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Some foodies enjoy ogling and tasting other people’s creations, and then there are cooks who would rather create meals for their family’s health and satisfaction. Social media loves cooking influencers. Their creations can be visually stunning and full of healthy ideas.

These unprecedented times will likely affect what and where our families will eat in the future. Even more certain is that family cooking influencers will become additional and important trusted sources of inspiration in the near future. Home cooking, healthy and organic eating, and food safety will become priorities while there will be less tolerance for exotic and riskier types of food on our family’s tables1. We’ve tracked 9 of the top family cooking influencers that are making their mark this year. Each influencer specializes in whipping up inspirational, sometimes healthy and sometimes frugal family-centric meals.

Top Family Cooking Influencers of 2020

  1. Jamie Oliver
  2. Gina Homolka
  3. Laura Vitale
  4. Katie, David, Audrey, Jordan, Jake, and Ty Williams
  5. Natalie Monson
  6. Catherine McCord
  7. Lindsay Cotter
  8. Jenny Rosenstrach
  9. Dr. Sonali Ruder

Jamie Oliver is a famous British chef who specializes in healthy meal prep and fun, accessible cooking for kids and parents alike. He’s hosted several TV shows both in the United States and abroad. His “Food Revolution” show in 2010 focused on teaching a town in Virginia how to cook healthily, and he’s an advocate of healthy school lunches. You can find him on social media cooking up a storm with his young son, Buddy. He has 7.3 million followers on Facebook and 4.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

Gina Homolka took social media by surprise with her healthy, flavorful family dishes made with full fat. Her philosophy of eating clean, whole foods translates into some of her famous recipes, such as her Instant Pot Chicken Parmesan. Homolka has 5.5 million followers on Facebook, 1.4 million followers on Instagram (@skinnytaste), and 20,900 subscribers on YouTube.

gina homolka - family cooking influencer

Laura Vitale is a self-taught home cook who was born in Italy and has a serious passion for Italian home cooking. She grew up in her father’s restaurants, but her love for cooking continued after they closed. She’s a YouTube personality, but also the host of Simply Laura, a Cooking Channel show. As the mom-next-door, she has all kinds of recipes for gourmet family meals. Her channel, Laura in the Kitchen, has 3.62 million subscribers on YouTube.

This family describes themselves as a fun, crazy, and loving. The family of six, each have their YouTube own channel. Although their adventures revolve around their lifestyle and family time, much of it focuses on family cooking. They’ve taken on $10 cooking challenges (boys vs. girls), best chef challenges, baked funnel cakes, made sandwiches, and spicy noodles. They’re so popular that they’ve partnered with HelloFresh. In addition to their own channels, they also have a channel called That YouTub3 Family – The Adventurers on YouTube, and they have a combined 3.43 million subscribers.

Natalie Monson is a registered dietitian and co-owner of Super Healthy Kids. Her website and Instagram feed are all about cooking healthy family meals, including her most popular recipes like sweet spinach muffins, breakfast egg cups and what foods to serve a child who has braces. On Instagram, she has more than 331,000 followers.

Natalie Monson - family cooking influencer

Catherine McCord has a culinary school degree and put it to work after she had her first child. She couldn’t find any simple, nutritious and flavorful recipes to make for her infant, so she took on the task, then became known for her lunchbox creations. She expanded her social media presence to address the mealtime needs of her entire family, which now consists of three kids. Weelicious on Instagram has 27,600 followers, and she has 20,300 subscribers on YouTube.

Lindsay Cotter is a gluten-free nutrition specialist with a passion for sports nutrition, thanks to her marriage to a former pro athlete and endurance coach. Her work specializes in gluten- and grain-free cooking for active and sports-oriented families. Lindsay is focused on superfood nutrients, anti-inflammatory and recovery meals and allergy-friendly no-bake recipes. She’s also the author of the book Nourishing Superfood Bowls. She has 79,500 followers on Instagram, 10,300 followers on Facebook.

Lindsay Cotter - family cooking influencer

Jenny Rosenstrach is a professional food writer, but her personal mission was to get a family dinner on the table every night, no matter how busy she was and no matter how picky her family acted. Her quest turned into a blog, and now, she’s a social media influencer with 39,600 followers on Instagram. She continues to fulfill her mission, and also keeps a diary of every single dinner she’s cooked and served her family since 1998.

Dr. Sonali Ruder is a board-certified emergency room doctor, a trained chef and food influencer. She uses her medical and culinary school training to prescribe nutritious, healthy family meals. After treating patients with chronic diseases for years, she realized how much food and diet plays in preventing disease. She began counseling patients on how to take control of their health through dietary and lifestyle changes and continues her quest for wellness through cooking on social media. Ruder has 39,900 followers on Facebook and more than 23,000 followers on Instagram.

There are plenty of family cooking influencers, each with their distinct brand of style, recipes, and personality. If you’re looking for the right cook to partner with for your brand’s needs, head to IZEAx Discovery, a premier marketplace for influencers. Once registered, you can begin using the handy influencer discovery tool to find even more experts like this.