Many fitness influencers have grown their audiences on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. However, some of these workout experts are exploring ways to share exercise tutorials and other fitness content on TikTok as well. TikTok is younger than the other well-established social media platforms, but it’s extremely popular with certain demographics — most notably Gen Z .

TikTok has some interesting features that present challenges and opportunities for fitness influencers who want to use it to build audiences. The platform only allows users to post videos that are a maximum of 15 seconds long. Some influencers may find it hard to squeeze in comprehensive tutorials in that amount of time. However, TikTok also has built-in video-editing tools, and the platform puts lots of emphasis on music ,
which is ideal for rhythmic, high energy content. Here are a few TikTok fitness influencers who have mastered the platform.

Fitness Accounts to Follow on TikTok

  1. Jordan Morello
  2. Cooper Brunner
  3. Rodion Gilmitdinov (Soxsoul)
  4. James Tollefson
  5. Bholi Parihar and Divyansh Sharma
  6. Senada Greca
  7. Kristy Curtis
  8. Ulisses Jr.

Diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette syndrome and dyslexia at a young age, fitness trainer Jordan Morello began using physical activity as a way to enhance his focus. Now Morello hopes to share the benefits of exercise with others, and he uses TikTok as one way to spread his knowledge. He also offers personalized meal and workout plans through his coaching program, The Fit Body.

Jordan Morello TikTok Profile

After his dream of playing major league baseball ended, Cooper Brunner became depressed and lost the motivation to keep up with his fitness routine. Although he spent months giving in to poor diet decisions, he eventually realized he needed to switch back to a healthier lifestyle. Brunner now works for dietary supplement companies and uses TikTok to inspire others to stay active and take on fitness challenges. Brunner also has a podcast that offers more in-depth advice on physical and mental health topics.

Stuntman and calisthenics expert Rodion Gilmitdinov has been passionate about working out since he was a child. That passion, combined with his positive attitude and creativity, makes him an effective advocate for physical fitness. Browse his collection of TikTok content to find videos of him performing impressive parkour stunts on playgrounds, beaches and city streets. He calls his style of movement ” calisthenics freestyle,” and his abilities have earned him partnerships with companies like Nike and Reebok.

James Tollefson’s life as a software engineer took a major turn when he realized his workout videos were gaining traction on social media. His content eventually garnered so much attention that he felt ready to set aside his current job and become a personal trainer. On TikTok he often shares five- to 10-day fitness challenges for his followers to try out for themselves.

Many people turn to yoga for its mental and physical benefits, but the activity becomes even more invigorating when you enjoy it with a partner. Bholi Parihar and Divyansh Sharma use their TikTok account (@ProYogaExperts) to demonstrate yoga moves that have two people working in unison (and plenty of trust). Not all of their poses require a partner, so even solo yoga enthusiasts can find some inspiration from these influencers.

ProYogaExperts TikTok Profile

Fitness trainer Senada Greca subscribes to the idea that fitness should go beyond short-term goals. With that in mind, she shares exercise ideas and tips that help her followers turn working out into a daily ritual. Many of her videos incorporate workout equipment such as resistance bands, exercise balls and hand weights. Greca partners with Ryderwear, a brand that specializes in gymwear.

A former trainer on “The Biggest Loser Asia,” Kristy Curtis now uses social media to guide her followers through effective workout moves. Curtis refers to her training style as “Situational Training,” meaning she aims to ensure her clients’ workout and nutritional needs balance with other lifestyle factors. She stresses the importance of taking ownership of your health through good habits while acknowledging that some aspects of physical health are beyond your control.

Kristy Curtis TikTok Profile

Ulisses Jr. has earned plenty of bodybuilding accolades. He’s a MuscleMania Pro World Champion as well as a MuscleMania SuperBody Champion. Although his competitive career has ended, he stays in the spotlight by posting fitness content on TikTok.

Most of his content contains family-based humor. You’ll often see him dancing with his wife or pulling off goofy superhero-inspired stunts. Ulisses is a savvy influencer though, and he manages to slip in endorsements for fitness-related brands like BioTechUSA in a way that’s authentic and comedic.

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