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Brands rely on compelling photos to help sell products or services, and the food business is no exception. Whether you’re trying to market a catering company, a restaurant, a food blog or a bakery, you might need a food stylist. Professional food stylists use lighting color, shape and texture to create photos of food that people want to eat. Check out a few of the top food-styling influencers.

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Top food-styling influencers with drool-worthy content

Laura Muthesius and Nora Eiserman

When you pair food stylist Nora with photographer Laura, you have a match made in heaven. This Berlin-based twosome is the team behind the blog Our Food Stories, which offers a collection of vegetarian and gluten-free recipes. But if you’re looking for beautiful photos and videos, you can also look at their Instagram feed, which has 1 million followers.

Madison is a food and product photographer available in IZEA’s Marketplace. You can look at her work on Instagram, where she has over 18K followers who love her beautiful food photography.

Linda Lomelino

Swedish native Linda never set out for a career in food styling and photography. She began making cupcakes as a hobby, and a love for baking blossomed. A decade later, Linda is the author of four cookbooks, and she writes a blog, Call Me Cupcake, where you can find loads of recipes for sweet treats accompanied by scrumptious-looking photos. She has 752K followers on Instagram who love her dark and moody style of food photography and videography.

Blair Johnson

Blair is a recipe developer and food photographer who loves working with brands to portray their food in a mouth-watering way. You can find some of her work on her personal Instagram mixed in with family fun. Whether it’s a tasty coffee campaign or a new blueberry pancake recipe, Blair can create food art.

Eva Kosmas Flores

Eva is a Portland-based slow-food cook, food stylist and photographer. On her blog, Adventures in Cooking, she shares stories about her home and garden, tips on photography and food styling and many recipes sorted by season and type of meal. For a creative display of indoor and outdoor photos, visit Eva’s Instagram feed, where she has 315K followers. Shot in low light, her images offer a comforting, rustic feel.

Lauren Brittain

Lauren is another Pacific Northwest food photographer available to work with brands. She has over 28K followers on her Instagram, Healthy Home Bakes, where you can see some of her work. Her recipes and food photography will have you drooling and ready to work with her on your next campaign.

Alanna Taylor-Tobin

Alanna is a gluten-free pastry chef, personal chef and caterer turned food stylist, photographer and blogger. Her blog, The Bojon Gourmet, is filled with gluten-free recipes, and she’s written a book, “The Alternative Baker.” Visit the Bojon Gourmet on Instagram for a tastebud-tingling experience. She has 108K followers.

Nelson Yong

Nelson has a passion for food photography, which is evident on his Instagram. He posts about fashion, travel and, of course, food for his 276K followers. He works with many brands, showcasing their restaurants or new food items. He’s also available to work with here on IZEA’s Marketplace.

Kimberly Espinel

As a London-based food photographer, Kimberly wears many hats. She’s a food photographer, content creator and author. Kimberly develops recipes and does food styling and photography for cafes, restaurants, cookbooks, magazines and television commercials. She also teaches others how to do food and drink photography frequently on her platform. Kimberly has 135K followers and is perfect to work with or learn from.

Valerie Alvarez

Valerie is a wellness and mindfulness buff in Madrid, passionate about food photography. She’s worked with brands including Topo Chico, Garden Bar, SpinSauces, Wilderton Free, Barilla, Laava, Kite Hill, Skout Organics, Whole Foods and Jose Cuervo. She shares some yummy food photos on Instagram with her 29K followers.

Rachel Korinek

If you want to learn something about food styling and photography, check out Two Loves Studio, a website created by Rachel, an Aussie creator. Rachel does workshops all over the world and also shares her love for food photography with 83K followers. As a top food styling influencer, her photos are mouthwatering and will grab your attention (and appetite) right away.

Jenn Powell

Jenn is a food photographer on IZEA’s Marketplace who is ready to work with brands on their next project. Examples of her work can be found on her profile.

Nick Anderson

Instagram isn’t the only social media platform for food-styling influencers. Nick has taken to TikTok to share his love for food photography and has gained 120.7K followers in the process. His videos showcase his photography and videography and teach others tips.


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♬ original sound - Nick Anderson

Helene Trager-Kusman

Food photographer and styling influencer Helene is known for catching the best angles with food. She has over 12K followers on Instagram and shares her life as a mom and yoga instructor. You can find food photography examples in her profile. She has over five years of experience as a food-styling expert.

Sugar Pusher

Last but not least is the TikTok page, Sugar Pusher. This self-named zombie cake lady has almost 475K followers. She loves making tiny food besides zombie cakes and is a pastry chef and chocolatier.

Whether you’re looking for food inspiration, a new food-styling influencer to work with or just some mouthwatering food photos, these influencers are a great place to get started. 


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