Pier Paolo Zito is a talented illustrator based in Italy. He is renowned for his unique style that combines traditional and digital mediums, resulting in visually striking pieces that capture the imagination. His body of work is diverse, encompassing a range of themes from fantasy and surrealism to more realistic depictions. Zito's illustrations are characterized by their intricate detail and vibrant colors, often drawing the viewer into the narrative he has created. His passion for storytelling is evident in his work, with each illustration telling its own unique tale. Zito's ability to convey emotion through his art is particularly noteworthy, with his pieces often evoking a strong emotional response from viewers. In addition to his work as an illustrator, Zito is also an accomplished graphic designer, bringing his distinctive style to a variety of projects. His creative vision and technical skills have made him a sought-after talent in the industry. Despite his success, Zito remains dedicated to his craft, continually pushing the boundaries of his art and seeking new ways to express his creativity. His work serves as an inspiration to aspiring illustrators and a testament to the power of visual storytelling.

Original Color Illustration - Sketch + Final
15 Days Delivery
2 Revisions
Commercial Use
I'll create an original illustration for your product or brand based on your ideas! I'll send a rough sketch for approval and create a final, color version in a high resolution.
Conceptual Sketch
Color Version
B&W Version
PNG Format
JPG Format
Pier Paolo Zito
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Original Color Illustration - Sketch + Final $50
15 Days Delivery
2 Revisions
Commercial Use
Subtotal $50
Total Delivery Time 15 Days
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