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Cosplay influencers can range from hobbyists to performance artists. Using a mix of costumes, makeup, accessories, wigs, and props, participants manage to transform themselves into their character of choice. From superheroes and villains to representations of popular anime and video games, these cosplay influencers immerse themselves in their personas.

a Cosplayer holding a sword


Anime-lovers flock to Pockythief’s social media pages for her spot-on anime cosplay. From “Noragmai’s” Kofuku to Jujutsu Kaisen, there’s no shortage of creativity showcased on her social channels. For more videos, follow Pockythief on TikTok or tune in for her live streams on Twitch.

Alex Marie

Alex is a content creator and cosplay influencer that goes by the name MyuuMarie. She focuses on alternative fashion, makeup and Japanese culture. Her 231K followers on Instagram love her wide range of cute looks covering many genres.


Combining a love of video games and cosplay, “Rithe” brings characters like Mona Megistus and Kaine from NieR: Replicant to life with incredible detail. The detailed wigs, costumes, and makeup have raked in more than 51K fans on Instagram. To get a glimpse of the real Rithe, check out her Twitch live streams and her personal Instagram account, which focuses on all her pets.


A Twitch partner, gamer, cosplayer, and Cringe Princess, oxdessyxo has acquired more than 232K followers on Instagram and 3.7M on TikTok. Her cosplay of Viper from Valorant and Velma from “Scooby Doo” show her range of versatility. She sells mugs, clothing, stickers, and mousepads to promote her brand.

Kinpatsu Cosplay

Digital creator Tayla, known as Kinpatsu Cosplay on Instagram, handcrafts her stunning cosplay pieces and offers tutorial books so her 440K Instagram fans can replicate their favorite looks at home. Her composite photos showcase multiple characters, like Akali, Misuri, Arcade Riven, Alexstrasza and Seraphine. 

Grace Clarkson

Somehow, Grace can make even Pennywise look gorgeous! Her incredibly detailed versions of Gamora, Domino and even a female Loki of Asgard are as good as they come. Follow her on Twitter or join her 58.8K followers on TikTok

Michael Mulligan

Family-friendly cosplayer Michael leans on Disney, Marvel, and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” for some of his best characters. He donned his Captain America outfit for the opening of “Black Widow,” and his Indiana Jones costume was perfect. As an actor, he’s got quite a few credits on his IMDb profile too.

King Tide

It makes sense that a cosplayer who goes by “King Tide” would make a great Aquaman. But his Thor and Zach Galifianakis from “The Hangover” are equally impressive. It’s worth noting that Robin is a carpenter, costume and prop maker, and wrestler in training, all of which come in handy for making his costumes and performing in them. He’s also got a solid following on Facebook.

Erika Perez

From Batgirl to Elsa, Erika brings out the beauty in every cosplay character. Check out her ode to Wonder Woman on the 80th anniversary of her creation or her portrayal of Wednesday from “The Addams Family.”

Christina Volkova

Christina never skimps on the tiniest details with sexy takes on characters from 2B from NieR: Automata to Sucrose. Her Instagram is a cosplayer’s dream, with nods to RaphtaliaTriss from The Witcher, and Keqing, who she refers to as her “main waifu.” To see the makeup artist in her natural form, check out her personal Instagram page.

Sarana Khunpolpitak

Thai cosplayer Sarana, who goes by “Thames,” has 48.4K loyal followers on Instagram. Featured characters include Shaka (Buddha), record of Ragnarok, Sabo, and Viego, the Ruined King. The artist and gaming video creator also shares videos and interviews on his Facebook page

Jessica Murray

Although Jessica tends to focus on makeup—like her Eyeballs series, there are plenty of full costumes to be adored. Her cosplay manages to straddle the line between scary and beautiful, including her portrayal of Gillian Owens from “Practical Magic.” Join her 405.1K followers on TikTok or watch her videos on YouTube

Jade Valkyrie

Cosplay shapeshifter Jade has channeled everyone from Ahri from League of Legends to Hilda Valentine Goneril from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You’ll also find Samira from League of Legends and Catwoman, among countless others. 

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