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The social media landscape continues evolving. Older users keep getting on board with different platforms, ever-improving connectivity boosts mobile use, and various trends come and go. One thing that doesn’t change? The opportunity that this thriving network of more than three billion active social media users presents for brands and marketers alike.

Brands, businesses, and users are all keeping an eye on some of the 2020s predicted trends. For example, Instagram has been teasing the disappearance of the “like” button. It’s a move intended to offset the fake followers and likes that have wreaked havoc on social media strategy in the past. But how will it impact things in the years to come?

Video story, TikTok, and changing metrics – they’re all things that strategists are watching in 2020 and possibly beyond. Who are some of the top social media strategy influencers 2020? We’ve rounded up six leaders in the field for your consideration.

Social Media Strategy Influencers 2020

  1. Mark Shaefer (@markwschaefer)
  2. Mari Smith (@mari_smith)
  3. Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar)
  4. Lisa Buyer (@lisabuyer)
  5. Debbie Miller (@socialhospitality)
  6. Mike Alton (@BloggingBrute)

Mark Shaefer is a renowned marketing expert, keynote speaker, and author of seven bestsellers. Although the scope of Shaefer’s expertise isn’t limited strictly to social media strategy, it is a big part of it. He uses his own platforms to provide insights and spark deep conversations about modern social media marketing. This engages his followers and provides a treasure trove of valuable information.

This self-proclaimed “social media bouncer” mainly uses Twitter, where he has amassed a following of more than 176,000. He also has 6,170 followers on Instagram and receives more than 37,000 monthly Pinterest views.

Mark Schaefer - Social Media Influencer

Mari Smith specializes in Facebook strategy and is referred to by many as the “Queen of Facebook. She is a thought leader in the social media stratosphere, ranked by Forbes as one of the “Top Social Media Power Influencers.” Her expertise in Facebook marketing strategy is so on-point that Facebook hired her to deliver live training throughout its Boost Your Business series.

Smith uses her social media presence to provide tips and tricks on social media strategy along with sharing social media news and sparking discussions. She has more than 335,000 Facebook followers. She also has 585,000 Twitter followers and 34,500 Instagram followers.

Mari Smith - Social Media Influencer

Madalyn Sklar is a Twitter marketing strategy expert who’s passionate about teaching others how they can get stellar results from their social media efforts. Sklar is also a podcaster and blogger. She hosts a weekly hour-long Twitter chat, #TwitterSmarter, that’s received more than 10 billion impressions. In addition to her website, blog, and Twitter chats, Sklar takes her expertise on the road, speaking at events around the globe.

She has experience running social media strategy panels, guesting on podcasts, and speaking at conferences. Sklar has a Twitter following of more than 76,000, along with 3,349 Instagram followers.

Madalyn Sklar - Social Media Influencer

Lisa Buyer is the owner of a social public relations (PR) agency, named as one of the top digital strategists in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and the author of “Social PR Secrets” and “Digital Detox Secrets.” Buyer is an entrepreneur and social media strategist, Buyer is also passionate about delving into the relationship between social media, public relations and search engine optimization (SEO) to help drive business growth.

She predicts that 2020 social media trends will see brands focusing more on building strong customer relationships than selling. Her Instagram feed is a mix of candid shots, product shout outs, and artsy photos. Buyer has more than 4,300 followers on Instagram and 13,000 Twitter followers. 

Lisa Buyer - Social Media Influencer

Debbie Miller launched Social Hospitality as a blog back in 2011, initially using it as a vehicle to share social media trends and news. Miller has since grown the blog into a full-service marketing agency that specializes in digital and social media marketing. Miller’s expertise in social media strategy makes her a valuable asset to her clients and social media followers.

Miller anticipates that 2020 will see more marketers harnessing the engagement advantage that TikTok offers. This micro-influencer has more than 7,400 followers on Twitter and 463 followers on Instagram.

Debbie Miller - Social Media Influencer

Mike Alton is a content marketer and a social media marketer. He founded The Blogging Brute, a blog, and The Social Media Hat website. The driving force behind both was Alton’s desire to share the latest, greatest trends and growth hacks for social media marketing. He shares those tips and tricks on his social media pages. Alton has 9,264 Instagram followers, 144 Twitter followers and more than 90,000 monthly Pinterest views. 

Mike Alton - Social Media Influencer

Social media is an essential tool necessary for building a thriving brand or business. Having a solid social media strategy is like having a roadmap or a blueprint that defines your goals and the steps you’re going to take to reach them. Social media strategy influencers are the key to learning more about the different tactics that work for other businesses. In turn, it gives brands, businesses, and aspiring startups a pool of ideas to choose from to create their own strategies.

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