See what type of devices your site was accessed from.

Click quality: A third-party authenticator provides insight into the percentage of suspicious activity so you can test different strategies for meeting your true customers.

Click activity: See more detailed insights about the clicks with various filters for the data.


With data, more is more. Get more insights using secure IZEAx tracking links


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