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In July 2020, NASA launched a rocket to the planet Mars. Perseverance, NASA Mars 2020 space rover, and Ingenuity, a small robotic solar helicopter, were in the rocket. Seven months later, in Feb 2021, NASA successfully landed its rover and helicopter on Mars. Perseverance immediately got to work investigating the Red Planet by collecting samples and sending images to NASA. Ingenuity, on the other hand, had some delays getting situated on Mars. Finally, on Apr 19, Ingenuity had a successful vertical takeoff, hover, and landing. BrandGraph, IZEA’s social intelligence platform, recorded a spike in social media content and engagement for NASA as people share their reactions to NASA’s latest accomplishment on Mars.

Also trending this week on BrandGraph were brands like Marvel Studios and Nike. BrandGraph tracks and records the performance of these brands across social media platforms. See what got these brands trending by taking a closer look at the Top Trending Brands for this week:

Trending Brands for the Week of April 19, 2021

  1. NASA
  2. Marvel Studios
  3. Nike
  4. Star Wars

NASA trends on social media and BrandGraph as people celebrate the space agency’s accomplishment. Ingenuity’s lift-off on Mars is another step towards investigating the mysterious Red Planet. Scientists hope that Perseverance and Ingenuity will find proof of life on Mars. They argue that Jezero, the landing site, was once a deep lake billion of years ago and proves that Mars was once habitable. NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is currently in a 30 day test period and will fly at least five more times in short increments.

Top Content for NASA

Marvel Studios trended on social media and BrandGraph after releasing a teaser trailer for its next film. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is the 25th film in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is inspired by Marvel Comic’s superhero Shang-Chi. Shang-Chi is a skilled martial artist and master of Kung Fu. Marvel fans shared their excitement for the movie after the trailer dropped on Apr 19, 2021. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is the second film of Phase Four in the MCU after the Black Widow. It is scheduled to release in the United States on Sep 3, 2021.

Top Content Marvel Studios

Nike’s contract with Kobe Bryant expired mid-April. Nike trended on social media and BrandGraph as people shared their confusion about the news on social media. Bryant was an NBA icon and spent his entire 20-year long career with the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant tragically passed away in a helicopter crash on Jan 26, 2020. His daughter Gianna and seven others also passed in the crash. Fans of Nike and Bryant claimed the contract expiration was disrespectful to Bryant’s legacy. However, Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, took to social media to dispel these rumors. She stated that the Bryant estate chose not to renew the contract with Nike and vowed to honor her husband’s and daughter’s legacy.

Top Content for Nike

Star Wars trends on social media and BrandGraph as fans anticipate an upcoming cannon comic book for the series. Marvel Comics is publishing War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha 1. The comic book will officially release on May 5, 2021. Lovers of Star Wars and comic books are excited to get their hands on the Star Wars cross-over event. War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha 1 is the introduction to the Bounty Hunter six-part mini-series.

Top Content for Star Wars

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