Enhance Your Workplace with ezCater: A Campaign for Simplified Corporate Catering


ezCater, a leading corporate catering service provider is seeking professional lifestyle creators on TikTok and Instagram, to be part of an exciting campaign promoting their catering website for optimal use in your corporate/admin roles.

This campaign aims to reach fellow professionals who can benefit from ezCater services in their jobs. We’re specifically reaching out to creators who are office managers, executive admins, office assistants, HR managers, or workplace experience consultants. Or perhaps you’re someone responsible for the ordering and delivery of food at the workplace.

This is an opportunity for you to create lifestyle content around the needs of a professional in their day-to-day, showcasing how ezCater can simplify and enhance the office food experience. By joining the campaign, you can help reach more professionals, making their work lives easier and more enjoyable with our convenient and diverse catering solutions.

Let’s make a difference in the corporate world together! Your influence can help us ensure more workplaces enjoy stress-free, delicious meals, contributing to a happier, more productive work environment.

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If this casting call aligns with your skills and interests, submit a pitch to the brand for them to review.